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Cause Related Marketing

Blogger’s note: It is with great pleasure that I bring you today’s post from guest blogger Jose Sanchez from Mexico City. It’s sad but true.

#Social Networking: Netflix Losing Control of Social-Network Goodwill

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Image via Wikipedia. This author is not a  Netflix  subscriber. Netflix announced its plan on its blog on July 12th. in a time of economic downturn.

To-Die-For Nonprofit Communications Jobs

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Communications & Office Manager Supportive Housing Coalition of New Mexico (Albuquerque, NM). Michael J. Fox Foundation (New York, NY).

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WOWza Nonprofit Marketing Jobs

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Membership & Communications Manager Museum of New Mexico Foundation. Post YOUR comms job here —nonprofits, grantmakers, B Corps & vendors serving nonprofits. Communications Coordinator First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee (Milwaukee, WI). Communications Manager, Shared Value Initiative FSG (Boston, MA). Austin, TX). Chicago, IL).

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But it won’t be long before a fundraising consultant, probably from Mexico or Poland, comes along who claims they can use neuroscience techniques to fine-tune your fundraising messages to exquisite donor-by-donor perfection. Hey, you laugh. Frankly, a lot of what’s described in this article strikes me as snake oil. Buyer beware! Still,

“Charity Doesn’t Solve Anything” -Mexican Billionaire

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Slim has a substantial influence over the telecommunications industry in Mexico and much of Latin America as well. The contrast between Slim’s wealth and the poverty of much of Mexico’s population is also troubling to critics. But the changes are there. The only way to fight poverty is with employment,” he said. Welcome!

Multi-Cultural and Cross-Cultural Cause Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

In that effort, called Edelman’s Goodpurpose Study 2010, Brazil, China and India followed closely behind Mexico. The study comes from Georgetown University’s Center for Social Impact Communication, and took place in late 2010. Cause-Related Marketing does a world of good.

Ep175: How This Texas DQ Franchisee is Fighting Childhood Hunger

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Vasari is the second largest franchisee in the DQ system! On the show, Megan, Bill and I discuss: Bill Spae, Vasari LLC. The goal this year is $200K+.

Tis the Season for Bad Cause Marketing

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I couldn’t make up this stuff if I tried. found these two examples of bad cause marketing on the same day! That’s a first.

Disruption of the 'Usual' - Rethinking Behavior Change and Communication in Nutrition Education

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How do I help public health professionals disrupt their usual ways of doing their work? Learning Objectives a.  Identify

The 2016 - 2017 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


Mexico / SOLD OUT. Mexico. Today, we're excited to announce the all-new list for 2017! Nonprofit Management. What are you waiting for?

RAPID Expedited Special Grant Mechanism for Scientists to Conduct Research at Time of National Natural Disasters

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Tags: RFP BP Gulf of Mexico oil disaster grants scientific research National Science Foundation

Telling Stories When You Help Indirectly

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One Warm Coat is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, but Albert’s story takes place in Thoreau, New Mexico. Staff at nonprofits like these would love to use storytelling, and envy their peers who work at nonprofits that provide direct services to people or animals. Ask your partners to share. Connect the dots yourself.

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The 2016 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


Mexico / Less than $4,000. Mexico. Fundraising. Donor relations. Accounting. Marketing. Nonprofit technology, and more! Drop us a line!

‘Genius’ Awards For Nonprofits

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Sin Fronteras – Mexico City, Mexico ($500,000) protects the human rights of migrants in Mexico; Socio Legal Information Centre – New Delhi, India ($750,000) provides free legal assistance to protect the rights of the marginalized in India. Here are the 13 winners for 2013. Housing Partnership Network – Boston, Massachusetts ($1.5

Livestrong Stadium Deal Sets Naming Rights On its Ear

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Moreover, it appears that Livestrong did not pay for the naming rights and is instead guaranteed a donation of no less that $7.5 million a year.

Announcing the Fundraising Career Conference

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Did you read Underdeveloped, the research report that rocked the nonprofit world to its core? And  it’s not getting better. So guess what?

Anything IS Possible, But You Have to Try

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128,000 foot) to stick it in New Mexico. I used to believe anything was possible. Now I know it is. It was compelling.

Where to Volunteer or Donate to Assist All in Need Due to the BP Oil Spill Disaster Because Two Different Recent Studies Find Volunteers Feel Healthier and Happier & Volunteerism Is On the Rise in America

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Tags: BP Gulf of Mexico oil disaster How To Help volunteerism health benefits of volunteer work

Are You Talking To Hispanics?

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Five states — New Mexico, Texas, California, Arizona and Nevada — have populations that exceed one-in-four Hispanic. And nine states account for 76% of the total Hispanic population — Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, New Mexico, New Jersey, New York and Texas. America’s 50.5 Or both?

Do you want to be a nonprofit consultant? Read this interview with Desiree Adaway

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Desiree Adaway designs programs and strategies that create revenue and advocates for organizations. Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed, Desiree!

Cause Marketing Research I'd Like to See

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Among other findings, the fourth Edelman Good Purpose Consumer Study found that the emerging markets of Mexico, Brazil, China and India were most willing to buy a brand that supports a cause. Scarcely a week goes by that someone doesn’t release a study or survey about cause marketing. And yet there’s still some research I’d like to see.

