February, 2012

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The Accidental Rebranding of Komen for the Cure

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Yesterday afternoon, and continuing into today, I believe we are witnessing the accidental rebranding of what is surely one of America’s biggest and most well-known, and even well-loved, nonprofit brands. Komen for the Cure , it seems, is no longer a breast cancer charity, but a pro-life breast cancer charity. It won’t. No more.

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Nonprofit Marketing Wisdom Guide 2012: Free, Just Published

Getting Attention

Diversity of goals, perspective and experiences. How to know your supporters, so you can connect more strongly with them. Strategy

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How do you tell your nonprofit’s story in 8 easy steps?

Wild Woman Fundraising

What is TechSoup’s Digital Storytelling Challenge ? Why do it? There are fun production and technology prizes available for winning stories!

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What’s In A Campaign? That Which We Call Change


As the science behind social change evolves, how we approach our work must too. And sometimes, it is just semantics. But sometimes, it’s not.

Accountability is key in nonprofit fundraising

Get Fully Funded

Many of my colleagues and I have been preaching for years that accountability is KEY in fundraising.  And now there are several instances of accountability gone wrong in the news. Here are three and lessons every nonprofit can learn from them. The only problem is the damage is already done. Many Just be prepared for the aftermath. Think Really? How

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You Deserve A Voice. Voting With Your Dollars is Not Enough

Wild Woman Fundraising

Consumed by Benjamin Barber. link]. And I’ve also written about if you’re a good nonprofiteer or a good consumer. link]. My friend R.

What’s In A Campaign? That Which We Call Change


As the science behind social change evolves, how we approach our work must too. And sometimes, it is just symantics. But sometimes, it’s not.

Crowdfunding and how can you succeed

Get Fully Funded

Many of my blog readers are on the lookout for something new and different in fundraising. What is crowdfunding and how can you succeed?

What you must do to be remarkable - and what to do when you’re not in the mood for it

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

If you want to be remarkable, you have to be worth remark. It’s that simple, I swear. That’s easier said than done, of course.

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Now That’s How It’s Done: An Awesome Thank You

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

I worked my way through my snail mail inbox today and here’s what I found: It’s a thank you card from Regan Walsh of Flying Horse Farms.

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Op Eds: Writing Leads that Grab Readers by the Lapels

Getting Attention

Guest bloggerMargot Friedman, principal of Dupont Circle Communications, conducts trainings on writing and placing opinion editorials.

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Are you afraid and unquestioningly obedient?

Wild Woman Fundraising

Or do you live within your truth? Chris Hedges recently wrote an article for TruthDig called. Occupy Draws Strength from the Powerless. In it, he quotes Vaclav Havel, the first president of the Czech Republic, a revolution that took only 10 days. And he posits an astonishing theory. That you need to embrace your powerlessness. That’s right.

‘Employee Engagement’ is My New Cause Marketing Buzzword

Selfish Giving

These are the days when I wish employee volunteering expert Chris Jarvis lived closer to me and not in the home of terrible baseball, Toronto.

Seven Things You Can Do to Fight Childhood Slavery

Cause Related Marketing

In the March 2012 issue of Redbook magazine, writer Alison Storm lists seven things you can do to ‘Save a Child From Slavery.’ Perhaps 5.7

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Is your organization bright, bold and visually salient?

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Dan Ariely of Predictably Irrational fame had an interesting recent post on Tropicana’s marketing debacle. Remember that?

In Direct Mail, All Responses, Even Complaints, Are Good

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Tom Ahern. Tom Ahern is my go-to guy for all things direct mail. Afraid your direct mail piece goes too far and will solicit a negative response?

[Special Edition] Komen Crumbles: Busted Nonprofit Brand

Getting Attention

Susan G. Komen for the Cure (Komen) has done it again. Three strikes you’re out, Komen! Komen has acted imperiously and (much worse) carelessly against the best interests of its core stakeholders —women who benefit from its support of breast cancer screening and research—to please its major donors and nurture its political connections. Nothing.

