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Show-Not-Tell Message Power (Case Study: Breast Cancer Action)

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Here, on its Facebook page, Breast Cancer Action (BCA) zigs rather than zags, with memorable results. Breath this in deeply. But BCA did good.

New Research Suggests The Color Pink is Bad for Breast Cancer


We could go more general with gender cue research, but breast cancer is such an important disease that I want to study this more on its own.&#.

New Research Suggests The Color Pink is Bad for Breast Cancer


We could go more general with gender cue research, but breast cancer is such an important disease that I want to study this more on its own.”

[Special Edition] Komen Crumbles: Busted Nonprofit Brand

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Komen has acted imperiously and (much worse) carelessly against the best interests of its core stakeholders —women who benefit from its support of breast cancer screening and research—to please its major donors and nurture its political connections. Busted nonprofit brand, Komen, yet again. We are now aware of breast cancer.

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How to Take a Modern Approach to Nonprofit Brand Awareness

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If your charity is still stuck in the rut of an anachronistic one-way advertising model, it''s time to adopt the modern approach to brand awareness! Cancer Research UK has a great example of video marketing for awareness. Jenny Beswick works with the charity giving Cancer Research team. Tools for 21st-century marketers.

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Mashing Up Loyalty Programs and Cause Marketing

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Your wallet or handbag probably holds a similar variety of rewards cards. But is there a potential match between loyalty programs and cause marketing?

What to Do With Leftover Cause-Branded Merchandise

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Not all cause-branded merchandise sells. Still, much of the point of cause-branded merchandise is that the appeal of the cause helps move the product. But the celebrity aspect of this promotion affords Marks & Spencer and The Prostate Cancer Charity an extra arrow in the promotional quiver. Not bad. press release. Whatever.

Branding Your Nonprofit: An Investment in Your Tomorrows

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How can you create a brand without spending a fortune? Focus on the cornerstones of a brand: name, packaging, history, reputation and customer experience. Name If your name says it all and has brand recognition, keep it. The American Cancer Society doesn''t need to explain what it does. Work with it. It has been updates.

What to Do With Pesky Leftover Cause Marketing Inventory

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Not all cause-branded merchandise sells. Jason Leonard The Prostate Cancer Charity Susan G. Not bad. press release. billboard. Whatever.

Lessons from 4 Big, Successful Single-Element Cause Marketing Campaigns

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Likewise I haven't counted multiple-element campaigns like the Red Dress program, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Thanks and Giving from St.

Puma Project Pink, Feel Free Not to Repeat in 2013

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Project Pink is a contest of the sort made popular American Express’s Member’s Project and Pepsi Refresh. Think about it.

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Your New Nonprofit Marketing Job?—Monday Matters!

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Web Producer , Breast Cancer Fund (San Francisco, CA). Please post your open nonprofit marketing positions here. Associate Director of Communications & Marketing , GO Project. New York, NY). Communications and Membership Coordinator , The Leapfrog Group (Washington DC). Communications Director , Service Women’s Action Network.

IGA Stores Using Private Label Food Brands To Benefit Wounded Warriors Project

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Now through November 11, 2011 participating IGA stores across the United States are offering $0.05 to the Wounded Warrior Project for each case of certain private label food brands sold. In turn, that seemed influenced by a campaign Kroger did for breast cancer research in October 2010. Of course they are, you say. Marine Corps.

8 “Pinktober” Promotions that Deserve a Ribbon

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and companies are partnering with breast cancer charities on a variety of “pink” promotions.

Cause Marketing and Branding

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Done right, cause marketing can be a terrific branding tool for the cause and the sponsor. But doing it right is the challenge.

Transform Your Messaging from Inside the Box

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So our campaign for the National Breast Cancer Coalition became: “We’re giving up hope.” It’s a reaction to the box.

Calling Out a Faux Cause Marketing Pinkwasher

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One of the infuriating things about the pink ribbon, emblematic of the fight against breast cancer, is that no one owns it in the United States.

Respecting Your Cause Marketing Partner

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It’s named for the two donors that funded the SKI cancer research center in the 1940s, Alfred P. Rockefeller.

Four Publications, Four Sponsors, Four Seal Campaigns

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The Skin Cancer Foundation offers a seal of approval to a skin-care products, especially sunblocks. Means indeed. Think seals of approval.

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Do consumers still believe in pink? Only when it’s see-through.

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Only half of consumers (52%) believe their individual breast cancer-related purchases make a difference. Image via Blisstree.

Add a BOGO to This Cause Marketing Promotion

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Yesterday Tempur-Pedic, which sells mattresses, ended a month-long promotion in support of the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. Not a bad ploy.

