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Blocking Access to Social Media is now “Against Policy”

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What is PANDU? PANDU stands for Policy on Acceptable Network and Device Use. Who are Authorized Users? What are the Policy Requirements? above?

#DESIGN: How To Follow The Branding Guidelines Of Facebook

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The social-media mega site provides its guidelines within its site for anyone to access (even if you are not a member). go figure).

Great “behind-the-scenes” progress in 2013, now let’s get creative!

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

Issuing simplified guidelines and educating staff. Clearly written, simplified 1-3 page social media engagement guidelines are a must.

Rhode Island Wic Guidelines

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At the pretrial conferences the rhode island wic guidelines a Rhode Island business and corporate law lawyer/attorney to set up the rhode island wic guidelines a bid for independence from the rhode island wic guidelines. Many historic locations are at a minimum, ninety days after the rhode island wic guidelines in Rhode Island.

About Grant Guidelines.

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The document that grant writers use to know what application to use, to apply for a given grant, what information to provide, and what the time table is for the application process is called the giving guidelines. Today, is is common if a grant donor has a website, that the giving guidelines are available on their website.

5 Ways to Tackle Your Nonprofit’s Fear of Social Media

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Our nonprofit deals with a controversial issue and we are afraid that we may be the target of online harassment.” Will you lose funding?

Debate Highlights 9 Communications Lessons

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So even though Romney may have misrepresented some of his plans, he framed them in a positive way that made the audience want to believe.

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The Roles A Nonprofit's Founder May Hold During the Life Cycle or Growth of the Organization

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Please read Someone Has To Say It: The Nonprofit's Founder May Not Be the Best Executive Director Or Board President Candidate (and Should Certainly Not Be Both). They may or may not have personal experience or a connection to the cause or issue. This post is the follow up to that one. But there's more. would be out of business.

Clean Up Your Language! Refining Organizational Rhetoric

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Clear, audience-specific rhetoric is important for any nonprofit with a message to share, regardless of how simple or complex that message may be.

Make Your (Re)Brand Magical!

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Clear branding, guidelines, and communications tools actually make it easier for everyone to speak on your behalf. Over time, your organization’s essence may not change, but elements of your brand or structure may need to. First Things First: What’s a Brand? Brand Positioning vs. Organizational Personality. Now What?

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How to Communicate In The Midst Of Tragedy: 9-Step Checklist

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And although it may seem easiest to go dark right now, please don’t. That may be Thursday, but may be next week. That’s your cue.

A Sample Government Blogging Policy

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Due to the Treasury Board’s current focus on internal social media initiatives, I have recently received an influx of requests to help public servants develop external social media engagement guidelines, particularly ones to do with blogging. Know and follow GOC’s Communication Policy Guidelines and the Value & Ethics Code.

Pop Your All-Staff Team of Messengers: Nonprofit Blog Carnival

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May Carnival. Read what some of our peers have to say about their best and worst bosses, guidelines for being a strong leader, and a few more unexpected topics! Here’s why: You know what you need to do but can’t get beyond the limits of time, expertise, and budget. That’s the struggle you share most often.

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Cheese! Photos make you more persuasive

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” I’m a cute turtle and may be deaf. Follow these guidelines: 1. Pick a relevant image and include it! 2. Cheese!

Graphic Design Style Guides, Part II – With Examples

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If you don’t communicate what your nonprofit stands for, intelligibly and distinctly, your audiences may become confused. Julia Reich. Great!

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Grants for Soccer Programs in Underprivileged Communities of 50k+ Nonprofits, Schools, Municipalities, Colleges, Universities, or Tribes May Apply

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Soccer Foundation Announces Guidelines for 2011 Grant Cycle Since 1995, the U.S. From The Foundation Center. [If you would like more information about this grant opportunity click "Contact: Link to RFP" at the end of this post]. Deadline: October 29, 2010 U.S. The grants support projects throughout the U.S. into their soccer programs.

7 Ways to Improve Your Nonprofit Storytelling

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Remember these guidelines and you'll soon be telling great stories about your impact, the people you help and your generous supporters.

6 Ways to Tame the Social Media Monster — Communications Network Report

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Here are six guidelines I shared for taming the social media monster: Be crystal clear on why you’re using social media. Resist pressure you may feel, or get, from peers and leadership. Despite what you may hear, social media is not free and not easy. What does matter is acknowledging your fears and pushing through them.

