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The #1 Way to Generate More New Major Donors Fast


Do it today and you’ll grow your major donor list fast. So what are you waiting for? Give ‘em a ring! LIKE THIS BLOG POST?

How Ryan Gosling Thanked a Major Donor

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Our organization is dedicated to a world without CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome). Ryan Gosling: Actor and Nonprofit Communicator? Thanks, Kim.

6 themes you need to recognize about your major donors in the digital era


Major and planned gift donors want to engage on multiple channels. Major and planned gift donors want convenience.

5 Ways to Get Your Major Donors to Refer You and Your Organization to Others


The post 5 Ways to Get Your Major Donors to Refer You and Your Organization to Others appeared first on MarketSmart. ” 3.

Every Donor a Major Donor

Nonprofit Consultant Blog

One question that's always likely to come up when I teach a workshop on fund development is, "How do you define a major donor?" For some organizations "major" may be those who give gifts over $25,000 or even $50,000, while for others it may be any donor who gives more than $500 or $1,000.

Looking for Major Donors? Build Better Bridges With These Financial Tools

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Nonprofits stand to build better bridges to affluent donors—leading to valuable long-term philanthropic partnerships—if they understand the various tools used by wealth advisors in charitable giving. Charities often forget that donors rarely give to a single organization or cause. Year End Fundraising Attracting New Donors

Are All Donors Major Donors? In Social Medialand, Yes!

Social Media Bird Brain

Image via Advisor to Superheroes Over at A Small Change, Jason Dick had an interesting idea: how about treating every donor as a major donor?

Should your donors be given a chance to “tip” your organization?


Similar to how you tip a waiter, why not allow the donor the choice between several overhead support options? Are you confused by that headline?

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Major Gift Fundraising For Smaller Organizations

The Agitator

Lots of time and money is spent on identifying success factors in major gift fundraising for large organizations. Very little on factors that make a big difference for smaller organizations. Amy Eisenstein, author of  Major Gift Fundraising for Small Shops , has just released a study done in conjunction with Prof.

6 of the biggest reasons why you don’t get major gifts from people with capacity


Here are six of the biggest reasons why you don’t get major gifts from people with capacity: 1. Your capable donors, supporters, advocates, staff, and volunteers don’t have enough trust in  you, your organization or your leadership. 2. LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS BELOW AND/OR SHARE THIS WITH YOUR PEERS! Tweet this!

Trust 59

Why fundraisers should take some lessons from stockbrokers


Major donors stop giving for those very same reasons. Similarly, donors don’t give to nonprofits. Bad service. Tweet this!

Raise Supporters Not Support

A Small Change

Everyone always talks about fundraising as having to do with raising money or providing funds for an organization.

What makes a great Gift Officer great? 4 traits


They ask donors questions and they truly care about the answers. Instead, they focus on the needs of individual donors. Antennae.

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More on All Donors as Major Donors

A Small Change

Wow! I was blown away with the incredible responses in the All Donors as Major Donors post. But we know it is not. ” J.

3 reasons to focus on major gifts (including major legacy gifts)


Focusing on major gifts is cost-effective and efficient because of the significantly lower cost to acquire and cultivate them. 1. 3% of U.S.

Why nonprofit budgets should be developed in alignment with strategies


Get various departments talking to each other and working together to accomplish organization-wide successes. You read that correctly.

Stop complaining because your success is up to you


Recommendations: >> Fundraiser: Your job is hope. >> Disney’s Secret Sauce – 3 learnings you can take back to your organization today.

Two Smart Ways to Acquire New Major Donors


My recommendations to the Board were as follows: Focus on major gifts. But what about your mid-level donors? Less is more. Here it is: 1.

How fast do you respond to your major and planned gift donors’ needs?


Yet, in the nonprofit sector fundraisers don’t seem to care as much about generating leads or responding to them. I say this because very few nonprofits make it easy for donors to become leads. Recommendations. >> How to Stem the Tide of Departing Donors. >> Avoid a Big Mistake: Stop Asking for Bequest Gifts! The list goes on.

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Are you being tested?


And, I think many of your supporters are testing you and your organization as they explore their philanthropic interests. So what happened?

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How to prospect and qualify major donors with Jeff Scheifels- Free Webinar

Wild Woman Fundraising

Are you wondering where all of the major donors are hiding? Your next major donor may be right under your nose! AND MORE!

