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How Charities Survive – My Gig On New Zealand’s Breakfast Show

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In addition, I had the fun of being invited to guest on The Breakfast Show, New Zealand’s equivalent of Good Morning America.

How You Can Get More Money Through Direct Mail: Interview with Jules Brown of “Dear Joan”

Wild Woman Fundraising

Australia & New Zealand (joint 1st). Are you new here? Image Creative Commons "Money" by Stuart Dootson). REMEMBER!

This is not a pity party. You understand?

Wild Woman Fundraising

New Zealand. Nine of the new studies look specifically at rich, developed countries. Are you new here? And well, shoot man.

Headed to New Zealand to Help Nonprofits Connect – Join Me There in February?

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That’s all changing now and nonprofits in New Zealand need to build their skills. Nothing thrills me more than travel.

An introduction to the DISC personality assessment

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Love (Stewardship) new zealand personality social skillsI love assessments and tests. personality assessment. components. c) Marc A.

Starting Over #5: Growing Without Direct Mail

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When we first announced the Starting Over series, the very first comment we received came from Sarah Nutbrown who works for a small nonprofit in New Zealand. Sarah wrote, “We’re just starting to build up individual giving, with limited resources, all ideas on where we focus our energy are more than welcomed. How do we recruit?

Online Giving — 7 Tips For Maximum Donations

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Watch out Australia and New Zealand … Big news below about Roger! But first our post. More often than not, I agree with the practical advice proffered by MobileCause. And quite often their advice is presented via straightforward, ‘spare the fluff’ infographics.

It’s OK To Abuse Animals. Just Don’t Fight For Their Rights.

The Agitator

Tom — safely tucked behind a moat called the Pacific Ocean that surrounds The Agitator’s Southern Hemisphere HQ in New Zealand — where he tries to explain the Donald Trump phenomenon to horrified and petrified Kiwis. Here at The Agitator politicians are a never-ending source of amusement and amazement.

Cool Cause Marketing Campaigns from Two Commonwealth Countries

Cause Related Marketing

Two cool new cause marketing concepts from two different Commonwealth countries. Proceeds from the ad sales benefit the charity of your choice.

Fundraisers Are Lucky Marketers

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This after graduating with a commerce/marketing degree from Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand. Permit me a moment of personal reflection today. Today my youngest daughter started her first ‘real’ job, as an ‘account executive’ at Saatchi & Saatchi. Fundraising philosophy/profession premium

Wanted: Young Fundraising Writers

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We’re long overdue for an intergenerational and intercontinental post. Communications Copywriting / creative Fundraising philosophy/profession premiu

On Giving Thanks

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Tomorrow is official Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. Many of our readers will be ‘enjoying’ family get-togethers and/or watching football.

#INTERVIEW: Sean Triner, Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist of Pareto Fundraising

Non Profit Marketing 360

Sean Triner is co-founder and “chief evangelist” of Pareto Fundraising , a direct marketing firm working in Australia , Hong Kong and New Zealand exclusively with nonprofit organizations. Sean is a frequent speaker and consultant at international fundraising events. NPM360: How is your direct marketing model different from the U.S.

How Many Did You Lose?

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If Roger wasn’t such a slavedriver (insisting: “You live in New Zealand, you have no right to be celebrating US holidays!”),

Don’t Count On Unhappiness

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According to the political pundits just about everybody in America is unhappy … damn mad, in fact (although to folks here in New Zealand, ‘mad’ has a different connotation in this case). Isn’t that the explanation for the success of Bernie and, even more so, Donald, according to the political analysts?

11 Ways to Get to Breakthrough Nonprofit Messaging

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I was invited to New Zealand to keynote a first-time conference for charities and associations, focused solely on marketing. Cialdini.

The power of thanking and #npstoryconf

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And did I mention people came from as far as New Zealand and France? An amazing experience. But this one was like no other.

Happy New Year!

The Agitator

Agitators in Australia and New Zealand, China, India and Thailand (most of the planet) are already into the New Year, while those in Europe, the U.K.

The 2016 - 2017 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


Today, we're excited to announce the all-new list for 2017! Fast Company / New York, NY / $1,999. New partnerships with other sectors.

Story Conference for Nonprofits: Last day for pre-early bird

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But I am really excited about a brand new conference happening in Seattle in November. Hollywood expertise for your nonprofit. Hurry!

What’s Your Attitude For 2017?

The Agitator

But the festivities are over (unless you live in New Zealand, where we tend to chill out for the entire month of January). And I wonder what attitude you are bringing to your fundraising work in the new year. Of course Roger and I wish you all the best for 2017. Have a great year! Time to get down to business. Optimistic?

The Cost of Being Boring

Social Marketing and Social Change

"This is for the guys who still think that the only way to market is through explaining product benefits and price advantages. or won't.

