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The Best Cause Marketing of 2010

Cause Related Marketing

The year 2010 was a memorable year for cause marketing. During 2010 I also profiled an effort from HUGO Element/HUGO Man fragrances.

The Best & Worst Local Cause Marketing Programs of 2010

Selfish Giving

I combed through the Selfish Giving archives and came up with the best and worst local cause marketing programs of 2010. Location: Atlanta, GA.

The Ten Worst Cause Marketing Campaigns of 2010

Cause Related Marketing

My post from yesterday, April 4, 2011 chronicled my top 10 list of the best cause marketing of 2010. Go figure. It was easy enough to explain.

Busted Nonprofit Brand, Part II: Anatomy of a Corporate Sponsorship Meltdown

Getting Attention

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Essential Nonprofit Marketing Guidance: The Best of 2010

Getting Attention

Busted Nonprofit Brand: Anatomy of a Corporate Sponsorship Meltdown (Case Study). Messaging Crisis for Nonprofits. Subscribe today.

Distinct, Authentic Branding Boosts Stronger Relationships + Increased Giving – The Online Giving Study

Getting Attention

lower than for donors who give via charity-branded giving pages. million gifts to 66,470 different nonprofits from 2003-2009. Keep going!

Cause Marketing Ad en Espanol, Almost

Cause Related Marketing

Purchases benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure People en Espanol Ford Warriors in Pink People magazine

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Corporate vs Professional Individual Twitter Accounts

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

Even though my personal side is not necessarily reflective of everyone at CEPSM, everyone that works here can be contributing their personal tweets into the @cepsm stream as well to form a holistic aggregate persona of the CEPSM brand. RISK: No official corporate account is not good for web presence and visibility of the brand.

Yes, another "favorite" list from 2010--but ours is THE BEST list of course

Donor Power Blog

Our list is some of our favorite videos from 2010 (they were not necessarily all made in 2010, but ones that we stumbled upon last year) that most inspired and moved us, and also, embodied some of the best practices from nonprofit marketing and branding. Also view the video here ).  . Also view the video here ).  .

How Do You Know When It’s Time to Re-Brand?

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

logo is the main visual representation of your nonprofit brand. The logo is the keystone of your branding. Then it’s time for a re-brand.

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Top Fundraising Coach Blog Posts in 2010

Fundraising Coach

These were the highest traffic blog posts in 2010. Interestingly, Three of them weren’t DONE in 2010! Learn how you can set up a brand new fundraising program, or re-tool your existing fundraising, to raise serious money for your cause. Specials 2010And you’ve really liked, my new series of guest bloggers.

Is Your Nonprofit a Dabbler in Social Media or an Effective Power User?

Fundraising 123

A brief preface from Network for Good:  If you’re contemplating committing time to engaging people on social networks – and it does take time – you need to ask yourself a bunch of other questions first. The first question you should ask yourself as a fundraiser is, do you have your most basic online outreach in place?

Big Brand Customer Intimacy Without Brand Conversations

Diva Marketing Blog

The result is what has become a social media cliche - people-to-people relationships versus a relationship with an inanimate object or brand

Cone Study to Local Nonprofits: Now is the Time for Cause Marketing

Selfish Giving

Cause  Marketing Differentiates Brands and Drives Sales. Focus on building your brand. Here are the reasons why. Komen ) and global (e.g.

Do you have a “super job”?

Wild Woman Fundraising

US productivity increased twice as fast in 2009 as it had in 2008, and twice as fast again in 2010: workforce down, output up, and voilá!

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How to Tap into the Heart and Soul of Your Organization When You Write

Fundraising 123

Third, try to distill that visual vocabulary into a phrase that is your brand mantra. Is your organization one of the thousands that miss the mark when writing fundraising materials? recent study by Frank C. Dickerson, Ph.D. Based on research on more than 1.5 Mission statements and statistics don’t count! Fill your empty frame. They are.

Social Media Lessons For Brands & Their Agencies From Football

Diva Marketing Blog

However, huddled with your branded blanket, watching the game you're not on the field. Unlike an advertisement, press release or CEO speech where your customers accept that someone else has crafted the words, your fans assume that it is  You the Brand People who are playing on the field. And you very well may be. Client cheers!

Social Media Experts, Gurus, Consultants & Strategists

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

Mid-2009 saw a sharp rise in search for the term “ social media guru &# as certain powerful personal brands emerged that apparently knew everything at an almost enlightening level. Tags: Advice Rant consultant expert google insights guru job description personal brand search trends Social Media strategist terms Overall strategy?

Nonprofit Mergers & Alliances: An interview with Thomas A. McLaughlin (part one)

Nonprofit Consultant Blog

found myself nodding my head and saying, "Yes, yes," throughout reading the book, and wish I'd had it during my three sets of merger negotiations.

Is Your Nonprofit's Marketing Made to Schtick?

Fundraising 123

Get a marketing mindset and strategy first before you adopt a new look for your brand. Because most artists can’t sell!

Yes, Rosemary-There Is a 2010 Nonprofit Tagline Awards Program

Getting Attention

She  was eager to know if we were running a 2010 Nonprofit Tagline Awards Program. P.S. Thanks Rosemary, for nudging me to set the stage!

