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The Best Cause Marketing of 2010

Cause Related Marketing

The year 2010 was a memorable year for cause marketing. What follows are, in my judgment, the 10 best cause marketing campaigns of the year.

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Are you a nonprofiteer AND a good consumer?

Wild Woman Fundraising

Over on White Courtesy Telephone , there’s a new post on the Challenge of American Consumerism to Nonprofit Work. So what is the solution?

Nonprofit marketing: Just Do It

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Just Do It.” In three words, Nike conveyed one of the best known brands and oft-repeated slogans in marketing history. Just Do It” instantly fills our heads with images of the Nike swoosh, the grace of Michael Jordan, and the grit and glory of a can-do attitude to stretching our own limits. It’s why we exist and what guides our work.

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8 “Pinktober” Promotions that Deserve a Ribbon

Selfish Giving

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and companies are partnering with breast cancer charities on a variety of “pink” promotions.

How to Adapt When Everything Around You is Changing- A Nonprofit Organization Survival Guide

Fundraising 123

Nike Changes everything. When I was writing my book, Shift and Reset, I wanted to shake people up a little bit. didn't want to just encourage you or point you in the right direction when looking for solutions, but I wanted to make you feel uncomfortable and look at things in different ways than we're used to. Phones change everything.

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The new world order of branding - and what it means to you

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Jelly is principal of a communication arts studio in Portland and a former executive creative director of Wieden+Kennedy , where he was creative director for Google, Coke, Starbucks, Target and Nike, among other brands. Branding is changing, and it requires us to dig deeper. He showed two of his own sketches. improved! the best!”—in

Great storytelling and marketing lessons from the Stove Man

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

If you work for a good cause, you know how hard it is to tell your story in a way that does justice to the needs you face and the miracles you make.

What social branding does for your brand, community and cause

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

He is an award-winning branding expert for Nike, Motorola and Toyota, and Forbes, Mashable and Fast Company blogger. Here’s how: 1.

Who’s Behind Arby’s $2M Gift to ‘No Hungry Kid,’ Santa or The Grinch?

Selfish Giving

Walmart, Starbucks, McDonald’s, Nike). It gave Share Our Strength’s  (SOS)  No Kid Hungry campaign $2 million dolllars. love it.

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The Future of Fundraising

Marketing for Nonprofits

If I can customize the color and style of my new Nikes, why can't I customize my philanthropy — i.e., only give to specific individuals, locations and projects that I like? Here is my new column in Fundraising Success. Enjoy! Jocelyn It's a bold move to try to predict the future. Census Bureau , 2042 may be the year that the U.S. Good luck!

What Makes People Happy?

Marketing for Nonprofits

You should read it! Here are the highlights. Steal away! According to Tony, people need 4 things to be happy. 1. What this means for you. Cheers!

5 Reasons Nonprofits Should Take Search Seriously - Part II

Donor Power Blog

No need to feel like the nonprofit underdog in a sea of Coca-Cola and Nike successes.  You've been waiting for our last 2 reasons!  We saved the powerful boost of motivation for last.  Here's part II: 4.  Getting started is free! It’s an uphill battle to compete with commercial clients in the search jungle.  Learn more here:  Google Grants.