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Donor Acquisition Versus Retention in 2013

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

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7 More 2013 Nonprofit Marketing Trends That Impact YOU—Part 3

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2013 Trends Part One and Part Two. Your use of social media is officially a must in 2013, no longer an option. 3) Mobile is mandatory.

Eye Candy—Digital Storytelling Challenge 2013

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They should be —these formats have unequaled power to engage, be remembered and shared by your network. That’s the power of visual storytelling.

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How Often to Email in 2013

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

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To Hope In 2013

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Strategy 2013 fundraising goal Nonprofit Communications nonprofit marketingWhat would it mean to live. in a city whose people were changing. each other’s despair into hope? – You yourself must change it. – what would it feel like to know. your country was changing? – You yourself must change it. Thank you!

Your Big Dream for 2013? Nonprofit Blog Carnival Wants to Know

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Your dream may be: Seeing critical progress on the issue closest to your heart. Changing public perception of the issue you work on. P.P.S.

2013 Nonprofit Marketing Trends That Affect You—Part 1

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Now’s the time to finish outlining the right things for your organization’s marketing in 2013, and to finalize your next 90 days.

Great “behind-the-scenes” progress in 2013, now let’s get creative!

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

Just take a look at this post on the Top 10 Influential Social Media Marketing Campaigns of 2013 and you’ll know what I mean. Period.

Logo Design Predictions for 2013

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

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Biggest Challenges for 2013

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Here’s another little taste of preliminary data from our 2013 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report . Lack of clear strategy.

Fundraising Desperation And Chaos In 2013

The Agitator

Here’re some ideas, topics and approaches I think we need to focus on, discuss, and develop in 2013. In my first post of the New Year I want to give advance notice on some topics deserving of greater attention. The nonprofit sector is in big trouble. Of course we’ll occasionally deal with orange envelopes. So, don’t dismay. New thinking.

NEW Webinar: Advanced Presentations To Get Mega-Donations Mar 20th

Wild Woman Fundraising

NEW Webinar: Advanced Presentations To Get Mega-Donations Mar 20th originally appeared on Wild Woman Fundraising on January 31, 2013.

Nonprofits Grew Online Giving, Website Traffic & Social Media Fans in 2013

J Campbell Social Marketing

Monthly website traffic grew by 16% in 2013. It’s that time of year again – the M+R and NTEN annual Nonprofit Benchmarks Study !

The Best in Social Marketing in 2013

Social Marketing and Social Change

And now to continue the journey of social marketing through 2013. Carins JE, Rundle-Thiele SR (2013). 2013). ''Get 2013).

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Massive geographical and cultural differences in online sharing

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

I recently saw a fascinating presentation from KPCB entitled ”Internet Trends 2013 ” where I came across the above chart from Ipsos OTX.

13 Changes to Make in 2013

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

I just finished presenting a webinar for our All-Access Pass Holders on 13 changes to make in 2013. Happy 2013! Love the daily blogging?

10 fundraising mantras for 2013

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Let 2013 be the year that you exceed your nonprofit fundraising and marketing goals. You can discover our recommendations for your 10 Fundraising Mantras for 2013 and let them guide you to true fundraising enlightenment. Not sure how to reach your full potential this year? One of the mantras is to keep your donors! Do that with: 1.

Want to stay more private online?

Wild Woman Fundraising

Enter a new bill by Senator John Rockefeller IV called “Do-Not-Track Online Act of 2013.” Turns out you were right to worry. Shipping Options.

Giving USA 2013: GoodNews … And Bad

The Agitator

Giving USA 2013 , the annual report on philanthropy, published by the Giving USA foundation and researched and written by the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy, was released yesterday. Giving USA 2013 is but the latest evidence that the good old days of plentiful new, and inexpensive donor acquisition is done.

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What are the best and worst times to post on social media networks?

J Campbell Social Marketing

Everyone is looking to get increased engagement and interaction on their social media posts. But what times are best to post to your audience? Tweet.

New Data: 2013 Charitable Giving Report [Infographic]


Giving was up, up and away in 2013. The post New Data: 2013 Charitable Giving Report [Infographic] appeared first on MarketSmart.

