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Nike Vet Keeps Bike Inner Tubes Out of the Landfill and Benefits the Humane Society

Cause Related Marketing

All while benefiting the Humane Society chapter in Portland. The company is cleverly named Cycle Dog. Cycle Dog is laser-focused on the pet market.

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Newsjacking: The New Way to Get Media Attention

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Sometimes the work you do is newsworthy on its own and it’s worth the time to pitch your story to reporters. Think about it. Great!

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#interview: Simone Joyaux, Nonprofit Consultant, Author, and Columnist

Non Profit Marketing 360

She writes a column, “Unraveling Development,” for the Nonprofit Quarterly. MKC: I have difficulty maintaining one blog. Why do you have three?

Are you fundraising for Africa? Read this!

Wild Woman Fundraising

I am so excited to present to you my interview with Charlotte Beauvoisin, who writes Diary of a Munzungu , a UK citizen working in Uganda. Tricks?

Strengthen Your Nonprofit Social Media Impact

Getting Attention

We would like to welcome guest blogger, Laura Quinn. Why not resolve to improve your social media efforts? Define Your Voice. Campaign and Maintain.

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The Difference Between Transactional, Transformative Cause Marketing

Selfish Giving

In this case, someone A LOT smarter:  Kristian Darigan Merenda , Senior Vice President of Business + Social Purpose at Edelman. Added bonus. Simple.

Improve Your Marketing Effectiveness Via the Mobile Web

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Tonia Zampieri. It’s time to make sure your content is mobile friendly. Guest Post by Tonia Zampieri of The M Gen. Set it up, it’s easy!

Teva’s BOGO Cause Marketing Returns Company's Philanthropy to its Watery Origins

Cause Related Marketing

Teva, the footwear company, started out making sandals for Colorado River Guides. million linear feet of water.

Is Talking About Spirituality and Social Change Taboo?


What shapes your world view? How does your world view influence your work to change the world for the better? It’s not realistic--Is it?

Stephanie Strom’s take on Nonprofits

Wild Woman Fundraising

Remember last week when I was all “Save the Nonprofits !” ” Well, turns out I didn’t even know the whole story. We’re more screwed than I knew! Here’s more. Nonprofit Quarterly reports on the Michigan State Charitable deduction going away. Hawaii tried to levy a 1% tax on nonprofits in 2010 and failed, but now.

How to Make a Stat Work in Marketing

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

The Toni Braxton ad is from 2009. ” script. Where have you seen statistics and other cold hard facts work in nonprofit marketing?

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Life Without Facebook ~ A View From Gen Y #2

Diva Marketing Blog

This is a special interview series on what life is like for  Jessica Robyn Porter , a Gen Y-er, who disabled her 7 year old Facebook Page. Part #1. .

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Stuck on how to make a video? The experts weigh in.

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

The folks over at YouTube just sent me a free e-guide on video. If you’re looking for inspiration, here is one shoestring video I really like.

OluKai Cause Markets For Local Cause at Outdoor Retailer Show

Cause Related Marketing

Trade shows are a natural for cause marketing because there are so many like-minded people under one roof.

Timing Depends on Goals — Relevance Rules

Getting Attention

Thanks to marketing master Dan Zarrella for pointing out this obvious (but often overlooked) clue to relevance  — look at behavior to date.

Managing Your Brand & Personal Social Media "Friends"

Diva Marketing Blog

For the most part, social networks and social media were never really intended for business communications. Expect for LinkedIn of course.

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5 Things you need to know about marketing to millennials

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

AdAge had a very useful article last week that summarized new millennial research from ComScore, based on nearly 1,000 TV tests and 35 digital advertising tests. The key finding? Millennials react to marketing differently. Here were the takeaways: 1. Millennials don’t respond to TV ads as much as their elders. So what does this mean to you?

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Made in America Cause Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

Liberty Bottleworks fabricates rugged water bottles in brand-new factory in Yakima, Washington of recycled aluminum and using America-made machinery.

Success Story: A Shift in Communications Worked!

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

We love to hear success stories about the nonprofits we work with. Elexa Liu works with Hope Worldwide in Hong Kong and has participated in many of our training events both online and in person (Yes, she flew all the way to Seattle to take part in the Total Focus Marketing Plan Workshop I teach with Nancy Schwartz). So thank you!

