Wed.Apr 11, 2012

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How to Tell A Compelling Nonprofit Story: Part 1 (#12NTC)

Getting Attention

Four storytelling superstars and I jointly presented Say It in Pixels: Visual Storytelling in the 21st Century (12NTCSIIP).

Pinterest Primer for Nonprofits


Flickr: stevegarfield. My name is Gayle Thorsen…and I’m a Pinterest addict. Getting Started. Ideas/Best Practices. Role Models.

7 Ways to Get Better Response Rates to Your eNewsletter

Fundraising 123

Want to increase donations through your email outreach? Here are my 7 ideas for better response rates. 1. Have a subject line that makes you want to read more. . Make it interesting, so people open the message in the first place. 2. Start with story that’s compelling and relevant to the reader.  . But there are a lot of them!  Go easy on the eyes. .

Are you a puppet of your gadgets?

Wild Woman Fundraising

Are you a puppet of your gadgets? Yesterday I wrote about how working your proper hours is important for your health and your sanity. But of course.

April 54

You’ve Been Breached: What Now?

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

David Schulz  is back with another post on cyber security. This time, David shares what to do if your organization’s data is hacked. Great!

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Using Colored Ribbons to Symbolize Your Cause

Cause Related Marketing

How powerful is the colored ribbon as a visual awareness symbol? Can causes and nonprofits continue to adopt existing colored ribbons and yet still have meaning invested in all the rest? What’s the potential for confusion when two or more different charities/causes claim the same color of ribbon? Isn’t there a ‘me-to’ aspect to ribbons nowadays?

Mining Newsletters for Fun and Nonprofit

Social Media Bird Brain

Image from History of Pala Mining If you're like me, you are getting a boatload of e-letters in your inbox. Half the time, I scan their headlines for anything that seems worthwhile, and if I don't see it - BANG - into the round file. don't do this with everything, of course.