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What are the best and worst times to post on social media networks?

J Campbell Social Marketing

It is vital to know your specific audience and to measure your results constantly to determine the best time to post for your online community.).

How can nonprofits monitor their online reputations?

Wild Woman Fundraising

What are your favorite tools and tactics for listening?&# AKA, “How can nonprofits monitor their online reputations?&# And well, it was my idea!

7 Steps To More Online Donations This Holiday Season

J Campbell Social Marketing

Online. Charity Navigator found that while charities on average receive 13% of their total annual donations online, this number is growing.

“Networked Individualism”

The Agitator

Lee Rainie and Barry Wellman have written an important new book called Networked: The New Social Operating System.

5 Super Solid Ways To Engage Your Supporters Online (PLUS 28 Affordable Tools to Help You Do It)

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Are you out of ideas for engaging supporters online? Advocacy Nonprofit Communications nptech Online Tools Social NetworkingWufoo.

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Drive Donors to Your Online Donation Page with These Six Marketing Strategies, Part 2

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Today, Abby Jarvis is back with 3 more ways to promote your online donation page. Let donors know that they can give online when you call them.

No Wonder Retention of Online Donors is So Bad

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

promised to share what happened when I gave online gifts to 20 national nonprofits at the end of 2011. Let me back up just a tad. Love it.

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10 Ways to Build Loyalty Among Your Online Community Members

J Campbell Social Marketing

Sure there are shady online services where you can purchase thousands of Facebook fans and Twitter followers. Who will do what, when? Try it!

Want to stay more private online?

Wild Woman Fundraising

Enter a new bill by Senator John Rockefeller IV called “Do-Not-Track Online Act of 2013.” It would require the F.T.C. It’s not though.

Online Fundraising Stats and Trends for Nonprofits

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Today, we are going to look at online fundraising. The impact of online fundraising continues with the median growth rate at 15.8%.

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5 Biggest Trends in Online Fundraising at #12NTC

Wild Woman Fundraising

used to think December was the place to concentrate your online fundraising attention. Trend 1: Online fundraising is up 13%. percent.

Let’s Give! The Big List of National, Local and Collegiate Online Giving Days (2016 Edition)

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

APRIL – Bethel College Online Giving Day (Indiana). Are you thinking about participating in a Giving Day? Good news! Give Local America .

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A word from The Networked Nonprofit: People are partners, not ATMs!

Wild Woman Fundraising

Want social proof that your nonprofit should have an online presence? This story is from the Networked Nonprofit. So guess what?

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Cool New Online Giving Infographic for You!

Marketing for Nonprofits

Every wonder how online giving has trended over time? Check out how much online giving has evolved in the past 10 years. Cheers! Jocelyn.

Learn from AARP’s Social Networking Strategy

The Agitator

But perhaps most striking is the growth in use of social networking sites by this group, with 34% of online seniors now using. AARP, the ‘skunk works’ of social networking with seniors. Boomers communications Don't Miss these Posts media usage online advocacy online publishing online video social networking

#Social Networking: Netflix Losing Control of Social-Network Goodwill

Non Profit Marketing 360

Should it have tested the waters of price restructuring via the very social networks it had courted for the last four or five years? PERFECTION!

How to Build An Army of Online Brand Ambassadors

J Campbell Social Marketing

On Tuesday I was pleased to present a webinar with Nonprofit Webinars (a service of 4Good) on the topic: How to Build An Army of Online Brand Ambassadors , part of their Tech Tuesdays series. The slides are here: How to Build An Army of Online Brand Ambassadors from Julia Campbell. How to structure and operate a board effectively.

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Which social network to use, when

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Handy for nonprofit marketing, online engagement and time management Here’s a nifty infographic with some ideas, courtesy of Mashable.

Facebook Turns 12 – What’s In Store for the World’s Most Popular Social Media Network

J Campbell Social Marketing

Love it or hate it, the world’s most popular social network turns 12 today! Happy Birthday Facebook! What do you think?

13 Secrets of Holiday Fundraising Online | Online Fundraising & Nonprofit Marketing Resources & Tips | Network for Good Learning Center - Learn how to raise money online for your nonprofit

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Subscribe to our weekly Online Fundraising & Nonprofit Marketing Tips Newsletter. Test drive your online donation process. Learn.

