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Flat Earth Fundraising: Lessons From Italy & Greece

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Not only in the political circles of Greece and Italy and in Washington, D.C. Permit me a personal essay, please. The reason your 401(k) is turning into a 101(k) is because politicians don’t understand numbers. Numbers that reflect the reality of too much bank leverage … too much spending … too little revenue. It’s just math. But, I don’t.

Do you know a Graduate with no future? What is up with these protests?

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Then you’ve probably heard about the riots in Egypt, in Spain, in Denmark, in Greece, in France, and other places too. Greece Protests.

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Q: How can you be more persuasive for your cause?

Wild Woman Fundraising

Fundraising Leadership Speaking 450-380 BC ancient greece ancient greeks athens. Gorgias. Learn from others who were persuasive, like Gorgias.

Get More Video Views & Shares: #501TechNYC (Part 2)

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Read Part One. Here’s more of what I learned from them: What’s Happening with Video at. In-House Creative Guidance a Must. Streamline!

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Continuing Education for Cause Marketers

Cause Related Marketing

What do you do, as a cause marketer, to keep learning? Researchers have even shown a correlation between happiness and education.

Sheroes You Should Know: Inspiring Stories for #WomensHistoryMonth


She took an active role in the independence movement aimed at relinquishing Ottoman rule over Greec e, investing her own fortune into securing arms, ships, and otherwise equipping the soldiers under her command. she·ro (pl. sheroes) : a woman regarded as a hero. Sciences. Thought Leaders. Revolutionaries. Explorers. Game-Changers. Gertrude B.

You may have noticed…

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that my blog posts have gotten a little more. political in the last year. Why is this, do you think? Because you might recognize yourself in his words.

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Still Need A New Year’s Resolution?

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Flat Earth Fundraising: Lessons From Italy & Greece. Here are some possibilities, courtesy of Seth Godin … Insulate yourself… from anonymous angry people. Expose yourself to art you don’t yet understand. Precisely measure the results that are important to you. Stay blind to the metrics that don’t matter.

10 Reasons Why You Should Take My Public Speaking Course

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The advice has been around since Ancient Greece 2,500 years ago. I heard some good ones and some not so good ones. Here are nine more.

How You Self-Educate Will Determine Your Success as a Cause Marketer

Cause Related Marketing

But in its place I’ve become an inveterate history buff, with a special interest in the ancient world… the Sumerians, Egypt, Greece and Rome, early European history, etc. How do you, my fellow cause marketers, keep learning? Researchers have even shown a correlation between happiness and education. And, of course, American history, too.