17 Nonprofits Honored for High-Impact Taglines — The 2010 Taggies

Getting Attention

2010 Getting Attention Nonprofit Tagline Awards from on Vimeo. The 7 Deadly Sins – Examples of what not to do.

Submit Your Taglines to the 2010 Taggies

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

All entrants will receive a free copy of the fully-updated 2010 Nonprofit Tagline Report in late 2010. This could be you in 2010! Please

Magnetic Cause Marketing in 3 Easy Steps

Selfish Giving

The key, I say, is BRANDBRANDBRAND. Powerful nonprofit brands are like magnets. They lean in. Do you?

Last Chance to Enter 2010 Tagline Awards — Deadline Midnight Tonight

Getting Attention

Your nonprofit could be a 2010 Getting Attention Nonprofit Tagline Award winner! Take 3 minutes now to enter your nonprofit taglines today.

Enter the 2010 Tagline Awards!

Get Fully Funded

All entrants will receive a free copy of the fully-updated 2010 Nonprofit Tagline Report in late 2010. It’s the only complete guide to building your organizational, program, fundraising or special event brand in 8 words or less—filled with how-tos, don’t-dos and models. The Taggies ) winners!  So enter here now.

QR Codes: The Future of Fundraising?

Fundraising Coach

Learn how you can set up a brand new fundraising program, or re-tool your existing fundraising, to raise serious money for your cause. Amazing!

En Route to Atlanta: NTC 2010

Getting Attention

I’ll be leaving for NTC 2010 crack of dawn on Wednesday and I can’t wait!  Schwartz Nancy Schwartz nonprofit branding Nonprofit Communications nonprofit marketing tagline Here’s why NTC is such a learning machine for nonprofit communicators. Hope to see you there. If you are going, please say hello. Subscribe today.

Goal Setting for Personal and Professional Development

Fundraising Coach

Learn how you can set up a brand new fundraising program, or re-tool your existing fundraising, to raise serious money for your cause. I just love the week of Thanksgiving. That’s just normal business– planning 6-12 months out regardless of what year the calendar says it is. I’ve been setting goals since I was a kid. Money.

The three very serious diseases for nonprofit marketers to avoid like the plague

Fundraising Coach

Learn how you can set up a brand new fundraising program, or re-tool your existing fundraising, to raise serious money for your cause. With this guest post, I’m pleased to introduce Katya Andresen. Katya is the COO of Network for Good and the author of Robin Hood Marketing. You don’t want: Nonprofit Narcissism. This isn’t about you.

Plan Your Year-End Campaign in 7 Steps

Fundraising 123

Stop what you're doing and read 5 Steps to Choosing the Ideal Email Service Provider ) Is your website well-branded and easy to use, with a clear way to donate? It's that time of year again! It's time to make a plan to reach your year-end fundraising goals. These 7 steps will help you make your map to December gold. 1. Need inspiration?

A fun look at SMART goal setting!

Fundraising Coach

Learn how you can set up a brand new fundraising program, or re-tool your existing fundraising, to raise serious money for your cause. In the last post on goal setting , we looked at how to identify goals for all areas of your life. But you can speed up the process by creating a road map for each goal you want to accomplish. How much?

Links Corrected – Spot the Next Great Nonprofit Taglines — Vote for 2010 Nonprofit Tagline Award Winners

Getting Attention

Vote now for the winners of the 2010 Taggies — the 3rd Annual Getting Attention Nonprofit Tagline Awards. Vote now! October 6.

IGA Stores Using Private Label Food Brands To Benefit Wounded Warriors Project

Cause Related Marketing

Now through November 11, 2011 participating IGA stores across the United States are offering $0.05 to the Wounded Warrior Project for each case of certain private label food brands sold. In turn, that seemed influenced by a campaign Kroger did for breast cancer research in October 2010. Of course they are, you say. Marine Corps.

11 Ways to Get to Breakthrough Nonprofit Messaging

Getting Attention

In addition to the keynote, I led a small group of passionate nonprofit marketers in crafting their marketing plans and elevator pitch. Cialdini.

This Blog’s Most-Read Post of 2010

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

As a way of marking the end of the 2010, I thought I’d share my most-read blog post of the year. Engagement opportunities - lots of them!

Cause Marketing Rachael Ray's Dog Food Line

Cause Related Marketing

admire her life story, which while not exactly hardscrabble, nonetheless demonstrates unusual determination and hard work.

Crafting subjects for year-end fundraising emails

Fundraising Coach

It’s Not Too Late for Your 2010 Tax Deduction: Support [nonprofit] Today. Learn how you can set up a brand new fundraising program, or re-tool your existing fundraising, to raise serious money for your cause. All month, I’ve been seeing some odd email subjects trying to get me to give. Would you open any of these? Really?

Email 10

Enter Your Tagline(s) Today – 2010 Nonprofit Tagline Awards Open for Business

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All entrants receive a free copy of the fully-updated 2010 Nonprofit Tagline Report in late 2010. This could be you in 2010!

Enter Now: Nonprofit Tagline Awards 2012

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