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CauseTalk Radio Ep16: Cause Marketing Legal Advice That May Keep You Out of Jail

Selfish Giving

From the basics of commercial co-ventures and unrelated business income tax (UBIT) to common legal mistakes made by cause marketers, Kristalyn and Jonathan bring an important perspective to today’s episode. CauseTalk Radio Podcast cause marketing commercial co-venture jail time ubit venable[Audio clip: view full post to listen].

The 7 Deadly Social Media Sins

Social Media Bird Brain

As often happens, I think it applies to NGOs just as well. See the whole post here (recommended, otherwise you''ll miss the great Brunner animations).

Grants for Science Or Technology Films Being Commercially Produced

Seeking Grant Money Today

Sloan Foundation, which seeks to create and develop new scripts and films about science and technology and to see them into commercial production with national and international distribution. From The Foundation Center. Deadline: July 6, 2009 Film Independent Accepting Applications for Sloan Foundation Producers Grant The Alfred P.

The #1 Way to Generate More New Major Donors Fast


So what are you waiting for? Give ‘em a ring! Send ‘em an email! Mail ‘em a letter! LIKE THIS BLOG POST? Fundraising

Going Viral: A Small Nonprofit Gets National Attention

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

The Donor Journey – 1

The Agitator

Last week I lamented the fact that so little seems to have been researched or written about regarding the ‘donor journey’ Whereas, in the commercial space, marketers can describe in excruciating detail how consumers proceed to consider and eventually purchase their products. Donor acquisition Fundraising analytics / data premium

Faith 22

9 Questions Fundraisers Need to Ask Themselves In Order to Improve in 2014


Commercial businesses and charities both have to fulfill needs in order to survive. But whose needs do they serve?

Target Audience: A Lesson from Politics

Mission Minded

While you might get tired of the constant commercials, news clips, and solicitations, we have to give a nod to the candidates and their campaigns. It’s election season. Because perhaps more than anyone, politicians know their audience.

Gamification: Silly fad or important trend for marketers?

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

Almost two years ago now I wrote a blog post entitled “ Gamification can change behaviour. from Mike Kujawski.

What Jobs Do Your Donors Want Done?

The Agitator

In the commercial world about 95% of all new products fail. Frequency. Monetary value.)

Design Your Donor In

The Agitator

The commercial marketing space is full of chatter about getting ‘customer insight’ and understanding the ‘customer experience’ with the brand and its products/services (now termed ‘Cx’). Here are two examples. Setting aside the corporate speak.

Ep201: SoCal Honda Dealers 'Causejack' Super Bowl for Charity

Selfish Giving

They're not advertising during the Super Bowl, but they will be donating money based on the commercials. Ultimately, people wanted to be helped!

Are You Trusting That Trust Will Just ‘Happen’?

The Agitator

Commercial marketers are as concerned as nonprofits, probably even more so, about customer loyalty. And building the trust that serves as the foundation or prerequisite of loyalty. Stephanie lists these building blocks for building trust: Permission. The basis for all trusted relationships, but only the beginning. Notice.

Mom Messages—Shortcut to Heart, then Head

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

My mom. Your mom. All of our moms. I bet you love yours as much as I love mine. think you see what I mean. But with references to our mothers. Bingo!

Facebook: We Iz Now In Yur Car Reading Yur Posts

Social Media Bird Brain

Via I only like the Olympics and baseball, so I wasn’t in the viewing audience when this commercial aired. But when I saw it later I knew I’d have to blog about it and what it might mean to your small nonprofit. Facebook Onstar Small nonprofit Social network

Fundraising Intermission #1: Retention (Again!)

The Agitator

Virtually immutable laws we ignore at our peril — and disastrous retention rates. See Agitator’s earlier review on Bloomerang here. Roger.

CRM 45

Thinking Like For-Profits

The Agitator

My cherry-picking goals are usually modest — how is the commercial world employing a new platform like mobile, how are they earning a return from customer service, how are they using analytics/modeling to zero in on likely customers, what are their customer retention strategies and outcomes?

They’re Looking At Us!

The Agitator

Most of the time, when I write about our commercial marketing brethren, I’m talking about stuff they’re doing that we in the nonprofit sector might learn from. Today, the tables are turned. I’ve noticed two articles lately from commercial guys praising nonprofit marketing efforts. Here’s what they like.

Bad News: Donors Don’t Hang Around, Either

Non Profit Marketing 360

An infographic published by Bloomerang, developer of a database product that focuses on retention, juxtaposed a comparison between business and nonprofit that raised eyebrows: Commercial BusinessCustomer Retention  94%  Attrition  6%. Photo credit: Bert Kaufmann. Nonprofit Donor Retention (all donors)     41%   Attrition  59%.