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Collective Joy = How to Harness the Power of #Occupy for Your Nonprofit Cause

Wild Woman Fundraising

Protest Puppet from Paris: Image copyright 0olong from Flickr. Really? What does your cause need next? Music! Face-painting! Big puppets! ” Ms.

Augmented reality—Search moves from text to objects


Hold onto your hats! just read a Trendwatching report  about the not-too-distant future when Search transcends Google and spreads to everyday objects.

Social Media Networking: Gone Is The Luxury of Privacy

Diva Marketing Blog

Over the past going, on eight years, of working in the social media industry I've had the pleasure of interviewing many amazing people. Camilla Olson.

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The three signs of social media hysteria - and how to avoid them

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Stage 1: Urgency. As in, “Everyone’s doing it. We need to do be doing it. Set up a Facebook page. And start tweeting!”. Stage 3: Disappointment.

Logo Trends: How Does Yours Stack Up?

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Julia Reich. Today we are moving on with a new topic. Our resident design expert, Julia Reich, is back with the latest trends in logos. My Logo Sucks!

Build a Compelling Tagline & Your Messaging Skills: Register Now—Starts March 6

Getting Attention

I’m so sorry!  I forgot to tell you that I’m guiding a limited number of organizations to strengthen their messaging this spring.

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Occupy Love

Wild Woman Fundraising

“Life is pretty bleak at the top, too. Everyone wants to live a life of meaning. Today we live in a money economy. We buy everything. Give gifts.

Komen Sucks…But So Do You

Selfish Giving

Nothing Komen for the Cure does surprises me anymore. They sell deep-fried chicken to raise money to cure breast cancer. But that’s not up to me.

Nonprofit Blog Carnival – Self-care for nonprofit staff and fundraisers

Fundraising Coach

Nonprofit’s can be incredibly crushing places to work. We give all we have because we believe in our cause. Caring, and Community — Plus Kermit.

The great power of making your audience part of your story

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

People crave connection. And when you ask someone to support your cause, you are inviting one of the deepest connections possible. Nicely done!

Jokin’ ‘Bout Jargon: The Lighter Side of Nonprofit Marketing

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

With great pleasure, I present another guest post today, this time from Claire Meyerhoff. Enjoy! Guest Post by Claire Meyerhoff. Claire Meyerhoff.

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Advice to Komen Leadership: 8 Steps to Recovery

Getting Attention

Like many of year, I’m interested in seeing where Susan B. Komen for the Cure goes after last week’s controversy. Branding and Messages

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Would you like to learn how to grade your boss? Here’s your checklist

Wild Woman Fundraising

Are you a nonprofit employee? Do you want a clear system to figure out if your nonprofit boss is doing right by your organization or not? Or are you a nonprofit board member? How do you provide oversight and make sure that your organization stays on track? Do you need a model to figure out how to make sure your nonprofit leader is doing a good job?

The Vice Presidential Candidate Re-Branded The President With A Lie.

NonProfit Branding

The Vice Presidential candidate lied about the sitting president. He branded the president with a false image. The new brand lasted for 73 years. Any lesson here for nonprofits? You bet there are! Lessons for voters, too….) We present four … Continue reading → PROTECTION: Guarding & Repairing Brands Uncategorized

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Why Every Cause Marketer Should Buy Facebook Marketing for Dummies

Selfish Giving

I’m really proud of my buddy, John Haydon. have John. He and I have been friends since we met on Twitter in 2008. And all for sixteen bucks!

Five ways to get people to act now

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

My mentor, Bill Novelli, once said to me, “If we’re simply in the business of ‘building awareness,’ we might as well be shoveling pamphlets out of airplanes.” The point is, nonprofit marketing (and fundraising) is about motivating people to do something - not just think something. Channel attention into action if you want to change the world.

What Komen Should Do Next to Rebuild Trust

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

The apology that Susan G. Komen for the Cure issued on Friday was the first step. The obligatory resignations are next. Same goes for senior staff.

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