Cost 20

Fundraising certainly is fun!

Fundraising Coach

So I was thrilled when last week a Graham-Pelton colleague shared the New York Times Opinion piece by Arthur C. A form of alchemy.

Pls Join Me to Talk Nonprofit Marketing at NTC Conference – DC Next Week

Getting Attention

We arrived home from New Zealand last weekend but, of course, I brought home some evil plane germs (among other souvenirs) and between fighting those and jet lag have been in slow mode! It’s so good to be back with you. I’ll share more on the trip soon. Don’t miss it. That’s how most nonprofits operate.

DC 30

Announcing the Fundraising Career Conference

Wild Woman Fundraising

Did you read Underdeveloped, the research report that rocked the nonprofit world to its core? And it’s not getting better. That’s 1.4%

Part 1: What is an Appeal Letter?

Wild Woman Fundraising

This whole country is now evacuating to New Zealand, and it’s going to make them lose their culture. What to put in your letter.

3 things Disney has taught me about celebrations

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Rather than starting celebrating that year on New Years, why not start this July? I love going to Disney World in Florida. Everyday. c) Marc A.

So many great free fundraising resources – Tom Ahern

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Share and Enjoy: Other Possibly Related posts: New Zealand Resources. Tweet There are so many great, free fundraising resources. I’m just now catching up on Tom Ahern’s wonderful newsletter. Tom is an amazing wordsmith of fundraising prose. And if you do that , more of your donors will stay loyal. Case closed.&#. c) Marc A.

Big Mac® Fundraising

The Agitator

It is followed by Ireland, Canada, New Zealand and the United States of America. I kid you not. Enter The Big Mac® Philanthropy Index.

Creating the Business of My Dreams

Get Fully Funded

Then, one day, I attended a meeting where the speaker talked about a different kind of marketing and new ways to offer products and services.

What Really Works in Mobile Health? A Summary of the 2011 Conference

Social Marketing and Social Change

Among the new findings to be released shortly from the Project is that 1 in 4 adults say they are using mobile apps. Jody Ranck's observation that "public health just focuses on epidemiology and not the future" as well as his introduction of the new HUB site for health technologies, including mHealth, by the mHealth Alliance and HMN.

GPS 23

The 10 Best mHealth Papers of 2012

Social Marketing and Social Change

A development and evaluation process for mHealth interventions: Examples from New Zealand. Leon N, Schneider H, Daviaud E. Abstract.

Paper 27

Ask Without Fear turns 3 and is now worth $142.96

Fundraising Coach

in many different countries including New Zealand and Bermuda. And even the new DVD set is less expensive at only $124.95

Where Are the Black Swans of Cause Marketing?

Cause Related Marketing

Turns out black swans are common enough in Australia and New Zealand. Here’s how Wikipedia summarizes Taleb’s ‘black swan theory.’ “The

Day Off

The Agitator

Roger and I are making our first joint public appearance in the history of The Agitator on Wednesday, although I’m cheating a bit … I’ll be there via Skype from New Zealand! Well, not exactly. We look forward to challenging response from our audience. We’ll figure out a way to get our remarks to you. Stay tuned.

The Cause Marketing Post in Which I Invoke Both God and Andrew Carnegie

Cause Related Marketing

Another influential paper called ‘Matthew Effects in Reading,’ found that early success in reading built on itself, while children that didn’t learn to read early were more likely to have trouble acquiring new skills later in life. A more recent study in the United Kingdom turned up very similar results. Homewood Suites’ logo features a duck.

Science of Giving 6: The donation box-How do social norms, price & scrutiny affect what people do?

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Researchers Richard Martin and John Randal have the answers… Martin and Randal conducted a series of real-world research studies at the City Gallery Wellington in New Zealand. Today, I continue my ongoing blogging of the fascinating book, The Science of Giving , which covers a range of seminal studies about giving psychology.

Two upcoming niche events catered to the public sector that I highly recommend

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

Besides the fact that I’m speaking at the event, my main reason for going is to learn, learn, learn and of course meet new people. New Zealand and Australia (among numerous other countries) are also part of the line-up. While they all seem to bring value to the table, certain ones stand out from the crowd. What is it?

Creating Change with Social Marketing in 2009

Social Marketing and Social Change

Social Marketing Downunder Conference in Wellington, New Zealand, 12-13 March 2009. With nearly ubiquitous calls for ‘change’ and becoming part of it, the unspoken assumption is that people already know what to do – they just need ‘direction.’ Nothing could be further from the truth. Then what? No idea is too big or too small!

Twitter: Not Just For Revolutions

The Agitator

Here from the TED conference and here from New Zealand are two other commentaries on the potency of Twitter. Tags: Don't Miss these Posts advocacy communications issue fundraising media usage new media nonprofit management online activism online advocacy online fundraising online publishing politics social networking