Twitter Etiquette For Agencies/Freelancers

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Worst thing you can do is engage in a downward spiral like Absolut did in the Mexico/US map fiasco. Eleanor Roosevelt . Manage. Simple advice.

Grants for People, Organizations, & Agencies Working To Create Sustainable Fisheries In the United States

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the Gulf of Mexico, the Pacific Coast, and Alaska. From The Foundation Center. [If you are interested in more information on this grant opportunity, click "Link To Complete RFP" at the end of this blog post]. In its funding round in April, the fund awarded nearly $2.25 million to eighteen projects in the northeastern U.S.,

The Quadriga Plot Thickens

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And the Saint Bonaventure Indian Mission and School in New Mexico received almost none of $9 million raised. In its second installment on fundraising this week , CNN, via Anderson Cooper 360 , again criticized the fundraising practices of Quadriga Art. Here’s the Senate letter. ” That’s an understatement.

Fundraising in a downturn: The Power of Leaderless Organizations

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By contrast, the Apaches, located in northern Mexico and modern-day New Mexico, successfully fought off the Spaniards for hundreds of years.

BOGO Toothbrushes

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So far the Smile Squared toothbrushes have landed with kids in Central America, Mexico, Haiti, Kenya, Cambodia, India and the Philippines.

Day in the Life of a Nonprofit Communicator – Fabiola Johnson

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Fabiola Johnson. Want to be featured in this series?  Tell us what you do in a  typical day as a nonprofit communications pro.

Lending for Change -- 700th Entry in 2009 Tagline Awards -- Enter Your Tagline Today

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I love this tagline from The Loan Fund , an alternative lender in New Mexico. It's as short as you can get, but informative and memorable. The staff there has done a terrific job in shaping a pithy message that showcases not just what they do, but the impact of the organization's work (which clearly differentiates it from other lenders).

Building Trust in the Sector: How & Why to Make Your Nonprofit More Transparent

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As the chief charity regulator for the state of New Mexico, he advanced the cause of nonprofit transparency by bringing nonprofit information online through a partnership with GuideStar. "Transparency" has been a buzzword in the nonprofit sector for more than a decade. It refers to openness, communication and accountability.

#PUBLICPOLICY: Pressure Grows On Apple’s Supplier Foxconn

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Note BP’s expanding presence in the Gulf of Mexico despite the human and environmental costs of the corporation’s oil spill in 2010.

#ProAging: GAP Index Highlights Global Challenges Of Care For Aging

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The fact of the aging of the global population is something our readers are likely at least acquainted with. So how did the US do? are decidedly mixed.

Father's Day Ad Can't Save the Manatee

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Manatees are large herbivorous marine mammals with three smallish ranges, the Caribbean / Gulf of Mexico, the upper Amazon River basin, and West Africa. One of the oldest tricks in the retail promotions handbook is to base your promotion around a holiday. Merchants and retailers use holidays as a hook to hang their promotions on.

Matching Funds Grant for Migratory Birds Conservation

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Priority will be given to projects in regions where ConocoPhillips has an operating presence, including the following regions in North America: western Canada; Gulf of Mexico states (including Texas, Louisiana, and Alabama); Prairie states (including Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming); and the Delaware Bay.

#PublicMedia: How Twitter Helped And Hurt The Spread Of Information In Two Recent Disasters

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The swell of the swine flu back in 2009 seemed to be predicted by Twitter, until calmer heads pointed out that unfounded fears could spur twitterers to use terms like ‘#swineflu’ for anything related to pigs, pork, or travel to Mexico. Which is not to say millions haven't tried it.

Grants to Benefit Migratory Birds and Their Habitats

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Priority will be given to projects in regions where ConocoPhillips has an operating presence, including the following regions in North America: Western Canada; Gulf of Mexico states, including Texas, Louisiana, and Alabama; Prairie states, including Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming; and Delaware Bay.

#Public Media: Netflix Losing Control of Social-Network Goodwill

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Image via Wikipedia. This author is not a subscriber of Netflix. Netflix announced its plan on its blog on July 12th. in a time of economic downturn.

Grants for Organizations, Designers, Artists, Etc. Working With Local and National Partners to Transform/Impact Community Vibrancy

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Paul, as well as communities in Alaska, Arizona, California, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington, and Wisconsin. From The Foundation Center. [If you are interested in this grant opportunity, click "Link to Complete RFP" at the end of this blog post for more information]. territory. million.

Grants for Organic Farming Research, Education, and Outreach Programs

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Organic Farming Research Foundation Accepting Applications for Research and Education and Outreach Grants Deadline: July 15, 2008; and November 17, 2008 The Organic Farming Research Foundation ( [link] ) grants program is open to all applicants residing in Canada, Mexico, and the United States. From The Foundation Center. RFP Link: [link].

The Appeal of Franchises for Cause Marketers

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If a McDonald's franchisee in Albuquerque, New Mexico wants to support the nearby Ronald McDonald House, he probably doesn't have to. Cause marketing is almost always directed at consumers. So in North America one place you can be all but certain to find cause marketing is at retail franchise outlet. Is there a 'fit'?