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Interview With American Marketing Association CEO Russ Klein

Diva Marketing Blog

Well in the world of the American Marketing Association. However, the American Marketing Association is more than just another brand.

Using Social Media for Social Good {Infographic}

J Campbell Social Marketing

Are you sick of trying to persuade social media naysayers that the tools can actually accomplish some good in the world? That’s awesome!

One Fundamental Thing Nonprofits Need To Know About Social Media

J Campbell Social Marketing

Association Mavens has an insightful interview with Amy, and her perspective about social media, nonprofits and the future of nonprofit technology.

International Social Marketing Association: 2011 Review

Social Marketing and Social Change

Regular readers have shared the history of developing a global network of social marketers. In 2011, the International Social Marketing Association (iSMA) has been developing the promise to be the catalyst for a global infrastructure to serve social marketing practice, education, research and management. Nancy Lee – USA.

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Hey Association of Fundraising Professionals, nice bling!

Wild Woman Fundraising

association of Fundraising professionals. Yes, Association of Fundraising Professionals, I’d just like you to see this little video!

Six Ways Social Media Has Affected Nonprofit Newsletters

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

the organization wasn’t using social media much or at all, the audiences for the newsletter and for social media were very different, or.

Social Media Takeovers: 6 Nonprofits That Gave It Up for Good (PLUS: 6 Tips for Getting it Right)

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Here are 6 tips for executing a social media takeover of your own. 1. ” – Jolene Torr, Social Media Associate, SFMOMA on the Go. 4.

Health Care Social Media Review #21: Social Media Taps Digital Health


Social media and all its relatives – is that digital health? So, let’s explore that first. Digital Health Takes Center Stage.

Academic Competencies for Social Marketing

Social Marketing and Social Change

What should be the minimal requirements for someone who wants to learn about and practice social marketing? Professional Issues

Scarcity and Social Change

Social Marketing and Social Change

What makes scarcity an important idea for social marketers and other change agents is that it captures the mind; scarcity changes the way we think.

Social Media Means Everyone is a Spokesperson

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

That’s the topic of tomorrow’s webinar, Creating a Social Media Policy for Your Nonprofit (Thursday, February 24, 2011). THIS MONTH.

Engaging Your Library Community Through Storytelling and Social Media

J Campbell Social Marketing

Engaging Your Library Community Through Storytelling and Social Media from Julia Campbell – J Campbell Social Marketing.

Key Findings on Nonprofit Social Media, Email and Online Fundraising

Fundraising 123

Social reach up, email response rates down. Explore multi-channel communication and engaging with supporters via social media.

Shades of Social Marketing


SocialButterfly recently refreshed to reflect the industry’s growth and relevancy in the social innovation space (and vice versa).

Health Care Social Media Review #30: The Research Edition


Where do you turn for the latest research on the impact and influence of social media? Is Social Media Helping or Hurting? Diving In.

How to Raise More Money from Matching Gifts Using Email and Social Media

J Campbell Social Marketing

These include using social media and email to remind donors about matching gifts. Social Media. Social media is fun. Facebook.

Social Media and Logic Models

A. Fine Blog

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is offering a webinar tomorrow on their very interesting model of social change powered by social media.

A Consensus Definition of Social Marketing

Social Marketing and Social Change

Social Marketing practice is guided by ethical principles. special thank you to A. Tapp, R. Brophy, M. Carausan, J. Carruthers, S. Peattie, S.

Competencies for Social Marketing

Social Marketing and Social Change

The embrace of social marketing around the world as a way to address wicked problems is certainly welcomed. Manage social marketing programs. 2.

Concept Testing: The Most Important Step for Social Marketing Research

Social Marketing and Social Change

The biggest change in formative research that social marketers are still learning how to do well is concept testing. So what is concept testing?

25 Social Engagement Ideas

Diva Marketing Blog

Ever think about the words we use to discuss social media? The concept of social engagement was a topic of significant discussion.