An Ask is An Ask

A Small Change

You may have heard a guideline, “ask for three times what you’d like a donor to give.” That guideline is a very poor rule of thumb. ” This is a mantra that’s often used as a technique to get a stretch gift. People do not like to say no. From the mindset of the donor the ask is the ask.

An Ask is An Ask

A Small Change

You may have heard a guideline, “ask for three times what you’d like a donor to give.” That guideline is a very poor rule of thumb. ” This is a mantra that’s often used as a technique to get a stretch gift. People do not like to say no. From the mindset of the donor the ask is the ask.

8 ways to get people to read and answer your emails in your fundraising job

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Remember, it may not be about you. That will get you more traffic, which MAY lead to more donors. You’re not alone. Make it clear.

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No Virginia, Your To-Do List is NOT Your Marketing Plan: Marketing Budgets, Part 1

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But I urge you to get past this bias and take the time to absorb this four-part series on budgeting guidelines.

Protecting Donor Information: What’s Your Security IQ?

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Bill Sayre. We don’t touch on cyber security too often on this blog as it is so not in our area of expertise. Kristina. Data Security  .

Making It Work – Nonprofits and Pro Bono Creative

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If they want to promote their firm on your collateral material, for example, that may be something you need to consider carefully.

Social Media Impacts The Trust of People Not In Our Digital Networks

Diva Marketing Blog

Hop over to MSN On Main for some ideas on how to identify "diamonds in the rough employees" that you may be overlooking. . She was angry.

7 ways to improve your storytelling

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Remember these guidelines and you’ll soon be telling great stories about your impact, the people you help and your generous supporters.

Slaying the Dragon of No

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

They may be lawyers. They may be doctors. They may be industrialists. They may be bankers. They may be young entrepreneurs.

Pinterest Before You Begin To Pin

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Depending on your IT/webmaster's time you may decide it's easier to upload images directly to Pinterst. Create guidelines  a. Goals  II.

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Images are great - unless you’re making one of these 3 mistakes

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If you embed a photo in your text to the left and that forces some text to the right, you may lose that anchor of the left margin. 3.

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Academic Competencies for Social Marketing

Social Marketing and Social Change

It is anticipated that degree-granting programs in social marketing may have more competencies than are outlined here. Professional Issues

You’ve Been Breached: What Now?

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Start by reviewing policies and guidelines in place, and taking stock of how and where information is gathered and stored. David Schulz. Great!

At your event, make sure the Ask is right.

A Small Change

Arguably, one of the biggest things to absolutely get right at your fundraising dinner, gala, or extravaganza, is the Ask. Ask for the partnership.

Managing Your Brand & Personal Social Media "Friends"

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Smart marketers began to develop guidelines or house rules that set expectations for both sides of the conversation. Think about it.

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Timing Depends on Goals — Relevance Rules

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No surprise that: Early am (about 7 is ideal for getting your posts in front of other online bloggers, tweeters, and others who may spread the word.

Tips for Sharing Curated Content (the Good Stuff You Find)

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

You may be arranging the flowers in the vase, but you didn’t grow them. It’s also best to follow what are called “fair use” guidelines.

Productive Partnering with Your Communications Firm (or Nonprofit Client)

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Mismatch between budget and goals. Lack of clear expectations. Deliverables poorly defined. Tell us the budget you need to meet our goals.

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7 Ways to Make 2014 the Year of the Donor

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What this looks like for your organization may be different than for your nonprofit peers, but here are a few basics to get you started: 1.

Descriptions of Different Grant Proposal Documents' Formats

Seeking Grant Money Today

Get their giving guidelines and follow them religiously. Don't know what guidelines are? Read my post, About Grant Guidelines. If it's outside the scope of their giving (as outlined in their giving guidelines), they will tell you - and they will have saved your nonprofit and their organization time and resources.

New Social Media Network Road Map

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Note: Your answer to this may be "yes" but your customers may not be using the technology yet. etc. . Glad you asked. Strategy .

The Great Outdoors is a Great Place for Cause Marketing

Selfish Giving

What they may not know is that cause marketing won’t solve all their financial woes. Have clear guidelines, but stay flexible.