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6 Advanced Twitter Features for Nonprofits

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

As of August 2016, Twitter has 313 million monthly active users. Personally, I’m on an Android phone and I’m not seeing it yet.

The JianGate Twitter Universe Visualized

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

This, even if another media personality I listen to, highly respect and even once appeared on a communications panel with (i.e Sorry about that.

Top 10 Twitter To Do’s for Nonprofits

J Campbell Social Marketing

If they are using Twitter, it’s often in fits and starts, with no clear strategy and very little consistency. Twitter is all about timing.

BOOKMARK THIS: Big List of Twitter Chats for Nonprofits (Chat Tools, Too!)

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Yearning for company, learning, or meaningful connections on Twitter? Try a Twitter chat! there’s a Twitter chat for you to try.

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7 Ways to Show Your Nonprofit’s Personality

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

A few weeks ago, I asked you to describe your nonprofit’s personality in three words and I got some interesting responses.

Corporate vs Professional Individual Twitter Accounts

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

Our consulting organization CEPSM has a Twitter account ( @cepsm ); and so do nearly all of the consultants that work here. That being said, we all primarily use our individual Twitter accounts (e.g. In my case this is quite a big problem since 80% of my personal account tweets are 100% relevant to CEPSM (i.e.

[Question Marc] When to you ask a person on Twitter to follow you?

Fundraising Coach

I just received this question: When is there an appropriate time to ask someone on twitter to follow you? Following is a personal thing.

Personal, Political, and Professional

Nonprofit Consultant Blog

The common sense advice that is frequently given about social media is to keep your personal and professional identities completely separate. I'm not a recent college graduate with pictures of wild parties filling my personal social media streams. But, really, what have I got to hide? Oh well. hope you will join me.

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Is Your Personal Brand Attracting the Right Audience?

Diva Marketing Blog

is your personal brand attracting the right audience? It was a fun exercise and Madison Harris even shared hers on Twitter. .

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Should You "Personal Brand" A Small Business?

Diva Marketing Blog

Or do you build the reputation based on  your personal brand ? You can go personal branding route or not. We called it "The Business."  .

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7 Ways to Show Your Nonprofit's Personality

Fundraising 123

I once asked my readers to describe their nonprofit’s personality in three words and I got some interesting responses. Express an opinion.

Getting started on Twitter

Fundraising Coach

In my college class on internet marketing, students are required to use Twitter. If you’re already using Twitter, what would you add?

An introduction to the DISC personality assessment

Fundraising Coach

personality assessment. Twitter Tips for Fundraisers. 2. Love (Stewardship) new zealand personality social skillscomponents.

Are you curious about Twitter? Here’s a sneak peek at my Twitter strategy

Wild Woman Fundraising

Twitter has helped me build friendships, new partnerships, and it has helped me get thousands of dollars of sales in webinars and books.

Twitter Etiquette For Agencies/Freelancers

Diva Marketing Blog

Social media moves so quickly that no one person holds all the answers, knowledge or even the questions. Eleanor Roosevelt . Manage. PRMKTGCamp.

5 Twitter Tips for Fundraisers

Fundraising Coach

It’s no secret that I love Twitter. Here are five tips to help you make better use of Twitter. One of the worst things you can do as a fundraiser on Twitter is broadcast about your cause all day long. One of the easiest ways to be “human&# on Twitter is to upload a picture of yourself in your Twitter settings.

10 Twitter Tips for Nonprofit Organizations

Fundraising 123

Newsweek said it best: "Suddenly, all the world is a-Twitter." " Simple and powerful, Twitter is a must for nonprofit organizations. created and manage a portal to nonprofits on Twitter @nonprofitorgs and based on my experience using site, I have crafted ten of my favorite Twitter Tips for beginners: 1.

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How personal should your social media be?

Fundraising Coach

A few weeks ago, a Twitter hashtag, #lessambitiousmovies, caught my attention. Social media needs to be personal. It is “social&#

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Tips for Writing Facebook and Twitter Updates

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

But what else makes a good nonprofit Twitter or Facebook update? You know they have to be short. You want people to. DO Something.

Managing Your Brand & Personal Social Media "Friends"

Diva Marketing Blog

Facebook, Twitter and even Google+ began life helping people connect to family and friends. But what about the personal side?