How to break the most vicious cycle that hamstrings your organization’s growth


Unrealistic expectations: Donors tend to reward organizations with the “leanest” profiles. You can get the full report HERE. Tweet this!

Thank you for being part of our growing ecosystem


I created  Engagement Fundraising  and invented our software because I’m really a donor, not a fundraiser. So hold onto your hats.

Direct Mail Yields Major Gift Donors

The Agitator

The following graph shows the percentage of active FY14 large gift donors for a national organization.

3 key mindshifts to overcoming your fear of asking for a gift

Get Fully Funded

Will the donor laugh at you?  Remember why you said “Yes&# to the organization in the first place.  Know this: when you step through your fear and share the burning beliefs of your heart, you will be furthering your organization’s mission.  Happy Fundraising Season!  Between And it CAN be conquered!! Probably not. 

Are you a show up and throw up fundraiser?


I’m sure you’ve run into a bunch of “show up and throw up sales people” in your lifetime. They talk a lot and say very little.

“Dear donor, you rock! Here’s why…” Jeff Brooks’ powerful donor outreach formula


If you want to know how to communicate with your donors, I strongly recommend you listen to whatever Jeff Brooks says. Here it is: Dear Donor, .

The 4 Best Places to Find New Major Donors for Your Non-Profit

Wild Woman Fundraising

Yet almost all of those non-profits have trouble finding mega-donors. If you want to find new major donors for your non-profit, you need a plan.

Annual Fund Science and Major Gifts Artistry

A Small Change

The established and successful nonprofits have robust annual programs that feed a developed major gifts program. At this time you have a choice.

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Mid-Level Giving: What’s Your Strategy?

The Agitator

Organizations are leaving millions and millions and millions on the table. In my experience a good deal of reluctance to act revolves around the difficulty of identifying the mid-level or mid-value audience on an organization’s file. But few actually do anything to get a program aimed at the $250 – $5,000 giving level underway.

Are Fan Bases Major Donors?

A Small Change

Organizations can raise thousands–sometimes tens of thousands–of dollars through their blogs. Should we start treating our online fan bases as major donors? You need to stay in touch with your fan base in much the same way that you need to stay in regular touch with your donors. What do you think?

Why it’s time for reinvention


realize many of you are not in a position to reinvent an entire organization. Something is happening all over the world. Entire LIKE THIS POST?

Growing your Existing Donor Base

A Small Change

Everyone is always looking for ways to grow their donor base so I thought I’d offer a few suggestions and tips that I’ve used myself.

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The Pre-Emptive Gift

A Small Change

Or maybe your donor tells you I’m just going to give this don’t worry about coming out and asking me? How did the donor respond?

24 Reasons Why Board Members Won’t Ask For Money & What To Do About It

The Agitator

So it figures that in the course of his guiding, goading, and persuading board members to seek funds for the organizations they serve, Jerry has heard a lifetime’s supply of excuses from board members about why they simply can’t — or shouldn’t — ask for money. And, according to the publisher, all in a 59 minute read.

Discovery, Cultivation, Solicitation & Stewardship

A Small Change

How often do we talk about creating a great process to cultivate or steward donors and then never actually take the time to spend with the donor? Discovery: This is taking the time to talk with a donor about their interests. Cultivation: The process by which you improve and grow the relationship with a donor.

Adding Value

A Small Change

Introducing yourself to a donor as the primary purpose of communication does not add value to their experience with the organization.

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Turning it Over to the Donor

A Small Change

Did you know that your donors can give more than money? Of course you do—many organizations strongest advocates are their major and monthly donors. organization called the Mission Increase Foundation is trying some revolutionary ways to get the message out. It’s about a change in kind. Eric Foley. Why or why not?

11 Questions Every Donor Asks

The Agitator

An advert in one of the fundraising ‘trades’ triggered me to look up Canadian fundraiser Harvey McKinnon’s ’11 questions every donor asks’, as presented in his book of the same name. Why your organization?”. Donor retention / loyalty / commitment Fundraising philosophy/profession Major donors premium

Why you need to think of yourself as a facilitator


Supporters give because they trust your organization to satisfy that need. Supporters give to satisfy a need Tweet This! Tweet This! Tweet This!