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Your youth segment is not “really” chatting on Facebook anymore

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Businesses trying to reach the youth segment did a double take. Facebook? All of my personal friends still have profiles, we still use it for invitations/RSVP’s, we still post something up once in a while (usually pics or a YouTube video we just want to share), however most of  the “real&# conversations have moved.

7 things I learned about Millennial Engagement from Mr. Youth

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The best presentation of the morning was by Matt Britton of Mr. Youth , an expert in helping brands to use social media to engage with millennials. Marshalls did this with Kell y, a popular cross-dressing character on YouTube. 7. Here are some of his most interesting ideas: 1. The art of engaging with millennials is a deeply human one.

Nonprofit Video Awards Announced

The Agitator

Topic: Need to do more to end tragedies like youth suicide. The 2014 DoGooder Video Awards have just been announced. Topic: The steps.

Youth 11

Video Making for Fun and For (Non)Profits

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

little back story: Youth Education in the Arts (YEA!) is a non-profit musical youth organization that teaches life lessons through music. 

Free digital storytelling tools for nonprofits


Flickr/mysza831. little holiday gift for you! Each time I do that, the range of options kind of astounds me. Plus they’re fun! VuVox. MixBook.

5 Tips for Turning Small Change into Bigger Change

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UNICEF distributes its Trick-or-Treat boxes through schools, local chapters of Key Club International (a youth-led division of Kiwanis International), Crocs stores nationwide, and many other outlets. A guest post by Barbara Becker. My kids and I had tested out the fundraising project firsthand. Many families live day to day for meals.

Free tool of the week: Glogster for interactive posters


In a matter of about 15 minutes, I whipped up two super-simple cause posters about the need for youth development opportunities.

#SM4NP: Kone 2012 Video Goes Viral, But Maybe For Wrong Reasons

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Is Invisible Children truly dedicated to helping youth in war-torn central Africa? As I write this post, the numbers who have watched the video on YouTube climb faster than I can bother to get the number posted (I’ll just stop here at 74.846 million views). But will it hold up to scrutiny? But Is Kony even alive?

Sites and Resources Redux


I know I have not been updating this blog as often as I should but hectic travel and work schedule has gotten in my way and now I am leaving for vacation for Peru for 1 week. great resource to get ideas and keep up on what's going on in the mobile space. I get a lot of e-newsletters every day, but I actually read this one.

Interview with a Fundraising Expert: Lisa Gray, Founder of LDG Associates

Fundraiser Ideas

You’ll want to be sure that you include information about the organization or program (like a YouTube video) and highlight beneficiaries (this works well for organizations that work with youth or adults and teach something – music, art, writing). Lisa D. Luke: Are you involved with fundraising right now? If so, what do you do?

Demographics of Social Network Users (and Other Audience Research)

Social Marketing and Social Change

Another 6% have an account on LinkedIn, 2% have an account on Yahoo, and 1% each have accounts on YouTube and More from A.