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About Grant Writing Fees & Commissions

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First off, this is just accepted professional practice in the nonprofit industry. Tags: fees contingency grant writing Nonprofit fundraising consulting As a professional grant writer, I usually charge an hourly fee, or sometimes a flat fee per project. Second, as a professional I need to be paid fairly for my work. Didn't think so.

Daring to Lead 2006

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CompassPoint Nonprofit Services and The Meyer Foundation have just released a new report, "Daring to Lead 2006," exploring the leading causes of nonprofit executive burnout; in particular, widespread frustration with boards of directors and funders, and dissatisfaction with their pay.

Alert! Missing Middle Donors

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percent from 2006 to 2012. percent more of their income in 2012 than in 2006.”. But Most Middle Donors Aren’t Cultivated…Enough.

Day in the Life of a Nonprofit Communicator – Lisa Sherrill

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Don’t be shy – tell us what you do in a  typical day as a nonprofit communications pro. . Day in the Life Nonprofit Communications

How Are Nonprofit Newsletters Changing?

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Is the classic nonprofit newsletter still relevant? Newsletters Nonprofit Communications Print NewslettersIf yes, why? If not, why not?

A Nonprofit by Any Other Name

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Running a nonprofit with a generic name is like traversing Antarctica dressed entirely in white. Over more than a decade, the nonprofit chalked up notable accomplishments in pursuit of its mission, but there was always a gnawing sense within that the name wasn't helping. Tags: Nonprofit Marketing Best Practices

Facebook Help For Nonprofits

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Facebook has added a new Resource section to help nonprofits optimize the engagement impact of their Facebook presence. Facebook reports that over 30,000 nonprofits use Facebook Pages and through the application Causes more than $5M has been raised since 2006 benefiting over 150,000 different causes. Plus success stories.

fake newspaper: a fun, fast way to honor nonprofit volunteers, donors, staff

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Some ideas: Use your nonprofit's name in the name of the newspaper, e.g., "YMCA Times." If it's too long a name, use "Great News" or "Hope Times."

Nonprofit Times Honors Hate Monger

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Each year the Nonprofit Times, a trade publication for those of us in the public benefit sector, releases its "Power and Influence Top 50" - The 2006 honor roll was released this week, and I am shocked and insulted by one of the additions to this year's list. For this he receives honors? Homosexuals, of course.

Bay Area nonprofits score well, Learning from SPAM, and a Happy New Year

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First off, I want to thank all of my readers and subscribers for your support in 2006. According to the Mercury New, most large Bay Area nonprofits spend the majority of their funds on programming. Tags: surveys Nonprofit marketing email spam administrative costs fundraising On to the news. Would you have passed the test?

Carnival of the Nonprofit Consultants

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Welcome to the Carnival of the Nonprofit Consultants. This traveling carnival was started by Kivi Leroux Miller of the Nonprofit Communications Blog to bring you the best postings on nonprofit issues each week. Tags: nonprofit , blog carnival , consultants , web 2.0 , sacred cows , businesslike

A YouTube for Nonprofits?

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that intends to become somewhat of a YouTube for the nonprofit community. The production quality of postings so far is due to the fact that the web site is the creation of See3 - a media production company that only works with nonprofits. over YouTube is that the visitors here are looking for nonprofits and service information.

New Nonprofit Resource Site

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I've known Nancy for several years, going back to my time as Silicon Valley Director for CompassPoint Nonprofit Services and Nancy was one of our workshop presenters. still see her often at AFP and other nonprofit / fundraising / consulting events. Tags: nonprofit , resources , fundraising , workshops , consulting

Transferring Assets Between Nonprofits

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Here's a question that I received by email this week: What are the rules for giving part of your profits from a fundraiser to another nonprofit? Many nonprofits would (erroneously) assume that money raised this way is completely unrestricted and that they can use it for whatever purpose they choose. What was the donor's intent?

live TV becoming more affordable for nonprofits

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For those nonprofits that can afford it right now (I supposed that the cost will decline over time), live TV could be a great tool for training staff and volunteers and for helping donors and members to participate in events remotely. If you have ideas for how nonprofits can use live TV, please share them in the comments section below.

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Delays in IRS Nonprofit Approval

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Tags: nonprofit , IRS , applications , delays

The Nonprofit FAQ

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The Nonprofit FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) from is another great resource with answers to just about any question you may have about nonprofit management, development, regulations, or technology. Many of the answers are presented in short articles posted directly to the Nonprofit FAQ site.

Too Many Nonprofits?

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read the posting with great interest and agreed with most everything being said, until the last paragraph, which opened with, "Mergers may be the best solution to the excessive number of nonprofit organizations." It was just given as a fact: there are too many nonprofits. There was no evidence given, or data to back this statement up.

The economic impact of nonprofit organizations

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When you work in the nonprofit sector, you will occasionally speak to people who are a) shocked that you get paid to do "charity work" and b) act as if your work, while well-meaning and good, is an economic drain on the community. Nonprofits employ more than 2,700 county residents. Taxes totaling at least $23.8

Nonprofits on MySpace

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I've even found a handful of nonprofits who have created MySpace profiles and appear to be using them effectively to attract new supporters. Tags: nonprofit , MySpace , outreach , communityBy now I'm sure you've all heard of, even if you haven't taken the time to see what it is all about. Not necessarily.

Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants #3

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The third edition of the Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants has been posted over at the Nonprofit Communications blog. Tags: nonprofits , blog carnival , communicationsOnce again, this blog has been honored with one of my posts being chosen for inclusion.

