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The simplest way to acquire a new major donor— FAST


Everyone wants new major donors. Most nonprofits spend a lot of time and money noodling their data to find them. Tweet this!

Want to have TOO MANY major donors? Read this.

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We know that events are the slowest way to make money for a nonprofit. What does this look like, as a fundraising professional? Get real!

Why fundraisers should take some lessons from stockbrokers


Major donors stop giving for those very same reasons. Similarly, donors don’t give to nonprofits. Bad service. Tweet this!

The Major Donor Formula: How to Find, Cultivate and Ask Major Donors to Give to Your Non-Profit with Joe Garecht

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Webinar Title: The Major Donor Formula: How to Find, Cultivate and Ask Major Donors to Give to Your Non-Profit.

15 marketing essentials for major donors and legacy society members


Don’t just ask for money, explain the problem/need and empower them to make an impact. Make them feel special— like V.I.P.s. Explain why.

It ain’t friendraising… it’s fundraising


Usually, it is believed that extroverts make the best sales people (and fundraisers). And, since most fundraisers are not multi-millionaires, if they are extraverted they won’t be able to imagine what it’s like to part with large sums of money ($1 million for instance). Popular opinion is wrong. Tweet This!

Quality vs. Quantity: Which is better for selecting fundraising prospects?


The real drivers of growth (or in our case, giving) are deep connections with customers (donors) on an emotional level. LEARN MORE.

Why do people at work treat me this way?

Wild Woman Fundraising

So often, as fundraisers, we are charged with raising all of this money. But what are our own attitudes about money?

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Fundraising Miracle

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Short-term thinking is by far the greatest enemy of effective fundraising. Signs of this noxious enemy abound.

Would you give money to this person?


So why then do so many fundraisers avoid putting a picture of themselves on LinkedIn? The post Would you give money to this person?

Stop shaming your supporters!


He sends his kids to private school and he figured he’d ask me a question about fundraising since that sort of thing is right up my alley.

How fast do you respond to your major and planned gift donors’ needs?


Yet, in the nonprofit sector fundraisers don’t seem to care as much about generating leads or responding to them. I say this because very few nonprofits make it easy for donors to become leads. Recommendations. >> How to Stem the Tide of Departing Donors. >> Avoid a Big Mistake: Stop Asking for Bequest Gifts! Tweet this!

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How NOT to write a letter to your supporter community


Although this letter is meant for the “community” (non-donors and donors), this is NOT how you should ever address people.

Are you being tested?


Charter schools got a lot of money and they proved that they work. Mark Zuckerberg’s big $100 million gift in 2010. So what happened?

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Should your donors be given a chance to “tip” your organization?


Similar to how you tip a waiter, why not allow the donor the choice between several overhead support options? Are you confused by that headline?

Two Smart Ways to Acquire New Major Donors


My recommendations to the Board were as follows: Focus on major gifts. But what about your mid-level donors? Fundraising But how?

24 Reasons Why Board Members Won’t Ask For Money & What To Do About It

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According to his  publisher Jerry Panas’ ASKING is America’s top selling fundraising book. Board Meeting Swipe File Donor acquisition Fundraising philosophy/profession Major donors Nonprofit management premiumAnd, according to the publisher, all in a 59 minute read.

Thank you for being part of our growing ecosystem


I created  Engagement Fundraising  and invented our software because I’m really a donor, not a fundraiser.

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INTERVIEW: How to get substantially more money per donor with Alan Bacharach

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Alan Bacharach does an interview with Mazarine Treyz, the Wild Woman of Fundraising about Planned Giving. Want to learn more? Read on! brochure?

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“Dear donor, you rock! Here’s why…” Jeff Brooks’ powerful donor outreach formula


If you want to know how to communicate with your donors, I strongly recommend you listen to whatever Jeff Brooks says. Here it is: Dear Donor, .

Want to get a $1 million dollar donation? Here’s how:


Don’t be afraid to spend money on fundraising. Give a lot of thought in advance to how you will acknowledge your major donors.