Seniors Are Challenging

The Agitator

It’s ironic that commercial marketers are eager these days to better reach the senior market, while many fundraisers feel it is urgent for them to better reach the young. Gilmartin finds commercial marketers struggling to figure out how to market to seniors, because the commercial guys have traditionally focused on selling to the young.

Mobile And Fundraising

The Agitator

These days The Agitator is badgering readers on the importance of mastering mobile almost as much as we hammer away at donor retention.

Stats 12

Why donors stop their support

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

As I did in my previous post, I am going to compare research pulled from the commercial sector. By Jay Love. My answer is yes! Go here. ).

Fired, With Enthusiasm

The Agitator

The drains, who suck out the emotion, neutralize feelings and commoditize giving till it becomes like any other commercial transaction.

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Can Cause Marketing Start a Cultural Meme?

Cause Related Marketing

The King Salmon or Chinook is the largest species in the Pacific salmon family and in some parts of Alaska the population is weak , leading to restrictions on sport and commercial fishing in some areas of the Kenai River fishery, for instance. Catch and release is common among sport fisherman going after trout in the U.S.

How to make a magnificent mini-impression

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

He says to think about your favorite commercial and three things that might have made it great. Which part of that commercial stays with you? How did the company use the commercial to portray its unique brand? People decide very quickly whether something appeals to them - usually in a matter of seconds. Did it: 1. Differentiate.

4 Ways to Segment Your Donors for More Effective Marketing

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Marketing in the commercial sector is largely driven by age demographics, and there’s a reason. Sarah Tedesco. Kristina. By age group.


The Agitator

However, what some call ‘vacation’, I call ‘field work’ as my visit to the States included very high level strategic and editorial planning with co-editor Craver, as well as some on-the-ground research. I can’t discuss the former … deep corporate secrets and commercial sensitivity, you know.

Budlight Combines Superbowl Ad with Likes to Help Rescue Dogs

Selfish Giving

You can watch the commercial here. Nice Superbowl ad for rescue dogs. It’s great that Budlight chose to support a local organization!

The Eyes Have It

The Agitator

High powered commercial brands leave nothing to chance when it comes to marketing.

Facebook Tips for Nonprofits: How Sanctuary One Inspires and Connects with Supporters

Fundraising 123

Avoid commercializing your Facebook page. The world is so crammed with commercialization that we feel it’s imperative to offer our Facebook friends an oasis from commercial advertising. Facebook is great for more than just sharing photos of cute kittens and that amazing dim sum you had for lunch.

Re-engaging Lapsed Customers/Donors

The Agitator

In the commercial world, marketers use all sorts of personal and individual behavior (or inactivity) data to trigger relevant customer contacts aimed at repeat sales or ‘softer’ relationship building. You’ll see some basic illustrations on how purchase behavior is used to categorize and engage potential defectors.

How the Super Bowl Inspired Nonprofit Marketing in Atlanta

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

know all of this because they have Rise Up billboards around town, commercials, and bunches of local news coverage. Kathy Powell.

It’s So Easy To Just Blast Them Out

The Agitator

Here’s an example from the commercial space — Patagonia, the outdoor apparel retailer. ‘Tis the height of email fundraising season, as we noted yesterday. “Too damn busy this time of year” I can hear some readers saying. But the fact is, relevance matters to your bottom line success.

Marketing is Killing Fundraising. Seriously???

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

” “Fire your branding expert, your marketing grad, your advertising creative from the commercial world. Killing it, they say! Not so.

Are You in the Joy Business? Maybe You Should Be

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Much better than all of those depressing commercials you see about abandoned and negelected animals. — to the tune of Abba. Great!

Will your emails stand out this year?

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

According to this research, email subscribers receive an average of 416 commercial messages per month! It’s a matter of survival.

The Legalities of Cause Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

Currently, a majority of states have some form of commercial co-venturer ("CCV") laws in effect. See, e.g., Mass. G.L. c. 68, §18.

Legal 11

Turn Fans Into Ambassadors

The Agitator

Commercial marketers face the same challenge, and talk about it a lot on marketing blogs. Go up a lifestyle level — here the commercial challenge is about how to get customers to feel passionate about, say, a tile cleaner product! Not bad advice from the commercial sector. That is, converting fans into ambassadors.

NONPROFIT BRANDING: Promotional Media – Measuring Cost & Impact

NonProfit Branding

Stack them up against the same metrics from promotion in standard commercial media. You can measure the value your nonprofit receives from imprinted branding products. Start with cost and impact data for a product.

Avoiding Excommunication

The Agitator

First, clearly the commercial marketers are heavy into more and more data-driven personalisation. plow through most of them, and most recently, from Direct Marketing News , read What Change in Customer Behavior Will Impact Marketing the Most in 2016? The article was based on insights from fifteen marketing agencies. gleaned two key points.