Data Dashboard For Online Giving

The Agitator

Kudos to Network for Good for its new ‘data dashboard’ which (for US fundraisers) records a variety of metrics related to online giving — including number of donors, frequency of giving, dollar amounts, day of year, region, and type of cause. Fundraising analytics / data Online fundraising and marketing premium

Key Findings on Nonprofit Social Media, Email and Online Fundraising

Fundraising 123

Key findings. A 21 percent increase in online revenue overall from 2011, with only International groups seeing a decline in online giving.

SEE HOW THEY STACK UP: 6 Popular Online Engagement Tools for Advocacy and Fundraising

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Looking for a new tool to help you raise money and engage supporters online? Do you recommend an online engagement tool not on the list?

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‘F’ Grade For Online Giving

The Agitator

The Chronicle of Philanthropy reports a new study which gives a ‘F’ grade to most nonprofits for their online fundraising. The study of 151 charities, including 100 on the Chron’s Top 400 list, points to many shortcomings in these organizations’ online fundraising practices.

Want To Be An Online Fundraising Master?

J Campbell Social Marketing

Online fundraising should be a major part of your strategy this year. However, many nonprofits aren’t ready to solicit donations online.

5 Ways to Build Online Authority Using Content Marketing - A Guest Post By Paul Chaney

Diva Marketing Blog

One of the biggest lessons I've learned in 12 years of blogging and being active in digital communities is real relationship can and do happen online.

Update On Online Giving

The Agitator

In partnership with Network for Good, the Chronicle of Philanthropy provides a ‘data dashboard’ updated monthly that reports trends in online giving. The dashboard looks only at flows through the Network for Good platform, but that’s nearly two million donations over a rolling year to 31,295 nonprofits.

Which social network to use, when

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Handy for nonprofit marketing, online engagement and time management Here’s a nifty infographic with some ideas, courtesy of Mashable. View the original here ).

Just How Hard Is It to Donate to You Online?

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

That’s exactly what Network for Good wants you to do this Wednesday, during the first-ever  Be Your Donor Day on October 24th. love it!).

Partner with Program Staff & Your Network for More Marketing Impact

Getting Attention

They “Get&# It from Communications Network on Vimeo. They “Get&# It from Communications Network on Vimeo. Casey Foundation.

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4 Tips for Successful Online Fundraising this December

Fundraising Coach

recent seven year analysis of online giving conducted by Network for Good indicates that over 30% of all online giving happens in December.

Social Media Networking: Gone Is The Luxury of Privacy

Diva Marketing Blog

We are building relationships and networks in very public forums.  different world than a private book club networking connection. .

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Social lipstick on a network pig: 4 ways your online efforts can go awry

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Mind these four points - otherwise, you’re doing little more than putting social lipstick on a network pig. Buy a ticket to Morocco.

Picture this: 2012 online giving illustrated

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

At Network for Good, we found online giving once more on the rise in 2012. Trouble viewing the infographic? Go here.).

Be Friend-ly with the 53% of Seniors Now Online

Getting Attention

adults 65 and older are now online. Here’s the key finding: Once they’re online, seniors return frequently with 70% using the internet on a daily basis. Although email remains the “killer app” for seniors, Facebook and other social networking sites are growing in popularity, and are used by one in three online seniors.

#SOCIALMEDIA: Rise Of Micro-Networks Might Reconfigure Social Outreach

Non Profit Marketing 360

Online social networking is all about the sharing, even sharing stuff you wished the rest of the world didn’t see. Forever. impose.

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The evolution of the online donor

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

also wanted to share how online donors have evolved over the past decade. We appreciate you! Let’s celebrate our collective progress

Data extravaganza! Check out the newest online giving indices

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

I’m very excited to announce that Network for Good has three new sources of data on the state of online giving!

New report: Are nonprofits missing the mark online?

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Are you making it easy to give to your organization online? Would the average person want to read them in the first place?

What Do Online Giving Numbers Mean?

JCA Insights

According to a recent article in the Chronicle of Philanthropy , “online donations rose sharply last year.” ” Convio, Blackbaud and Network for Good, all fundraising system vendors, reported increases in giving to their customers.  Network for Good reported a 20% increase in online giving during 2010 compared to 2009.