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Newsletter and Blog Post Ideas for Summer

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Need some new ideas for your newsletter, blog, or social media? Ideas for Nonprofit Writers

50+ Ideas on What You Can Blog About

Wild Woman Fundraising

If you’re blogging and feeling stuck, you are not alone! Take it from someone who has blogged since 1999, blogging is HARD!

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Need Some Blog Post or Newsletter Article Ideas?

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

We''ve Moved! Update your Reader Now. We''ve Moved! Update your Reader Now.

Need Ideas? Here Are Our Writing Prompts for April

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

We send them a month ahead so you’ll have time to think about the ideas and incorporate them into your editorial calendar. 4/4: Tell a Lie Day.

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Need Writing Ideas? Try These Prompts

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

These prompts help you come up with ideas for articles, stories, press releases, blog posts, Facebook updates, letters, and other content.

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16 Content Ideas Your Major and Planned Gift Donors Will Love


blog post sharing a story about the impact your cause is having on someone’s life. Related Posts. >> 5 Content Marketing Ideas that Inspire Action (With Examples). >> The Best Way to Ensure That No One Reads Your Stuff. Infographics. Short letters or online articles (2-3 paragraphs). Podcasts. Quizzes. Tweet this!

3 Easy Ways Nonprofits Can Use Content Curation to Cure an Ailing Blog

J Campbell Social Marketing

Blogging is a vital piece of the online fundraising and digital marketing puzzle for nonprofit organizations, yet so many do it poorly.

Nonprofit Blog Carnival: Going Beyond Resolutions (Call for Submissions)

J Campbell Social Marketing

From Mile-High to Measurable. I am very excited to be hosting the February 2016 Nonprofit Blog Carnival ! We’ll link back to your blog post.

Six Different Kinds of Nonprofit Blogs

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

I first published these six categories of nonprofit blogs way back in 2008. As I said back then, I certainly think you can mix and match blog types, and I bet most  successful blogs do. The News Blog. The Advocacy Blog. These blogs can range from policy wonk to zealous champion, but are very issue-oriented.

YOU Can Make These Dreams Come True (Nonprofit Blog Carnival)

Getting Attention

team where team members–no matter their titles–share information, ideas, challenges, problems and vision. Watch this video—it’s powerful!

The Work behind Your Work: Your Methods & Wants for Nonprofit Blog Carnival

Getting Attention

I’m thrilled to host April’s Nonprofit Blog Carnival, and hope you’ll blog on this topic so vital to the power of our field and momentum of our causes— the methods and tools you use to stay focused, productive and happy on the job (or the barrier that keeps you from getting there). Submit  Your  Blog Post by April 25.

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10 Simple Fundraising Ideas for Individuals

Fundraiser Ideas

Following are 10 simple fundraising ideas that you can implement: Door-to-door. Everyone likes home-baked goodies, which is why a bake sale is one of our simple fundraising ideas! Ask others to repost your information, to maximize the power of number nine on our list of simple fundraising ideas. Corporate sponsorship. Recycling.

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15 ideas for virtual volunteers from the Virtual Volunteering Guidebook

Wild Woman Fundraising

Just to get an idea of who is already on board with the idea of virtual volunteers, and who would potentially welcome it. Seriously.

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Presenting 10 Imaginary Nonprofit Blogs

Wild Woman Fundraising

Welcome to my post about imaginary nonprofit blogs! Feel free to write your own imaginary blogs in the comments! 1. What would you say?

Your Ideas, Examples, and Problems with Awareness Raising Campaigns

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Next month we’ll be hosting the Nonprofit Blog Carnival, and our theme is Raising Awareness. How to Participate in the Carnival.

25 Social Engagement Ideas

Diva Marketing Blog

Taking our cue from social media crowd sourcing the smart participants created a list of 25 ideas that they agreed I could share with you. .

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38 Ideas For Your Pinterest Strategy

Diva Marketing Blog

As part of client work and creating workshops on Pinterest I develope a running list of ideas. Neither of which am I. Strategy. 1. Content. 1.

Reader Questions: What are the best fundraising blogs & books?

Wild Woman Fundraising

writing a blog and also helping fundraise for the Resource Center in Chicago , a nonprofit that. BEST FUNDRAISING BLOGS! Really. Welcome!

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Blogs vs. Facebook for Nonprofits


Over the past few months, I’ve helped a couple nonprofit clients who are ready to move into social media decide whether to go with a blog or Facebook. (I’ll talk about Twitter strategies in a future post. Nonprofit A–blog. If you want something more—then consider a blog. Nonprofit C–blog.

Read with Me: Making Ideas Happen

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Here is the first book selection: Making Ideas Happen: Overcoming the Obstacles Between Vision and Reality ( Amazon link ) by Scott Belsky.

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A Brilliant Stewardship Plan for Legacy Society Donors From Down Under


LIKE THIS BLOG POST? There’s brilliance down under!  . person can easily take you out of the Will as quickly as they put you in. Visits.

