Tue.Feb 21, 2012

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Nonprofit Marketing Wisdom Guide 2012: Free, Just Published

Getting Attention

Diversity of goals, perspective and experiences. How to know your supporters, so you can connect more strongly with them. Strategy

Guide 103

The three signs of social media hysteria - and how to avoid them

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Stage 1: Urgency. As in, “Everyone’s doing it. We need to do be doing it. Set up a Facebook page. And start tweeting!”. Stage 3: Disappointment.

Social Media Networking: Gone Is The Luxury of Privacy

Diva Marketing Blog

Over the past going, on eight years, of working in the social media industry I've had the pleasure of interviewing many amazing people. Camilla Olson.

Club 28

12 Digital Fundraising Trends

The Agitator

Bryan Miller at blog Giving in a digital world has made a herculean effort over the month of January to unload a pile of insights about online and mobile fundraising. He’s grouped them together in this post , which has the links to each of his 12 January posts on the subject. Trend #2 – Investment in Strategic Blogger Outreach.

Guest Post: What Integrated Marketing Means to Me

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Sara Spivey. It’s hard to keep up with how fast communications technology is changing, let alone the implications of those changes. But it does. 

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NONPROFIT BRANDING: It Hurts My Pride To Write This Post!

NonProfit Branding

We have a rich assortment of nutritious goodies this week. BLOG – Want to meet a woman who writes a blog like this? Her blog  is better than mine - a Super Resource! You should read it regularly. My pride will recover.

#HOWTO: Schedule Staff & Manage Projects From Any Networked Device

Non Profit Marketing 360

Keeping you and your colleagues on schedule can be tricky if some of your organization’s work involves being on-site and meeting with donors. Add to that the annual fundraising gala or organizing staff for a booth at a fair and scheduling can become a nightmare. Today let’s tackle Tungle. Click to enlarge. Please contact us!