Fundraising is Not a Narcotic

A Small Change

Over the last few months I have been secretly peddling drugs. My blog was hacked and, unknown to me, written into the metadata was advertising for a narcotic. I’m very sorry that I did not catch it sooner. There is not a lot in common between fundraising and drugs. Fundraising is about capacity building for good work in our communities.

4 Steps to Messaging that Connects: Register Now–2nd Free Webinar Added

Getting Attention

Register now to learn   – Seats Are Limited. The First Session Filled Up Almost Instantly & We Can’t Add Another. How to Stop Striking Flat Notes with Your Target Audiences and. Join the 16% of Nonprofits Whose Messages Resonate and Spur Action. Date: Wednesday, February 8, 2011. Time: 1:00-2:00PM EST/10:00-11:00PM PST. Register Now.

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Best Of The Best Fundraising Campaigns

The Agitator

From SOFII, aggregator of proven fundraising materials and insights, here is their list of the “23 all time great fundraising campaigns” Each comes with a link describing or illustrating the campaign. but the card drawing is there!]. That was in 1994 … hopefully things have improved! Have they?

Are you treating your donors right? The quiz.

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

With the Network for Good team, I just created a mini-course on thanking donors. It’s a self-guided tour to writing great thank-yous and treating donors well all year - so they will give again! (It’s not free, but I immodestly think this guide to stewardship is worth every penny. Learn more here.). So do you treat your donors well?

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Fundraising is Not a Narcotic

A Small Change

Over the last few months I have been secretly peddling drugs. My blog was hacked and, unknown to me, written into the metadata was advertising for a narcotic. I’m very sorry that I did not catch it sooner. There is not a lot in common between fundraising and drugs. Fundraising is about capacity building for good work in our communities.

How Should You Talk to Your Next Generation of Donors?

Mission Minded

Mission Minded has worked with several large, long-established nonprofit organizations worried that their aging donor base is disappearing —and that younger donors are less interested in the missions embraced by the older generation. But their major donors [.]. Nonprofit Fundraising Nonprofit communications

12 digital fundraising trends for 2012 #9 Back To Website Donation Basics

Giving in a Digital World

As I’ve been highlighting throughout this series , the wealth of developments in digital commerce and communications emerging at the moment offer a host of potential new opportunities for fundraisers. When it comes to online fundraising, there’s nothing more basic than your website donation pages.

Why you need someone else to be your messenger

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

More evidence is here.) You can’t be your own, only messenger. Who is speaking for you? Where are they on the trust barometer?

Free nonprofit tools from 10 different experts!

Fundraising Coach

I’m thrilled to be participating in the Nonprofit Goodies Giveaway ! one free Donor Map. Sign up for the weekly Fundraising Kick !

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New Environment For NGOs & Advocates

The Agitator

In this slide presentation, Lee Rainie of Pew Internet presents ten “fresh realities” of the digital age that NGOs (and others) must contend with to succeed in persuading others. Some key thoughts: With hugely expanded networking capacities, there are many more — and new — civic actors, many operating independently.

Make your website perform!

JCA Insights

The Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s website accounts for more than half of the organization’s revenue, and 85% of new patron interactions start on the web site. Clearly, the web site is crucial to OSF’s revenue and success. OSF’s web site was hosted and maintained by a long-time vendor who controlled the web site programming and server environment.

12 digital fundraising trends for 2012 #7 Getting Smarter With Email

Giving in a Digital World

As pressure to deliver on income targets in these increasingly challenging financial times results in a return to getting the fundraising basics right, I hope we’re going to see a shift towards making far better use of email this year – thereby capitalising on what is all too often a sadly under-performing opportunity area.

What Are Endowments or Endowment Funds And Does Our Nonprofit Need One? Probably.

Seeking Grant Money Today

In "The Nonprofit Handbook Third Edition Fundraising" the author, James M. Greenfield, defines an endowment (also called an endowment fund) as, ".funds funds permanently set aside by a not-for-profit organization to fulfill a designated purpose.Endowment funds are invested and generate income to to support the charity's mission.

Be The First On Your Block!

The Agitator

There’s testing. And then there’s brain impulse measuring. My predictions … 1. It will happen. 2. Other predictions?

Eternal battles

Mission Paradox Blog

Life we go easier if you accept the following: 1.  You will always be conflicted about the interaction of art and commerce.   2.  You will never find a perfect balance between giving your audience "what they want" and leading them into different directions. 3.  There will never be enough money. 4.