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Guideline for External Use of Web 2.0 in the Government of Canada

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After years of hearing  ”it’ll be released next week” promises, I finally got to witness the official announcement this morning from Minister Tony Clement: The Treasury Board Secretariat’s  Guideline for External Use of Web 2.0   is now public. Here is an excerpt from Tony’s speech: “Web 2.0

Web 2.0 One Tool at a Time

A Small Change

Social Media & Web 2.0Every time you look in your email box doesn’t it feel like there is another invitation for a new online social community? Should you promote your organization on Facebook or Myspace? Is Plaxo or LinkedIn the best tool for business networking? Post a question in Twitter that says how is Twitter useful to you?

Great “behind-the-scenes” progress in 2013, now let’s get creative!

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

Beginning to understand that the web is now permanently “social” The transition to “web 2.0″ ″ (i.e.

Social Media Defined

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

Here’s how I like to simplify things: Web 2.0 : A shift of the Internet from a publishing environment to a participation environment. The problem with it is it sounds too techie and is partly to blame for the initial delegation of all things “web 2.0″ Once in a while I like to go back to the basics.

The 5 Most Dangerous Donation Page Mistakes & How You Can Fix Them

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Marketing Web 2.0 Last week I went to London to speak at the Institute of Fundraising’s National Fundraising Convention.

What Kevin Bacon Knows about Web 2.0

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On July 23, 2009, we had the great opportunity to present "What Kevin Bacon Knows about Web 2.0" Download the presentation slides below Related Documents to learn more about these areas of social networking: What is Web 2.0

5 Warning Signs Your Nonprofit Website Stinks

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Graphic Design for Nonprofits Netraising Web 2.0 Are you not getting enough donations or volunteers signing up through your website?

Do you work for a nonprofit hospital? How are you doing social media?

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Cultivating donors Marketing realtime web social media Web 2.0 TweetSmarter ROCKS! What are some policies I can follow?&#.

Infographic: Inside the mind of a KICKASS community manager!

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Conflict Marketing Web 2.0 Are you tweeting for your cause or company? Are you posting on facebook for your cause? This guy? Or her?

3 lies about moving on up in your nonprofit career, and 3 truths.

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“Mazarine was amazingly insightful and helpful in showing us how to develop a web presence to help our job searches. appreciate that.&#.

Write, write, write - Surf the Wave of Web 2.0

Get Fully Funded

Some of these your folks are using Web 2.0, And don’t be fooled, while the under 26 crowd tends to be the majority using Web 2.0, Twitter Website/Internet fundraising web 2.0This is a guest post from my fellow fundraiser Barbara Talisman, President of  Talisman Associates, Inc., in Chicago.  .  . some not.

Hey Slacker, high five!

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by Ben Hunt , a UK web designer who is pretty fantastic at helping people create more engagement and money on their websites. Netraising Web 2.0

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Want to stay more private online?

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We go into detail about how to remain private on LinkedIn, on Twitter, and on web browsers. Conflict social media Web 2.0

Are you doing nonprofit graphic design on a shoestring?

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Try Google chrome , a web browser that has apps inside it that you can run and use on your pictures. Well, isn’t everyone? Two words.

How do you tell your nonprofit’s story in 8 easy steps?

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Marketing Netraising social media Uncategorized Web 2.0 What is TechSoup’s Digital Storytelling Challenge ? Why do it? Super simple.

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Web 2.0

Marketing for Nonprofits

group of folks were asked to speculate on which of the new web-based tools ( wikis , blogs, social networking sites, RSS , etc.) Embracing "Web 2.0" or two-way dialogue is more about the culture of an organization than its' tools. In a Web 1.0 Conversely, in a Web 2.0 web 2.0

3 tips to dramatically increase website donations

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Netraising social media Web 2.0 Have you ever bought something online? OF COURSE! You know it! What did you buy? Tweet This!

How can nonprofits monitor their online reputations?

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Netraising social media Web 2.0 So I really have to write about it. So, get your bearings. First of all, figure out where you are.

How do you turn an accidental donor into an ally? Part 2

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Acknowledgement Board Cultivating donors Events Fundraising social media Speaking Web 2.0 How to get more donors. Associate. Survey!

May 26th Webinar: Move on up! And give yourself a leg up the career ladder!

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“Mazarine was amazingly insightful and helpful in showing us how to develop a web presence to help our job searches. Move on up! Welcome!