Nonprofit fundraising for the one person shop

Fundraising Coach

A few months ago, my colleague Pamela Grow released a new book specifically for nonprofits with a “one person” fundraising shop.

Interview with Ed Garsten: Chrysler's Twitter Storm Back-story

Diva Marketing Blog

Last Wednesday  we noticed, what you would call an “inappropriate Tweet,”  coming from the @ChryslerAutos Twitter handle. it's a pig.”.

Infographic: Inside the mind of a KICKASS community manager!

Wild Woman Fundraising

Are you tweeting for your cause or company? Are you posting on facebook for your cause? Then you’re a community manager. This guy? Or her?

Social Media Can "Help" Build & Promote Your Personal Brand - Part 2

Diva Marketing Blog

Your Personal Brand. asked five successful women if they would share their opinions and use of personal "social media" branding.

The Accidental Rebranding of Komen for the Cure

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

My personal beliefs are very clear and public. Within minutes, both Facebook and Twitter were swamped with pro-Planned Parenthood, anti-Komen comments.  At one point last night, I did a quick count and found the ratio of anti-Komen’s decision to pro-Komen’s decision to be about 80 to 1 on Twitter. It won’t.

My Twitter Policy: How You Can Join “The 200?

Selfish Giving

I spend a lot of time on Twitter. Of course, we all have hesitations and turn-offs that incline us to follow one person and not another.

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[Guest Post] The Most Important Story Fundraisers Can Tell – and it’s probably not one you’ve thought about

Fundraising Coach

And you can find her on Twitter @vanessachase. That’s their personal story. Start sharing your personal story.

Network Weaving Personalities

A. Fine Blog

My friend, Lisa Colton , wrote  fascinating post on the personality of network weavers. Meyer-Briggs for network weavers, she called it.

7 Ways to Show Your Nonprofit’s Personality

Fundraising 123

Recently, I asked my readers to describe their nonprofit’s personality in three words and I got some interesting responses. Several of my readers emailed me privately to say that they really didn’t think their nonprofit had much of a personality at all. If you are in that boat, here are 7 ways to show more personality. 1.

Ep176: Personal Branding for Causepreneurs with Katrina McGhee

Selfish Giving

On the show, Megan, Katrina and I discuss personal branding for causepreneurs. What is personal branding? Komen for the Cure.

Healthcare Social Media Review #41: Tapping into Visual Storytelling


Christine Russel and Rebecca Stern recently co-hosted the Health Care Leadership (#HCLDR) Twitter chat with a focus on visual media.

Social Media Can "Help" Build & Promote Your Personal Brand - Part 3

Diva Marketing Blog

Remember your personal brand will evolve over time. Facebook   Linkedin   Twitter   Foursquare. Facebook   Blog   Linkedin   Twitter  .

Twitter Bios: Experts Versus Beer


What you say in your Twitter bio makes a difference. Some Twitter Bio Tips: 1. More Resources: 5 Tips to Optimize Your Twitter Profile.

Twitter Promotes Social Good


There’s been a development with Twitter (surprise). What are your thoughts–how should Twitter use its leverage for good?

Join the conversation in Twitter - get social with “social media”

Fundraising Coach

I’m thrilled with the increase in Twitter usage I’m seeing! If people are using Twitter, they know their comments are public.

Seven Ways Social Media Improves Accountability

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Twitter and Facebook are perfect ways to tell attendees about an alternate route. 2. Personal – Not Institutional – Voices.

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Want to stay more private online?

Wild Woman Fundraising

to develop rules to prohibit online services from amassing personal details about users who had opted out of such tracking. Shipping Options.

Are you using that all wrong?

Fundraising Coach

Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest). Fundraising Secrets Personal Leadership performance And many use the wrong way. Be social.

CASE STUDY: How MomsRising Uses Hashtags to Help Meet Its Mission

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

We regularly engage directly with thousands of Twitter users and reach millions with these hashtags as measured by TweetReach. p/7HCgw9.

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[Guest Post] 3 Tips to Create Sustainable Nonprofit Systems

Fundraising Coach

Her website is and you can reach her on Twitter @Tycely. I''m honored to introduce Tycely Williams. Nancy loves her job.

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