Nonprofit Blog Carnival: Sharing Progress and Communicating Accomplishments

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Welcome to the August edition of the Nonprofit Blog Carnival! In  One Nonprofit’s Anniversary Celebration Turns into a Bright Idea , Lincoln Arneal of Nonprofit Hub shows how one nonprofit’s anniversary celebration became a community-wide source of pride. Nonprofit Blog Carnival Nonprofit CommunicationsAnnual Reports.

5 ideas you should share with supporters to close more year-end major gifts


So here’s my list of 5 practical ideas to help you close more big gifts at the end of this year. LIKE THIS BLOG POST? The post 5 ideas you should share with supporters to close more year-end major gifts appeared first on MarketSmart | . ” I figure you already know that stuff. Would any of these options interest you?”

Sharing the MLK, Jr. Holiday in a Culturally Competent Way

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Day (This includes a blog post and related tweets). Creative Ideas Cultural Competency Ideas for Nonprofit Writers Nonprofit Communications

Have a great fundraising idea? Prototype it.

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Since I imagine the readership of this blog has thousands of big fundraising ideas, I’m inviting you to participate! So how do you prototype fundraising ideas? What a great idea to engage both the business community and the public in a collective effort to help conquer cancer. By Jono Smith.

Why fundraisers should take some lessons from stockbrokers


LIKE THIS BLOG POST? Bad service. Poor communications. Also, it said “People die, move away, divorce. Tweet this! Tweet this! Tweet this!

#ProAging: A Few Gift Ideas For Older Family Members

Non Profit Marketing 360

’ In the process of working up that story we came across this brief list of gift ideas for some of those same grandparents: A Grandparents’ Tech Gift Guide. Blogs Fitness Grandparents Health Media Review Resource Reviews Seniors Life Technology Blog Family Grandparent ProAging

One Idea For Cause Marketing That Works for Small Business

Cause Related Marketing

But like a blog post it gets displaced from top status over time, yet remains searchable. Last Thursday, March 22, 2012 I took a call from a small businessperson I called Roberta who asked in effect, ‘how can my small company work with a cause to benefit us both?’ I posted about her call last Friday. All the names have been changed).

4 Ideas for Expanding Your Email Horizons

Fundraising 123

Our friends at the Emma Blog , have pulled together a few of their favorite ideas into  a field guide to email adventure. Some are side routes to explore, others are full-on, pack-a-lot-of-granola expeditions. Either way, you’ll find all kinds of ways to expand your email horizons. Launch a Welcome Note. Someone says hi to you.

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Why fundraiser job titles suck and cost you a lot of money!


LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS BELOW OR SHARE THIS BLOG POST WITH YOUR PEERS! My pal Dr. Russell James is at it again. ” What did he find?

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9 simple pointers for writing better emails and letters to your donors


LIKE THIS BLOG POST? Fundraising Lead Generation best fundraising emails fundraising email ideas fundraising emails best practices lead generation for major gifts major donor fundraising major gift fundraising blog marketing planned gifts nonprofit email marketing planned gift marketing ideasKeep it simple.


35 amazing ways to engage and involve your donors and supporters


Here are 35 ideas from a stream of my consciousness. 1. Blogs (make sure you have a spot for comments). LIKE THIS BLOG POST? If you’re stuck wondering how to involve your supporters with your mission, look no further. Surveys. 2. Quizzes. 3. Invitations to join a board or committee. 4. Games. 5. Polls. 6. Videos. 7.

Why not create a donor appreciation department?


LIKE THIS BLOG POST? Does your organization really appreciate its supporters? Only I think they should be called donor appreciation departments.

Nonprofit blog carnival: Your 25 pieces of best advice

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

For the month of April, I’m hosting the nonprofit blog carnival. Next month’s carnival is hosted by Erik Anderson at Donor Dreams blog.

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7 common major gift marketing mistakes you should avoid this year (including planned gift marketing)


Buy a book or read some great blogs instead. LIKE THIS BLOG POST? Remember, they want to give. Spamming your supporters. Save your money.

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Our Top Ten Blog Posts of 2014

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Here are the top ten blog posts we published so far this year, according to unique page views in Google Analytics.

5 Tips for Nonprofit Blogging Success

Wild Woman Fundraising

Well, I never thought when I started blogging in 1999 that it would be anything but a hobby to keep people on track with my various movements in foreign lands. But since that time, blogging has become a business and I’m happy to say that it is also my business now. And how did I get to be so successful? What is the secret?

10 simple ideas for things to share on social media

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

And while you’re downloading the document, here are ten quick ideas if your creative well is dry. And on this blog! 1. Are you stuck on what to post on social media today? Network for Good has a great mini-guide on the topic here (free with registration). Check out our tips for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more.

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9 ways to be a more human fundraiser in 2017


Copy and paste links to interesting news articles, blog posts, videos or reports that will keep your supporters informed and appreciated. Fundraising strategy characteristics of a successful fundraiser charity blog donor communication strategy donor communication tips fundraising skills list fundraising tips successful fundraising ideas

2 marketing Jedi Masters tell us why fundraising IS marketing/selling


Seth Godin added his take on the subject in a post on his blog on November 29 th , 2013. LIKE THIS BLOG POST? Fundraising is sales.