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Stop the Communications-Program Tug of War

Getting Attention

Are you in a tug of war with program colleagues for control of your communications? The marketing-program dynamic is a delicate one.

Use What You Know to Help Tell Your Story

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

The Chicago-based nonprofit hired us to help develop their Social Impact Center online library of policy and advocacy research. Kristina.

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Firing Your Development Director? It’s not you, it’s me!

Wild Woman Fundraising

HELP WANTED – Organizations aren’t finding enough qualified candidates for the jobs. picture by mb21 on Flickr. Why is this?

Interview Questions to Help You Write Great Donor, Volunteer, and Client Profiles for Your Newsletters

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

great way to do that is to conduct an interview. Here are my 25 favorite interview questions. You probably won’t need to ask all 25.

2016 Mentoring Program – Registration Now Open

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Registration has just opened for Session #9 of our Communications Director Mentoring Program , taking place January – June 2016.

June 26

71 sessions to help your hospital fundraising – for free!

Fundraising Coach

Bloom, Carl: How to Build a Direct Response Fundraising Program that Delivers High Value, Long-Term Return on Investment. GRATEFUL PATIENTS.

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NEW Webinar: How to start your major gifts program with Amy Eisenstein

Wild Woman Fundraising

She has written three books about major gifts and can help us all learn how to fundraise better. Are you wondering how to get major gifts?

[Guest Post] Top 10 Tips for Growing Your Matching Gift Program

Fundraising Coach

Top 10 Tips for Growing Your Matching Gift Program. That’s the principle behind matching gift programs. You're going to love this!

EAST: A Method for Applying Insights in Social Marketing Programs

Social Marketing and Social Change

Help people plan their response to events. Social marketers should always be on the lookout for new ideas about changing behaviors. Not so easy.]

8 ways to promote your planned giving program on Facebook


Can you help me add to this list? Promote a video about a legacy donor. 3. Share a link to a legacy donor story. 4.

Fundraising QuickStart Program

Get Fully Funded


Foursquare Cause Marketing Starts with Loyalty Programs

Selfish Giving

The challenge was Finagle’s traditional loyalty program, the Frequent Finagler , which was expensive and it wasn’t social.

Productive Partnering with Program Peers—Outcomes Not Outputs

Getting Attention

Working productively with your program colleagues is a challenge you often discuss with me. Win-Win. Thanks, Joe, for sharing what works.

How I Started My First Monthly Giving Program

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

didn’t have a monthly giving program and didn’t know how they worked, but I knew I had to think quickly—I could send her 12 reply envelopes so she could send in a gift each month. So that’s what I did, and my first-ever monthly giving program was born. thought that would help us both keep up with what she had given.

Help your corporate partners be brainiac cause marketers

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

And now I’ve translated these same learnings for companies looking to engage their customers through cause marketing programs.

[Guest Post] 5 Reasons Your Peer to Peer Program is Failing

Fundraising Coach

Reasons Your Peer to Peer Program is Failing. But your program, your participants and your donors need and deserve personal attention.

How Employee Matching Gifts Can Help Your Fundraising Team Succeed

Ann Green

This guest post by Adam Weinger gives you some great tips to help you incorporate matching gifts into your fundraising. About Adam Weinger.

Team 31

How to Showcase Your Monthly Giving Program

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

What good is a monthly giving program if no one can learn more about how it will help further your mission? On Your Blog.

[Guest Post] Helping board members maximize fundraising effort

Fundraising Coach

Ask them to Help with a Specific Promotion. Guest Post] Using Gallup’s StrengthsFinder to help your board fundraise more effectively.

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Does the Raiser’s Edge Help Raise Money?

JCA Insights

Does any fundraising software really help raise money? Should Perhaps it would help to put these questions in context; how would you defend the expense of purchasing, maintaining and managing your fundraising software to your Board? Should it? Consider the typical organization that decides to buy The Raiser’s Edge from Blackbaud. 

