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Gates Foundations Seeks Communications Proposals—Game Changer

Getting Attention

At last—funding specifically directed to communications!  This RFP is focused on development organizations but I hope more funding will follow from Gates and other foundations, as a recognition of how crucial engagement is to achieving organizational and programmatic goals. Anyone with a great idea is encouraged to apply.

One Big Myth about Direct Mail Appeal Letters

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Anyone have great success with anything over 2 pages? Everyone on my team and especially the head of our agency is very afraid of anything over a page.

Pinterest Primer for Nonprofits


Flickr: stevegarfield. My name is Gayle Thorsen…and I’m a Pinterest addict. Getting Started. Ideas/Best Practices. Role Models.

Work Your Proper Hours

Wild Woman Fundraising

Work Your Proper Hours! Why is staying late equivocated to working hard? You could.  This sucks! I got the idea for this post from Fast Company. link].

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7 Nonprofit Content Marketing Tips from Great Chefs

Getting Attention

Use fresh ingredients. Fresh content retains its natural flavor. Avoid stale or processed content, your supporters will know it and hate it. 2.

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How to Tell A Compelling Nonprofit Story: Part 1 (#12NTC)

Getting Attention

Four storytelling superstars and I jointly presented Say It in Pixels: Visual Storytelling in the 21st Century (12NTCSIIP).

Results from Cinnabon’s Cause-Powered Location-Based Social-Media Campaign

Cause Related Marketing

Cinnabon was active on both Foursquare and Facebook Places, but the venue listings were something of a mess. Another $40,000 was raised in the stores.

What millennials and boomers really think - and what that means to your cause

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

If you are promoting a cause (or even a product), it needs to resonate with what people already seek. Show how it relates to their values. then follow.”

NONPROFIT BRANDING: Why “Mission Driven” is a Deceptive, Destructive Term

NonProfit Branding

Last week I wrote about a dragon. This week is about a unicorn. No kidding. I’ve written 64 posts for this blog, up to today. The phrase “mission-driven”  pops up frequently. It seemed like a good concept. However, I recently had … Continue reading →

How can you get 100 more donors in 90 days?

Wild Woman Fundraising

When I worked at a domestic violence shelter, I was tearing  my hair out trying to find new donors. So how do you overcome. No organizational memory?

Is This What YOU Want to Learn About?

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Last week we opened up a quick survey on which webinars we should host later this summer and fall. Over 500 nonprofits have replied, and here are the top 5 winning topics so far: Get Beyond the “Like” – Social Media Engagement Strategies. Integrating Your Direct Mail, Email, and Social Media Fundraising.

Some Sweet Payback for Your Good Deeds

Cause Related Marketing

The Generous Store was a pop-up store in Denmark, open for just one day, that didn’t take your money for its products. It’s a lovely idea.

7 Ways to get better response rates to your e-news

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Blog reader Marla Grant of the Florida Blood Services Foundation recently sent me a copy of her newsletters ( you can see them here ), which are chock-a-block with great stories. She was wondering how to increase donations through this email outreach, and kindly agreed to my sharing my advice as a post. But there are a lot of them! Ask explicitly.

Looking for Your First Cause Marketing Partner? Try Your Corner Market

Selfish Giving

It’s simple: don’t target national chains. Look at the list of America’s Best Supermarkets to the right. Visit your local market.

Could you use 100 new donors in the next 90 days?

Fundraising Coach

As the one-person development office at a rural hospital, my CEO kept asking me: “Why are we going back to the same people? 30 minutes a day.

9 steps to a powerful fundraising plan

Get Fully Funded

You know you need a fundraising plan, but if you’re like most, you don’t know where to start. . Although planning can seem overwhelming, it’s not really a difficult process, yet it makes all the difference in the world in the success you will enjoy in raising big money. You want that, right? Step 1. Start where you are. Step 2.

Mixed Links and Pass Winners

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Welcome to a special Friday the 13th edition of Mixed Links. No black cats or broken mirrors here though. Let’s get started… NTC. Branding.

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Nonprofits And The Customer Experience

The Agitator

In the commercial marketing arena, there’s heaps of chat about the ‘customer experience’ and how to improve it in the interest of retaining and up-selling customers. Chuck talks about these elements of the donor experience, which a nonprofit can deliver well or poorly … A personal sense of satisfaction. Amen, Chuck.

