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What Fundraisers Can Learn From Restaurants and Waiters


People give billions of dollars each year to waiters for a lot of the same reasons they give to charities. 1. Sympathy. 5. Empathy. Ph.D, CFP.

Building Effective Nonprofit Communications Teams (Infographic) #NPCOMM2017

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Much of our 2017 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report is about effectiveness. For communicators, there are lots of different ways to talk about effectiveness — what it looks like, how to measure it, and how to get more of it out of your team. Want to share this infographic? Marketing Team Nonprofit Communications Trends

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Radio For Small Business, Interview with Lee Kantor & Stone Payton Business RadioX

Diva Marketing Blog

H ow to get the word out about your company and products is a one of the biggest challenges facing many small business owners. Ask more why questions.

My Three Words for 2017

J Campbell Social Marketing

Can you condense your New Year’s Resolutions down to just three words? Why Three Words? Print them out, paste them up, keep them close by. FOCUS.

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What your Facebook “Likes” can reveal about you

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

I recently came across the work of Stanford psychologist and social data researcher Michal Kosinski , who has developed a method to analyze people in minute detail based on their Facebook activity. He He is currently a leading expert in psychometrics, a data-driven sub-branch of psychology. billion people). billion can still be massive.

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Tom Ahern Wants To Know … And So Should You

The Agitator

Lots of great questions and comments popped up in response to The Dangerous Dictum of “Mail more. Make more” Especially appropriate was a question by Tom Ahern : “Is there a bottom line for various sized groups?” Of course, as other commenters noted, there are different approaches depending on the organization or type of organization.

Need Strategic Guidance? Ask Them to Slice the Pie

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Do you have a hard time getting strategic direction for your communications work out of your management team? Don’t worry – you aren’t alone.

Let Your Donors Know How Much You Appreciate Them

Ann Green

Valentine’s Day is coming up and it’s a perfect opportunity to thank your donors and show how much you appreciate their support. Here are some ideas.

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5 reasons why you should “connect” with me on LinkedIn


I’d like to connect with you on LinkedIn. Full disclosure: I pretty much like to connect with everyone in the fundraising/nonprofit sector on LinkedIn. By doing so, all of my connections get to see what I’m up to and that’s pretty good for business. But you can benefit too. P.S. – Here are other ways to engage with me online.

What Do You See In Your Crystal Ball?

The Agitator

Over at the UK’s 101Fundraising, Matthew Sherrington has bravely shared his thoughts on the changes and trends he thinks will affect fundraising over the next five years or so. His 12 insights from the crystal ball are well-informed, cover most aspects of fundraising, and well worth a read. Two in particular resonated with me.

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Day in the Life of a Nonprofit Communicator – Winston C. Trumpet

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Winston C. Trumpet. We need to hear from you! Don’t be shy – tell us what you do in a  typical day as a nonprofit communications pro. .

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Tithing from the IRA Rollover

Fundraising Coach

The donor must have been at least age 70½ when the distribution was made. The total QCDs for the year can't be more than $100,000. IRS Pub. 590¬B.

Leading the Resistance: 28 Organizations You Can (and Should) Support Today


The last few days have been equal parts terrifying, challenging, and complicated. There's a long fight ahead, but for issues that stir you, one simple, positive thing you can do today is give - your time, money, voice, or attention - because so many organizations need your urgent support. LGBTQ Rights. Immigration & Refugees. Legal Advocacy.

Are You A Beggar Or A Fundraiser?

The Agitator

Here’s the eighth message, which pushed him over the edge. And here’s his reaction … “Final notice”?

What’s Going on in February

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Registration is $600. Learn more and register. Kivi Leroux Miller and Sarah Durham discuss these 5 factors and take your questions on successful teams.

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13 Behaviors to start building trust at your organization

Wild Woman Fundraising

Here is the invisible thing that’s holding you back in your work. MT: So what if I’m a new executive director and I want my board to trust me?

How to get your donors to clean up your database for you


The post How to get your donors to clean up your database for you appeared first on MarketSmart | . Fundraising

Do You Want To Be Wanted?

The Agitator

Would you believe it took a study to discover we want to be wanted?! More than eight in ten are more loyal to brands that. Donor retention / loyalty / commitment Research premium

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6 circles that will change your world

Wild Woman Fundraising

Read about the invisible thing that holds you back at your nonprofit. How would I start making this happen? We need to look at ourselves. Many don’t.

Bring It On!

The Agitator

It’s terrifically gratifying to see the public abhorrence to President Trump’s idiocy regarding immigrations and refugee bans, the environment, family planning and abortion services … and he’s barely getting started. ACLU raising about $24 million — yes, that’s million — over one weekend from 350,000 people.