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PPC influencing your SEO work?

Search Marketing for Nonprofits

Tagged: javascript, PPC. Tags: Google SEM SEO javascript PPC Had to share an interesting article about how Google’s new ability to crawl javascript is resulting in unintended consequences.

Successful Link Building Strategies for Nonprofits

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

As a Google certified partner, LunaMetrics also specializes in SEO, PPC & Social Media. Brian Honigman. But it’s really important!

Why you should simply make your planned giving messages simple.


Recently a client asked me to review and critique a fundraising letter. It was written by one of her committee members. And, there’s no urgency.

Pro Tips on Getting the Most Out of a Pay-Per-Click Campaign

Fundraising Coach

If you’re about to spend money on a PPC marketing campaign by way of a paid search agency , you need to know a little bit about the song and dance routine most businesspeople have to participate in with these agencies. Too many times, agencies allow clients to have free-reign on many PPC issues including bids, in order to please them.

Should you do SEO marketing? An interview with Didit CEO, Kevin Lee

Wild Woman Fundraising

Kevin Lee: Definitely, nonprofits have been discovering the power of search, both SEO and PPC (Paid Search) for several years. You’ve done banners, letters, annual reports, even made a twitter account for your nonprofit. But what’s next? Where is the next frontier for nonprofit marketing? Mazarine Treyz: Hi Kevin!

What Blogging Can Do For You

Marketing for Nonprofits

I love blogging. I love having a voice on the issues I care about. I love being part of a community of people with similar ideas and passions. Cheers!