Major Gift Fundraising For Smaller Organizations

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Lots of time and money is spent on identifying success factors in major gift fundraising for large organizations. Amy Eisenstein, author of  Major Gift Fundraising for Small Shops , has just released a study done in conjunction with Prof. Very little on factors that make a big difference for smaller organizations.

How to prospect and qualify major donors with Jeff Scheifels- Free Webinar

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Are you wondering where all of the major donors are hiding? Your next major donor may be right under your nose! AND MORE!

Raise Supporters Not Support

A Small Change

Everyone always talks about fundraising as having to do with raising money or providing funds for an organization.

More on All Donors as Major Donors

A Small Change

Wow! I was blown away with the incredible responses in the All Donors as Major Donors post. But we know it is not. ” J.

Why it’s time for reinvention


Western Union, once best known for delivering telegrams(the last one was sent in 2006), reinvented itself to become a money transfer giant.

What to do with wealth screened data that’s “sitting on the shelf” unused


My firm doesn’t provide that service but there are plenty that can help you to determine who among your donors has the capacity to give more. But here’s what fundraisers tell me they felt once they got the wealth screened data: They felt that they got too much data. Measure donor satisfaction. Clean up your list.

The 4 Best Places to Find New Major Donors for Your Non-Profit

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Yet almost all of those non-profits have trouble finding mega-donors. If you want to find new major donors for your non-profit, you need a plan.

Why you need to think of yourself as a facilitator


If you are a great facilitator, you’ll raise more money. Although you might be a really terrific person, the donor does not want to support you.

Annual Fund Science and Major Gifts Artistry

A Small Change

Every community has a few established nonprofits that are raising big money and are super respected. At this time you have a choice.

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Why reciprocity must be an essential tool in your fundraising toolbox


You can and should use reciprocity as a tool to raise more money. This works in the private sector too. Free samples. Free trials. took it.

5 Strategies for 2015 to Make You a Rockstar Fundraiser!

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

It may feel like you’re saving money at that moment, but in reality, it is robbing the organization of the true value you bring to the table!

How can you get 100 more donors in 90 days?

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When I worked at a domestic violence shelter, I was tearing  my hair out trying to find new donors. No culture of celebrating donors?

Focus on the mission, not the money

Get Fully Funded

Too many times, nonprofit Fundraisers get so focused on the money that they forget to communicate about the mission.  I’ve seen this in direct mail appeals, grant proposals, and major donor visits. . In just a couple of weeks we’ll be launching the new Get Fully Funded system!  Get Fully Funded

Who is a major donor?

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This is part two in a series of ten on major gifts for your nonprofit. What are major gifts? Why pursue leadership or major gifts? Because this is the way you can get money in the shortest amount of time with the least cash outlay by your nonprofit. The Four Sources for Individual Major Gifts. Digg this!

Case Study: How can you make your letter appeal better?

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That’s why I’m opening up my 6 month fundraising coaching program to just 3 lucky people. Helping you find new donors. 2007).

Turning it Over to the Donor

A Small Change

Did you know that your donors can give more than money? Of course you do—many organizations strongest advocates are their major and monthly donors. One of these ways is to use your donors as advocates and development officers. Annual Fundraising Capital & Major Donors foundation major gifts

Discovery, Cultivation, Solicitation & Stewardship

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If you have been in fundraising you know those those three words all to well. How often do we talk about creating a great process to cultivate or steward donors and then never actually take the time to spend with the donor? Discovery: This is taking the time to talk with a donor about their interests.

Good question!

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Instead of just throwing money at this, are there other ways I can get involved? Annual Fundraising Capital & Major Donors

Wallowing In Fundraising Delusions

The Agitator

Awhile back, Jeff Brooks cited a number of ‘fundraising delusions’ he read about on Social Velocity. The Social Velocity article opened as follows: “Fundraising is, for the most part, a fundamentally misunderstood activity. Fundraising philosophy/profession Nonprofit management premium