The Mission Myth

Marketing for Nonprofits

Sometimes I feel like a capitalist at my nonprofit. Maybe it's because I'm focused on results. Either way. Be explicit (in your communication). Cheers!

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Walter Isaacson, who wrote the Steve Jobs biography , has a fascinating piece in the Harvard Business Review called “The Real Leadership Lessons of Steve Jobs. ” He notes many people have tried to draw management lessons from Jobs and his personality, but that the real lessons are to be drawn from what Jobs accomplished. Stay Foolish.”

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Press Here For Cause Marketing Drama

Cause Related Marketing

I’ve written in the past about using a ‘MacGuffin in your cause marketing campaigns. What do you mean by a MacGuffin,” they'd ask? And they worked.

Press 11

#VIDEO: Freelance Producers Wanted for Brooklyn Independent Television. Stipend Offered.

Non Profit Marketing 360

Jonathan Lief, Associate Producer said that “our stories generally run from 4 to 7 minutes long, depending on the show. We pay $225 per package.

Business Fails At Customer Retention Too

The Agitator

The Agitator is rather passionate on the subject of donor retention. Just 'Search' that term on our website!]. So we were gratified to see this article — Keep ‘em Comin’ Back — from the Center for Media Research discussing an Acxiom/Loyalty 360 study of customer retention in the commercial space. ” Amen!

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Millennials lukewarm on the environment? Don’t despair.

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Sharp-eyed blog reader Megan sent me an article this week that says young Americans are less interested in the environment than previous generations. The statistics aren’t what you want to hear if you work for an environmental organization. So how worried should you be? Not very. Was that promotion? But they are the real deal.).

Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Still an Active Cause Marketer

Cause Related Marketing

In the immediate aftermath of Susan G. So much for all that. Komen absorbs the blows from all these brickbats and more and keeps on growing. You bet.

#FUNDRAISING: Paul Jolly Warns Fundraisers To Expect The Unexpected

Non Profit Marketing 360

His focus is helping organizations create transformative relationships with their top donors. You You can contact Paul at

AFP 2012: Buzz of a Turning Tide

JCA Insights

There was a real buzz at the AFP show this year.  After some really challenging years in which the recession, corporate mergers and the devastation of endowments had put nonprofits in survival mode, the tide has clearly turned.  Nonprofits are, once again, feeling confident that they can afford to reinvest in their futures. 

Tell me your story. I’ll publish it.

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

My friend Mark Rovner and I do a lot of talking about stories. How you need to tell them. How you should tell them. And so on. But here’s the thing. One of the most basic principles of telling a story is, show don’t tell. So we’ve decided to not just tell people about good stories but to show great stories. That means you. memoir?

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Using Colored Ribbons to Symbolize Your Cause

Cause Related Marketing

How powerful is the colored ribbon as a visual awareness symbol? Can causes and nonprofits continue to adopt existing colored ribbons and yet still have meaning invested in all the rest? What’s the potential for confusion when two or more different charities/causes claim the same color of ribbon? Isn’t there a ‘me-to’ aspect to ribbons nowadays?

#SM4NP: How Is Facebook’s Timeline Doing In Drawing New Traffic?

Non Profit Marketing 360

We all like to be liked. The proof of most things Facebook is in the metrics of those who visit and interact with the pages. The early signals ?

Looking For Retention In All The Wrong Places

The Agitator

Tom’s  post yesterday, Nonprofits and the Customer Experience not only warrants reading a second time, but I also feel compelled to pile on some more emphasis and detail because it goes right to the heart of retention and donor value. Here’s why I think this is so important. Donor Service centers (inbound calls and email response). Premiums. Roger.

When Social Issues Go Viral

A. Fine Blog

This month’s Social Good podcast features Stephanie Rudat , an online activist and blogger with the Huffington Post. Komen Trayvon Martin

3 Common Questions about 100 Donors in 90 Days

Fundraising Coach

Since launching “ 100 Donors in 90 Days ” on Monday, we’ve had many folks email and ask us some questions about it. Donation Days!

'Three Cups of Tea' Author and Nonprofit Founder Determined To Have Mismanaged Org After Year Long Investigation

Seeking Grant Money Today

This week, headlines have risen declaring that Greg Mortenson was found to have mis-manged his nonprofit organization, after a year long investigation, and must repay it $1 million. Greg Mortenson is the author of Three Cups of Tea , a book that three years ago was flying off of bookshelves in the U.S. Charity. best practices news how to leadershi