Facebook Finally Admits That You Do Have to Pay for Ads to Reach Your Fans

J Campbell Social Marketing

Everything I’ve been preaching about success in Facebook marketing has been a lie. The best way to get your stuff seen… is to pay for it.”.

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This is Habitat, B h!

Wild Woman Fundraising

originally appeared on Wild Woman Fundraising on January 23, 2013. I saw that a Habitat is looking for a new development director. Hmmmmm.

How Much Time Does Social Media Marketing Really Take?

J Campbell Social Marketing

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend in the nonprofit sector. Social media is free. It only takes 5 minutes per day. Right? WRONG. Who is our audience?

How to Communicate In The Midst Of Tragedy: 9-Step Checklist

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Like you, my heart and head are heavy in the wake of yesterday’s bombings in Boston. Especially since I feel so helpless. Get Off Auto-Pilot.

5 Technology Shifts That Will Change Nonprofits in 2013

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

I’m hosting a free webinar tomorrow at 1pm ET on the 5 Technology Shifts That Will Change Nonprofits in 2013. Join me as I dive into five areas of fundamental technology changes that are critical to understanding how to engage with your supporters in 2013. Attend this webinar to kick off 2013 with a technological wake-up call!

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3 powerful ways to do a better job in 2013

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Here are three ways you can improve your work - and your workplace - in the New Year. Know what you’re doing before you worry about how you’ll do it. We jump to thoughts of implementation so often in our work, and that tendency creates several problems. It’s not about what you’re doing but why you’re doing it.

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8 Must-Do Nonprofit Marketing Changes For 2013

The Agitator

By mid-January, I’ll bet you’ve seen plenty of ‘resolution’ and ‘must-do’ lists for 2013. But I’d say the new kid on the 2013 list is #5 — getting mobile-friendly. Seriously lift your retention game in 2013. Her eight ‘must-do’s are : 1. Measure everything.

Top 10 Twitter To Do’s for Nonprofits

J Campbell Social Marketing

If they are using Twitter, it’s often in fits and starts, with no clear strategy and very little consistency. Why use it? I get (website) traffic; ?

Is Your Nonprofit Ready to be Super Relevant?

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

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8 Tips for a Mobile-Friendly Nonprofit Website

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Nonprofits are now reporting that up to a third of their Web traffic is coming from mobile devices. Photo Source: Big Stock Photo. Make it snappy.

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Nonprofit Storytelling Breaking Bad Style

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Distribution is everything—Even the most moving stories will fall flat if you don’t get them out there right.

Making Your 2013 Marketing Goals More Clear

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Where is your job aligned within your organization, and how is that affecting your goals for 2013? Some serve the program departments.

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The Biggest Mistake Nonprofits Make With Video

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Guest blogger, Annie Escobar is co-founder of ListenIn Pictures which produces compelling video stories for nonprofits. I call this The Program Trap.

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The toast, the butter and the technology: DMA 2013

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

I’m going to be speaking at the DMA Non Profit Conference next week. If you’re a Washington, DC-area native or are coming into town for the conference, come say hello. Topics will include better ways to integrate your fundraising channels, build donor loyalty and improve your fundraising results. And toast and butter. More details here

This is What Nonprofits Need More Than a Facebook Donate Button

J Campbell Social Marketing

Baldrick’s Foundation used Google Ad Grants to receive over 20,000 clicks to their website in the first quarter of 2013. Why Facebook Ad Grants?

3 Things To Do Instead of Facebook Marketing in 2014

J Campbell Social Marketing

2013 was certainly a banner year for Facebook. Some mind-blowing statistics: There are over 1.19 billion users worldwide. Pinterest. Google+.

How to Translate Your Program Into a Compelling Video

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Guest blogger, Annie Escobar has created over 60 videos for over 30 purpose driven organizations. Let’s be honest. Find a Protagonist. Subscribe today.

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Nonprofit Websites that Work: Showcase Your Personality, Passion & Impact

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So glad to welcome guest blogger Yesenia Sotelo! Yesenia founded Smart Cause Digital where she builds and grows smart websites. Stop trying to hide.

4 Brand New Pinterest Features Nonprofits Should Know About

J Campbell Social Marketing

Pinterest has been busy, busy, busy! 1) New Expanded Look For Pinned Articles. 2) Encouraging Pinners to Create “Reading List” Boards. Tweet.

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