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Marketing Your Nonprofit: 5 More Things to Learn from The Long Tail

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Long Tail in Martha's Vineyard, MA. Yeah, I’ve got a long tail. What do you think of the lessons from the Long Tail?

Five Things That You Can Learn from “The Long Tail” for Marketing Your Nonprofit

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Long Tail Parakeet. What is the Long Tail? Tomorrow I’ll give you five more things I learned from The Long Tail.

The Long Tail of Nonprofit Communications

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Malcolm Gladwell misses the point

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The last great debate he sparked occurred when he called out Chris Anderson (author of the Long Tail), essentially dismissing Anderson’s “free&# economy theory and views on the future role of journalism. I’m hoping a similar “long-tail&# discussion will evolve out of his latest piece. My Take.

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What can Chris Anderson’s The Long Tail teach us?

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What is the Long Tail? Chris Anderson’s book about the internet’s ability to keep a product going long after it should have stopped selling. Are you new here? Welcome! Sign up for my newsletter and get fresh nonprofit fundraising, management and career ideas monthly! Share this on Digg this! Tweet This!

Online Marketing Terms in Plain English

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Long-tail, Long-tail keywords. Here are several definitions from the book that aren’t related to email. Analytics.

Children's Miracle Network Celebration Themed FSI

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Latest mobile phone statistics from Africa and what this means…

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800 million people going to bed hungry every day). However, consider these stats: The total African mobile subscriber base is roughly 280.7 revolution.

Interview With N.E.D. - The Rock N Roll Docs

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Doctors heal patients in many ways. some even through rock n roll! N.E.D. , an innovative rock band of 6 U.S. N.E.D''s The Movie. There is more. N.E.D./Nimesh:

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What’s Wrong With Reaching Out to Bloggers?

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He writes that “Web 2.0,” “Open Culture,” “Free Software” and the “Long Tail” have become enablers of this new collectivism. Utopia!

Failing Faster in Cause Marketing

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Back in 2007 and 2008 Hamburger Helper ran a fun cause marketing promotion called My Hometown Helper that I don’t remember at all. That is, quickly.

Why you need to focus on mobile right now

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The Long Tail ) catering to individual exact needs. I recently switched smartphones (now representing 50% of the worldwide cell phone market ) from RIM ’s Blackberry Storm to Apple’s iPhone 3GS. Why did I do it, and more importantly why should you care? The first reason is simple. The second reason is a bit more elaborate.

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Government Videos Wiki List Experiment

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Some are long others are short. Some are useful to a niche long-tail audiences others are useful to everyone.

Crowd Accelerated Innovation

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Chris Anderson, father of the “long tail&# theorem regarding the web’s impact, has come up with another theorem — “Crowd accelerated innovation.&#. Here’s how Seth Godin summarizes it in a recent post : “Online video radically changes the reach and speed of the improvement cycle. What say you, SOFII?

2009 Digital Media Review

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How many visitors to your nonprofit’s website stay that long?! comScore refers to this phenom as the "long tail" of online video viewing, noting the enormous fragmentation that has occurred in the video viewing world as consumers become more and more comfortable using their computers as viewing platforms.

Bishop orders: “Thou shall not tweet”

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The Long Tail - Chris Anderson. Today he sent me something I just had to share with you. Nothing at all. Facebook. Facebook.

Lessons from Haiti Giving

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But NfG’s data illustrates the "long tail" effect as well. Network for Good, which itself processed $5.3 million in Haiti donations, offers some good observations about the experience. More places to give online during a crisis creates big range in average gift size. it’s already too late for planning.

Social Media for Social Causes Study: The Results

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The goal of our Community Philanthropy 2.0 Almost two thirds (62 percent) were female. The full Community Philanthropy 2.0

Get younger, wealthier, (better looking?) donors online

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Giving online follows the same "long tail" phenomenon seen in online sales of books and music. Network for Good, an online service that facilitates online charitable donations, has just released a report looking in detail at $100,000 in online giving to 23,000 nonprofits. Most online giving goes to disaster agencies.

1,000 True Donors

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The LONG TAIL has created a situation where even the smallest artist ( read nonprofit ) can gain access to fans ( donors ) cheaply and efficiently. This GREAT post by Kevin Kelly, author of The Technium blog, landed in my e-mail because I subscribe to Seth Godin's blog. That said, "micro-marketing" may not work for all charities.

31 Social Media Networking Communities For Women

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The long tail concept comes to life in the hundreds of thousands of niche communities that are exploding on to the social media scene.

How to Market like Barack

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By using the Internet to exponentially expand the reach of the campaign they are saying in effect, this is about more than the top 1 % of donors, i.e. the political elite, this campaign is about all of us on end of THE LONG TAIL. "I'M ASKING YOU TO BELIEVE." Not just in my ability to bring about real change.I'm Put me front and center.

Better Cause Marketing with SEO

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He and I were both riding the long tail of search. Before you read this post you and I have to agree on some basic things. Google it.