Help Attack! Has Battle Plan for Cause Marketing

Selfish Giving

One of these people was David Neff , COO at Help Attack! As David explained, the premise behind Help Attack! But with Help Attack!

4 essential questions to ask yourself about your planned or major gift direct mail program


think if your retention rate is under 40%, your donors are sending you a message about your direct mail program. like to say, “Be donor-centric.

6 tips to help board members work a room

Fundraising Coach

Last night, I was asked for some tips to help my fellow board members with a fundraising dinner on Thursday. The dinner program will do that.

How DecentWork can take your nonprofit to the next level: Interview with Cathy Taylor, Executive Director, Ontario Nonprofit Network

Wild Woman Fundraising

MT: For the CEOs and the executive directors listening, and the board members, they may be struggling to make their programs effective. Welcome.

How Millennials can help you boost corporate sponsorships

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Here’s a tip from the guide that can help your nonprofit effectively integrate Millennial employees into your culture and fundraising goals.

Stories for Sustaining Programs

Social Marketing and Social Change

How can storytelling help public health and social programs become sustainable? And that lesson is the curse of knowledge.

Volunteers Helping Keeping Nonprofits Lights On

Diva Marketing Blog

All the ways that volunteers, and people who just want to help speard the word, are consolidated in an eBook. as part of a volunteer initative.

Do you have people from the community you help on your board?

Wild Woman Fundraising

I’ve written before about how quotas for women on our boards can help change the face of management, and how naive aid to africa is misplaced.

Ep174: Boston Brewery Helps Entrepreneurs Brew American Dream

Selfish Giving

The three legs of the program. The focus of the program over the past year? What is Boston Beer planning for the program in 2017?

The Best & Worst Local Cause Marketing Programs of 2010

Selfish Giving

I combed through the Selfish Giving archives and came up with the best and worst local cause marketing programs of 2010. Location: Atlanta, GA.

What does an LGBTQ nonprofit organization do?

Wild Woman Fundraising

So how do you help explain to people what each different organization does? where can I get help Who does a GLBTQ organization help?

Help KFC Earn Its Cause Marketing Wings

Selfish Giving

Franchise owners could team up with local “Main Street” organizations to support or fund community events or local beautification programs.

Share Our Strength, Shake Shack Team Up for Pinup Program

Selfish Giving

If I’m The Pinup King , this program between Share Our Strength and  Shake Shack is fit for one! It’s a simple, attractive design.

What’s The Best Cause Marketing Program for My Business?

Selfish Giving

You can review the different types of cause marketing programs here. Keep your program simple. Pathos should drive your program.

Creating Personas for Priority Groups of Social Marketing Programs

Social Marketing and Social Change

These traits should help staff and partners connect with the type of person who is your program priority. Single Never Married Woman.

The Nonprofit Marketing Mentoring Program

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

See if This Mentoring Program is Right for You ! Online training is great, but for many of you, it’s not enough. You Great!

Paper Icon Campaign at Whole Foods Helps Launch FoodCorps

Cause Related Marketing

Use of the back to help tell the story. You may have read Mark Bittman’s column on the rollout in the New York Times 23 August 2011.

Paper 21

Natural Helper Networks in Community Social Marketing Programs

Social Marketing and Social Change

Applying social marketing in the development of a volunteer program. Roncarati et al. From: Lefebvre, R.C (in press). References Boehm, A.

How to make a splash! Marketing Your Nonprofit Educational Programs

Wild Woman Fundraising

I’ve never told anyone about this before… I’m about to share a secret that can help keep your association in the black.

Why Use Marketing in Social Change Programs?

Social Marketing and Social Change

My discussion on social marketing and social change with Don Akchin, a principal of Nonprofit Marketing 360 , was published this week on the MKCREATIVE blog ( #INTERVIEW: Craig Lefebvre, Designer of Public Health & Social Change Programs, Discusses Social Marketing - you will have to scroll down the page to find it).