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I’m Perplexed And Confused

The Agitator

Or is that ‘cross-selling’? Or is that up-selling? I boil yesterday’s Agitator advice down to this simple takeaway … one man’s ‘cross-selling’ and ‘line extension’ is another man’s ‘conversion’! Or is that ‘line extension’?

The Foibles & Follies Of Donor Conversion

The Agitator

A quick Google search for “converting donors” turns up all kinds of sage and not so sage advice on how to do it. The result? Roger.

Flat Earth Fundraising: Ignoring The Leaky Bucket

The Agitator

Consider this…. Further, our numbers are no worse than most groups’ — just look at the various performance Indices. Enterprise-wide segmentation.

Interview with Alex Brown Author Great and Goodness Barbaro And His Legacy - Part 2

Diva Marketing Blog

I am also exploring e-version ideas for the book, and hoping they help cross-sell the hard cover book. content creation. If so how?

Determining Attrition in Service-Based Businesses

Non Profit Marketing 360

This allows you to 1) keep collecting data on them, 2) cross-sell them into the next purchase, and 3) nurture the relationship as new needs develop. Determining customer retention in a professional service business is one of the most difficult business metrics to calculate. Acquire and Refine Data. Initiate Conversation.

Email Retention Campaign Strategy

Non Profit Marketing 360

These cross-selling emails are great ways to build customer engagement and spending. Creating an effective email campaign focused on customer retention is a task based on data. Email has one of the highest ROI of any digital outreach platform available. This is a case of too little, too late thinking. Profile Strength. Satisfaction.