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Select the Most Compelling Nonprofit Taglines—5 Minutes, Lots of Learning

Getting Attention

Great Words Promoting Good Causes! Or craft powerful ones if there are none already in use? Now it’s your turn to select the best ! Vote now !

Online Fundraising Continues to Grow

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

All but three verticals (Association & membership, Public Broadcasting Stations, and Team Events) had a growth rate greater than 10%. Great!

I am a disruptor


Vertical farms are starting to grow fruits and vegetables indoors in warehouses and skyscrapers (so the farmers no longer need to use insecticides to protect their crops and fuel to transport their products to consumers). I’m proud to be a disruptor. I’ve been this way all my life. I can’t help it. Just go here.

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What you don’t know CAN hurt you.

Wild Woman Fundraising

Jamel Debbouze in Amelie When I saw Amelie in 2001, I loved Jamel Debbouze's character, Lucien.

Changing Your Language, Changing Your Life

Wild Woman Fundraising

Tags: Collaboration Conflict Culture clash Marketing corruption dynamics of oppression horizontal oppression jack spicer language mazarine treyz my vocabulary did this to me nonprofit jargon rankism rankism at work schadenfreude the wheel of power and control vertical oppression

Debate Highlights 9 Communications Lessons

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His vertical hand gestures conveyed how difficult the path to recovery will be. Note: Trying to be as neutral as possible here. Too much work!

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Getting Started with Mobile Fundraising: 5 Ways

Ann Green

You’ll still want to make sure that the contents of your website stack neatly and vertically on a phone. By Eric Griego.

No words necessary

Donor Power Blog

Amber is the Digital Project Manager in Merkle’s nonprofit vertical.  Just a 4-word phrase, “Worth a Thousand Words”.  People relate to people”.

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Convio’s 2010 Online Benchmarks

The Agitator

But plenty more for you to analyze, with data organized by 16 nonprofit subgroups, or verticals. This downward trend was true for almost all verticals. Overall, email files did grow on average by 22%, but a lot of this was driven by the Haiti earthquake (the Disaster vertical grew by 31%). Collectively, these groups raised $1.15

Convio Online Marketing Benchmark Study – 2011

The Agitator

Performing Arts is the vertical with the best online sustainer average gift, at $63.22 per month. 2. Just released. Invaluable, as always.

10 Time Management Tips for Nonprofit Communicators


There don’t seem to be peaks and valleys, it’s all just climbing, climbing, climbing. Tip #1:  Don’t overload your plate.

The Psychology of Color

Donor Power Blog

Angie is the Associate Creative Director in Merkle's nonprofit vertical.  Creatives love color. It’s a bold color that cannot be ignored.

How Much Money Should You Be Raising Online?

Marketing for Nonprofits

The median donation across all verticals increased from $83.44 to $91.94 in 2010. Here is a resource that can help. Yikes! Get online today!

Six Tips on How To Make Your Website Pinterest Friendly

Diva Marketing Blog

So we'll explore verticals and brands that you might not think "fit" in a social visual communication network. Pinterest. Pinterest. Pinterest.

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Apply the 80/20 Rule. Everywhere

Donor Power Blog

The Pareto principle (also known as the “ 80/20 Rule” ) states that, for many events, approximately 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.

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The Convio Online Marketing Nonprofit Benchmark Index Study


The vertical most impacted by the Haiti event was the Disaster & Relief vertical, growing 38% from 2009 to 2010. Key findings of the 2011 study include: Online fundraising continues to grow. Overall, 79% of organizations included in the report raised more in 2010 than 2009. Advocacy continues to play an important role.

Cause Marketing, Sans the Cause

Cause Related Marketing

like Mars. and you learn that cacao trees grow better under a canopy of taller trees. So you plant taller. Nucor

You Made My Day!

Getting Attention

And the fact that my office is the third floor of our very vertical house, and I do stairs crab-style right now, makes life exhausting on all levels.

Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

This post by Vertical Response busts 5 myths of email marketing. Enjoy this week’s edition of Mixed Links! Online Marketing. Great!

5 Reasons Nonprofits Should Take Search Seriously - Part I

Donor Power Blog

Amber is a Strategy Manager and soon-to-be Digital Geek in Merkle’s nonprofit vertical.  Did you know that search is one of the only marketing channels where you can 100% determine ROI?  Read the first 3 now: 1.  Your email list will thank you. We all want more traffic to our sites, right?  But we also need donors.  Amber Bonner. Web/Tech

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New studies show online giving up - but results may vary

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

All but three verticals (Association & Membership, Public Broadcasting Stations, and Team Events) had a growth rate greater than 10 percent. Convio has released its Online Marketing Nonprofit Benchmark Index™ Study , and M+R followed with its own 2011 eNonprofits Benchmarks Study. It puts overall growth at 40%. percent in 2009.