Brand Roundup: We had to destroy the brand in order to save it

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Since I’ve been talking branding this week, here’s a roundup of what’s hot (and a hot mess) in branding. 1. Komen?

The Accidental Rebranding of Komen for the Cure

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Yesterday afternoon, and continuing into today, I believe we are witnessing the accidental rebranding of what is surely one of America’s biggest and most well-known, and even well-loved, nonprofit brands. Komen for the Cure , it seems, is no longer a breast cancer charity, but a pro-life breast cancer charity. No more.

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Responding to Outside Magazine's Article on

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The February 2012 issue of Outside magazine has a critical assessment of LiveStrong, Lance Armstrong’s anti-cancer foundation that I feel obliged to respond to. Lifestrong is now primarily a cancer awareness-raising charity. The problem is that some of the charity’s supporters still promote Lifestrong as a cancer research charity.

Viva Cause Marketing!

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To polish a brand identity? He told me he wasn't interested in any cause marketing strategist or even a branding evangelist.

'Checkout' This New Cause Marketing Study

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Or when do you buy Yoplait yogurt and when do you buy Dannon yogurt, each of which generates funds for separate breast cancer charities?

How One Nonprofit Is Raising Thousands Using Facebook

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Baldrick’s is committed to funding the most promising research to find cures for childhood cancers and give survivors long and healthy lives.

The Real Story of MarketSmart…


At the same time, my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. Me and my mom before we learned about the cancer. It was very exciting!

Greenwashing, Whitewashing, now PINKWASHING?

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Who would want to eat yogurt and soup with cancer on it? One of my favorite authors, Barbara Ehrenreich , a breast cancer survivor and author of “Nickeled and Dimed, and most recently, “Bright-sided: How the Relentless Promotion of Positive Thinking Has Undermined America,&# calls this phenomenon “ Welcome to Cancerland.&#.

Are You One Of A Kind?

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On the other hand, if you’re one of many perceived to be doing the same thing (whether curing cancer, protecting the environment, or whatever), your fundraising job is much, much tougher. ” He’s talking about your brand of course. brand that stands for what all brands stand for stands for nothing much.”

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Nonprofit Facebook ROI—Yay or Nay? (w/John Haydon)

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Nancy: What is the value in nurturing a brand page/community for orgs on Facebook? John: Every marketing plan—whether it’s for a brand or a nonprofit—should include word of mouth elements. Because Facebook is a friend network, using your nonprofit’s “brand voice” will not work. NAY, IN MOST CASES.

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Social Media Takeovers: 6 Nonprofits That Gave It Up for Good (PLUS: 6 Tips for Getting it Right)

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So far our most popular image [see below] is by Nancy Borowick , who shared her parents’ journey through cancer. Image Source:

An Interview with Advocate Health Care: Case Study #StoriesOfTheGirls

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Breast cancer still impacts too many lives. This post is dedicated to my sister Susan who I know is dancing in the stars. . Anything goes!

5 Reasons You Don’t Need to be a Cancer Cause to do Cause Marketing

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The branding and fundraising rewards of cause marketing are not limited to cancer causes. Any cause can benefit from cause marketing.

Top Nonprofit Brands

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Here from Harris Interactive, in order, are the "Top 10" nonprofit brands consumers say they would most likely donate to: Susan G Komen for the Cure. American Cancer Society. Interestingly, a few other brands made the "most trusted" top ten, but not the donate list. The total number of brands rated was 1,151.

How to Keep from Spreading Your Charity Brand too Thin

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Busted Nonprofit brand

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must say, I was struck by the rapid response to the situation by Komen’s rival cancer-fighter, Breast Cancer Action, which launched a "pinkwashing" campaign that in about two weeks has generated 3,200 messages protesting the Komen/KFC deal. She calls her article a case study … and it’s that indeed.

YMCA Brand Valued at $6.4 Million -- What This Means for Your Org

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The YMCA of the USA’s brand is worth almost $6.4 billion, making it the nation’s most valuable nonprofit brand, according to The Cone Nonprofit Power Brand 100.  This first-of-its-kind research report explores the unique relationship between nonprofit brand image and financial performance. Over 850 entries already in!

The Ten Worst Cause Marketing Campaigns of 2010

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One was from Eukanuba, which makes pet foods, the other from Novartis’s over the counter brands like Prevacid and Keri lotion. Go figure.

Our Complicated Feelings for Lance Armstrong

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Reporters can be a suspicious lot by nature. Other reporters have rushed to the defense of 60 Minutes. What if Armstrong is convicted of doping?