Nonprofit Fights Poverty With Poverty

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Does this sound like your nonprofit organization? Why do nonprofit leaders feel guilty when they sit in a new chair? Tags: nonprofit , poverty , satireIt also had an operating budget of $18,280, putting it below the federally mandated poverty threshold for a family of four." Then, go home, and have a good weekend.

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Network Neutrality for Nonprofits

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From previous posts you already know that I am a big believer in the power of the Internet (web and email) for low-cost, high-return nonprofit communications. Tags: network neutrality , internet , freedom , free speech , nonprofit , action , congressThis is not a party-line vote.

Small Nonprofits and Sharing IT

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If you've been reading this blog regularly, you know that I like small nonprofits, and am wary of merger-fever. Deborah Elizabeth Finn seems to agree with me, and has written specifically about the technology needs of small nonprofits. In Consolidate or die: Will it come to that, for small nonprofit organizations?

Follow-up: Too Many Nonprofits

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My post last week on the subject of "too many nonprofits" (I came on the side of defending duplicate services) has received a bit of attention on other sites. Leila Johnson of Datascribe says : Here in New Mexico, there are over 7,000 nonprofit organizations. Sometimes nonprofit organizations have to close due to lack of funding.

The Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants - #13

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Greetings and welcome to the Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants, edition #13. Each edition of the carnival is a collection of the best advice and resources that consultants and other support organizations are offering to nonprofits through their blogs each week. I am your guest host/consultant for the week, Ken Goldstein. tri-fecta?"

Corporations Versus Nonprofits - A real question?

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This morning I was searching out blogs with "nonprofit" as a keyword when I somehow stumbled across the "Esdena: Student Marketplace" blog and read a post called " Welcome back MIT! In fact, I am a small businessperson with two companies of my own, one of which is consulting to nonprofit organizations. Nonprofits influence the market.

Free Web Site for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Consultant Blog is offering a free, template-driven web site to all nonprofit organizations. Tags: nonprofit , free web sites , , onlineIf your organization still does not have a web presence, and you still believe you don't have the money or the time to invest in getting a web site, you have no more excuses.

nonprofit marketing with YouTube, MySpace, and more

Studio 501c

Mark, a "must read" for nonprofit types interested in web communications and relationship building, directs online marketing for LLS. nonprofit. Mark Sirkin, the blogger, calls these sites "fourth places" -- "virtual places online that are their own, self-sustained communities that we want to reach out to and partner with." nptech.

nonprofits can use microsoft word templates for better design, communication

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nonprofits, nota bene : After you've reviewed the Microsoft Word design tips that other Lifehacker readers shared with Elyse (through the link above), check out Chuck Green's and , and be sure to sign up for the free newsletters he offers on both sites. In fact, Ideabook is a studio 501c smart pick!

a new way for nonprofits to "show up" in Google: March of Dimes petitions for a "doodle"

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Tags: BRANDING COMMUNICATIONS GOOGLE MARKETING WEB Doodle fundraising Godin Google March_of_Dimes net 2 net2 nonprofit nonprofits nptech online petitions philanthropy prematurity Seth Seth_Godin

free guide is a handy tool for nonprofit public relations

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Essentials would be just as helpful to nontechies in nonprofits who want to learn how to interact with external audiences through social bookmarking, RSS, blogs, podcasts, and more. Just replace the phrase "your clients" with "your nonprofit" or "your staff and board," and this guide will serve even the smallest of 501c3s very well.

report compiles good blogging advice for businesses and nonprofits; as always, beware of absolute truths

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" Behind the Scenes in the Blogosphere: Advice from Established Bloggers " contains useful information, and I recommend it if your nonprofit has a blog or is considering one. nonprofit. A University of Massachusetts marketing professor has published an interesting report based on a survey of bloggers. blog is a conversation.

Come to the Nonprofit Consultants Carnival

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From mid-June through July, the Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants will taking place in the blogosphere. Here's how founding organizer Kivi Leroux Miller describes it: "This carnival is a collection of the best advice and resources that consultants and other support organizations are offering to nonprofits through their blogs each week."

Starting a New Nonprofit? Act Now.

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Tags: IRS , nonprofits , fees , filing

nonprofit makes it easy to donate, offset carbon emissions anywhere, any time via text messaging

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Tags: FUNDRAISING SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP STUDIO 501C SMART PICKS WEB C02 carbon carbon_emissions environment net2 NGO nonprofit nptech philanthropy SMS Springwise sustainability text_messaging World_Land_Trust

When Community Foundations Merge Do Nonprofits Win?

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This would create one of the largest community foundations in the nation, and is being promoted as way of bringing additional resources to "struggling nonprofits." The idea is that the power and size of the new, combined organization would attract more donations, which would come down to nonprofits in increased grants.

New Blog for Nonprofit Fundraising Tips

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This is the debut posting of my new "Nonprofit Consultant Blog." I intend to use this space for fundraising tips, grant writing information, and general nonprofit resources news and links. welcome you to the blog, and to my web site. When you contract with me, you will not be handed over to a junior associate or intern

Follow-up: Too Many Nonprofits, Part Two: Market Saturation

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I promise to get off this topic in the next post, but first, just one more point on the "too many nonprofits" debate: JW of "Selfish Giving" added a comment to yesterday's post on the subject pointing to his excellent blog on the same topic (I've just added his site to the blogroll). The issue here is market saturation.

a great place for nonprofit bloggers to begin: Netsquared

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For an introduction to the hows and whys of nonprofit blogging, you can do no better than this "Resource Center" from Netsquared, called, well, Blogging for Nonprofits. that are created by volunteer contributors. (I just joined the Resource Center for nonprofit blogging.).