Do you know a Graduate with no future? What is up with these protests?

Wild Woman Fundraising

My little brother’s story. Let me tell you about one of my little brothers. He worked in a supermarket, at the fish counter. He never complains.

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Mixed Links for Nonprofit Marketers and Fundraisers

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

And lastly I have two posts from Vertical Response. Another Friday, another round of Mixed Links! Communications and Fundraising. Communcating.

5 Mail Lessons Learned While Fundraising for Higher Education

Fundraising Coach

The higher education arena is one of our primary vertical markets and, for a number of years now, we have engrained ourselves in the fundraising programs of a variety of institutions nationally. Today I’m pleased to introduce David Hazeltine. David and I met at an NEAHP conference a couple years back and immediately hit it off.

Interview with a Fundraising Expert: Karen Dublin, Director of GRACE, Inc.

Fundraiser Ideas

Karen: Newspapers, mass email marketing (Vertical Response) and social network marketing. Karen Dublin  is the Director of GRACE, Inc.,

Co-creating the Social Marketing Discipline and Brand

Social Marketing and Social Change

The third dimension of the cube, the vertical axis, displays four Value Spaces that I also think are integral to social marketing programs.

Links Corrected – Spot the Next Great Nonprofit Taglines — Vote for 2010 Nonprofit Tagline Award Winners

Getting Attention

Great Words Promoting Good Causes. Vote now for the winners of the 2010 Taggies — the 3rd Annual Getting Attention Nonprofit Tagline Awards.

Place Key Nonprofit Marketing Content “Above the Fold”…If You Want It Read

Getting Attention

And that differs widely depending on browser resolution, screen size and other demands on onscreen vertical space. Your thoughts?

Vote for the Best Nonprofit Tagline

Sea Change Strategies

The 70 tagline finalists have been culled from over 2,700 entries in 13 vertical sectors. I was privileged to help choose the finalists in the 2010 Getting Attention Nonprofit Tagline Awards. Now, you get to pick the winners! Place your vote today. VOTE today — it’ll take you 8 minutes or less.

How to make your landing pages perform better

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

The headlines: -A horizontal gift string layout performs significantly better than the vertical gift string layout on donation landing pages. Some useful tips from DonorDigital on in a new “Landing on Gold&# report you can find here. Landing page copy that emphasizes your mission is critical to donor conversion.

Catching my breath…

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

Every once in a while  I have one of those months where it seems I spend more time on planes than on the ground. September was one of those months for me, 34,534 kilometres to be exact. Needless to say, I’m happy to be back and adjusted to one consistent time-zone. Canadian Dental Association National Conference – Regina, Canada.

First step in strategic communications planning: Communications audits


For clearer insights, arrange them horizontally according to when they occur during the calendar year and vertically according to audience.)

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Bayler Healthcare System Takes A Leap Into Pinterest: Interview with Ashley Howland (Part 1)

Diva Marketing Blog

The relatively fast Pinterest adoption rate, of what we might call nontraditional to social media verticals , is amazing to me. On the contrary.

The Convio Online Marketing Nonprofit Benchmark Index™ Study


The vertical most impacted by the Haiti event was the Disaster & Relief vertical, growing 38% from 2009 to 2010. Warning : sprintf() [ function.sprintf ]: Too few arguments in /nfs/www/WWW_pages/ddsonic/ on line 1200. Email files continued to grow strongly. 

A small eBook for a big recession

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

The one question I had to figure out was: “What is the unique market vertical that I operate in?&#. These tips apply to anyone really.

To Make a Difference, Must You Choose?


Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about verticalization –thanks to friend Geoff Livingston. Now, I’m not so sure. Beginnings.

Getting Your Donation Web Page Ready For The Holiday Rush

Non Profit Marketing 360

The Convivio study focussed on a few specific design concerns for the donation page/form itself: Gift String Layout: horizontal vs. vertical.

Google Insights for Search

Search Marketing for Nonprofits

Google’s Insights for Search tool lets you: Look at a portion of keyword search results – by location, category, or Google vertical (news, images). Another tool to add to your keyword research tool belt. lists of the top searches and top rising searches. Check out Google’s newest beta tool.

What seven organizations learned about converting more donors on their web donation forms


Want to persuade more people to actually make a donation when they visit your donation landing pages? But there’s a silver lining.

Social Media Spins Into Specialization

Diva Marketing Blog

Social Media Consultant - Generalist Social Media Consultant - Specializing in Verticals e.g,, healthcare, real estate, nonprofit, etc.