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Get to Gripping Headlines via Vincent Musetto

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More guidance here: 6 Tips for Writing Nonprofit Marketing Copy That Works. Most leads are clever headlines that play on words. P.P.S.

Marketing Time Savers: Tools to Improve Your Writing

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They’ll help you create great marketing copy, faster. Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer. on July 30. Grammarly.

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Size Matters – When to Write Long, or Short

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As with all marketing “formulas,&# there’s a lot of “it depends&# here. Eureka! Liking your organization on Facebook.

Persuasive Testimonials Can’t Be Beat (Case Study)

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Few of you use testimonials—the essence of the kind of consumer-based marketing you’re hearing so much about right now—to full effect. Get more guidance on developing persuasive testimonials: The Most Powerful Marketing Copy in the World – Testimonials. But you have to ask. Remember to get their permission first.

How to CONFUSE your donors and get LESS gifts.


Does your planned giving marketing copy make [ insert word here from below ] sense? They, too, are not marketers.