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I'll Be in Wash D,C, and Available for Meetings Feb 24 and 25

Cause Related Marketing

24 and 25.Want to talk cause marketing, marketing, corporate social responsibility, fundraising, nonprofit innovation, or the like?

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The Best in Social Marketing in 2013

Social Marketing and Social Change

The application of social marketing to health, environmental and social issues is expanding in scope and depth. html]. Abstract]. html].

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Want to learn fundraising or social media? Check Out These New November Webinars & Workshops!

Wild Woman Fundraising

November 26th: University of Portland, Guest Lecturer, Social Media Strategy 7pm. Want to learn fundraising or social media? Learn more.

How Social Marketing Can Improve the Effectiveness of Social Entrepreneurs

Social Marketing and Social Change

There is now some evidence that they should rethink how social marketing can improve their efforts. Does One Drop conduct audience research?

Social Marketing Begins With Values

Social Marketing and Social Change

What does social marketing , or your social marketing organization, stand for? Why are values important to social marketing?

Most Popular Articles of 2014: On Social Marketing and Social Change

Social Marketing and Social Change

The Future of Social Marketing: Craig''s Happiness Talk This post and accompanying video are from the 2014 USF Social Marketing Conference.

How to Create a Facebook Group [Social Media Basics]

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

If you don’t want your personal profile associated with the group, then create a second profile to just manage your Groups. Group Privacy.

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The Best of Social Marketing in 2014

Social Marketing and Social Change

Keeping up with the evolution of social marketing research and practice can be a tough problem. Pick up most textbooks on social marketing and read the references. Their seven considerations for future efforts are ones that any social marketing program, regardless of its topic or behavioral focus, would do well to adopt. 2014).

Social Media Slacktivism or Something Bigger?

J Campbell Social Marketing

The post Social Media Slacktivism or Something Bigger? appeared first on J Campbell Social Marketing. Why or why not?

How do you turn an accidental donor into an ally? Part 2

Wild Woman Fundraising

So now, we’re talking about how to make an associate, after just being an acquaintance. Associate. How to get more donors. Survey!

At it's ? Social Media Is Our Teacher.

Diva Marketing Blog

One of the aspects of social media that I like most is what is at the very ?. You see Girlfriends, social media is a magical gift.

Can Soda Companies Engage in Social Marketing?

Social Marketing and Social Change

And what would a social marketer be doing instead? Communities in Los Angeles and Little Rock, Ark., overweight adults per 100, 2.3

How do you turn an accidental donor into an ally? Part 1

Wild Woman Fundraising

Hey, ever wondered how to get more donors for your cause? It’s called “Make your Contacts Count&# by Anne Baber and Lynne Waymon. Welcome!

The Best of Social Marketing in 2012

Social Marketing and Social Change

The people who take the time to develop, write, review and publish papers on social marketing in the peer-reviewed literature are some of my heroes.

Cause Marketing Triple Play

Cause Related Marketing

Each mile you train… mainly running, walking and biking… translates to a small donation paid for by sponsors to a select group.

Digital Social Networks and Health: Reviewing the Research and Evidence

Social Marketing and Social Change

endeavor into a social health experience, and the implications this has for patient privacy and confidentiality in digital social networks.

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Social Media Crisis Communications for Nonprofits

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Crisis Communications in Social Media for Nonprofits from Kivi Leroux Miller. called it “What Could Possibly Go Wrong Next?!?”

A Social Media Gift of Little Miracles

Diva Marketing Blog

Nope, it's not a new social commerce strategy. Unlike the impact of Macy's initiative, social media impact reaches beyond just one customer.

9 reasons to QUIT SOCIAL MEDIA from Erik Graf


In his recent post on The Social Graf, Erik Sass punches social media in the face a bit.  There are some interesting thoughts here although I think they only apply to Facebook and Twitter.  I think LinkedIn provides a lot of value— the social media option for grown ups.  like Erik’s take on this.  Same deal here?  link].