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My thoughts on the Clerk’s 19th Annual Report to the Prime Minister on the Public Service of Canada

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Yet many public servants are frustrated by a lack of access to the Web 2.0 also encourage departments to continue expanding the use of Web 2.0 Insight Review 19th annual report clerk goc government of canada prime minister privy council Social Media wayne wouters Web 2.0

How can Nonprofits use Web 2.0 for fundraising? An Interview with Amy Sample Ward

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Fundraising Leadership Netraising Web 2.0 Web 3.0 realtime web social media american red cross amy sample ward Case Foundation Chase corporate social responsibility csr facebook interview mGive nonprofit nonprofits nptech Pepsi real-time web web 2.0Part one of an interview with Amy Sample Ward.

Old School Cause-Related Marketing for the Web 2.0 Era

Cause Related Marketing

Komen For the Cure. The donation is capped at $400,000 and $300,000 is guaranteed.Back in the day, here in. Komen

How to get tons more traffic for your nonprofit blog

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Book Marketing social media Web 2.0 When I first started blogging to build an audience for my book, I read Yaro Starak’s blog.

Branding More of a Challenge Than Ever in a Web 2.0 World

Getting Attention

But it’s more challenging than ever in our Web 2.0 But since you should dive into this issue right now, here's a preview podcast: 09NTC Social Media Web 2.0world, where your network ideally spreads the word to their network, often leaving your brand far behind.

Are you a nonprofiteer AND a good consumer?

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Collaboration Cultivating donors Culture clash Fundraising Social Entrepreneur Video Game Web 2.0 So what is the solution? Special offer!”

Are you going to #NTC12? Say hi to me?

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social media Uncategorized Web 2.0 Here’s a non-usual blog post. I’m going to the NTEN conference for the first time! hear you saying. Mazarine, you didn’t go to #SXSW for 3 straight years while you lived in Austin, and NOW you’re going to NTEN’s 2012 conference? In a word, YES. need more Amy time!

Web 2.0 Basics, Again

Mission Minded

[PICS]: Speaking at the University of Portland Executive MBA in Nonprofit Management Program

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Leadership Marketing Netraising social media Speaking Web 2.0 That was so fun! Thank you everyone for coming out! It was rad!

Fundraising How-To-A new twist on the thank you note

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Netraising social media Web 2.0 So I’m doing this crowdfunding fundraising campaign and WHEW what a ride it’s been!

INTERVIEW: Brock Warner, please tell me about the Canada

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Appeals Cultivating donors Fundraising Marketing Netraising social media Web 2.0 Are you working for a Canadian nonprofit? Who is he?

Re-designing your nonprofit website and other things that are sent to try us

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Graphic Design for Nonprofits Marketing Netraising social media Web 2.0 Oh man. Have you ever tried to redesign your nonprofit website? Was that fun? Why not? Is it because you were trying to skimp on people who knew what they were doing, and decided to DIY? What did you learn from that experience? What is the goal of the site?

Three quick buy-in quotes for your next presentation to senior mgmt on social media

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Quote 1: “Within the Public Service we have begun to adapt to and better use Web 2.0 Quote 3: “Get used to the new world: web 2.0 Advice Government Insight 2012 prime minister's advisory committee report goc quotes Social Media tony clement treasury board wayne wouters Web 2.0Why do I use these quotes?

Why Online Fundraising is like Ice cream!

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Here’s an excerpt from that post: “If you are an HR professional, a web programmer, a graphic designer, an accountant, or even a plumber, you can find a place in a nonprofit. Finding a job Fundraising Volunteers Web 2.0 Get on it! This post is 3 posts for the price of one! Go check it out ! Read more. Read more.

The Wild Woman’s Guide to Social Media Workbook Free Preview!

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Book Marketing social media Web 2.0 It also has worksheets to help you stay more private online. Shipping Options. Or Buy the Ebook.

11 Elements of Fierce Loyalty to Keep Your Donors

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Acknowledgement Cultivating donors social media Web 2.0  . Fierce Loyalty, by Sarah Robinson. It’s called Fierce Loyalty. Poverty.

50+ Ideas on What You Can Blog About

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Book Marketing social media Web 2.0 If you’re blogging and feeling stuck, you are not alone! Days. A. Shipping Options.

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How to measure ROI of social media? Book Review: Measuring The Networked Nonprofit

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Book E-Newsletters Marketing Netraising social media Web 2.0 Web 3.0 All of the approved ways to read this book: ???? Conversions.

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2 Reviews of Fundraising Android Apps

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social media Web 2.0 Good news! And that led me to think, “I wonder if there are any Apps for people like us? Calculator tool.

Your Volunteers Make, Or Break, Web 2.0 Outreach -- But You Have To Help Them Do It Right

Getting Attention

How are you making it easy for your volunteers to organize via Web 2.0? Nonprofit Communications Social Media Volunteers Web 2.0You know an idea is big when it bubbles up from various sources at the same time. That's what's been happening today with this one. Move it up top!