Meet the 4 Types of People Who Make Up Your Online Community [Infographic]

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I see too many nonprofits rush into social media without a plan to incorporate the other channels and donor touchpoints. Nonprofits tend to lump all of their constituents into just a few boxes – staff, volunteers, donors and clients.

Donor Churn: How To Stop It Before It Starts

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Few organizations truly understand why donors leave, let alone know when the donor makes the decision to leave.

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This is primarily due to the fact that many people in certain regions of Africa have skipped decades of technological evolution and jumped right to mobile as their first and only internet touchpoint.

Forget the Media Kit, Create a Toolkit

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As a result, they are both creating a touchpoint with their supporters and getting them to help spread the word for them in their own voices and with their own close connections. Peter Panepento.

Service Design for Social Marketers: A Webinar

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Using a variety of research techniques to establish this empathy, and to understand service touchpoints and how they connect over time to form the customer journey , designers then redesign and reengineer the process to make it more suitable for the people using the service.

7 Key Takeaways for Cause Marketers from America's Checkout Champions Report [SPONSORED]

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Widen consumer touchpoints to include online and mobile. If you haven't checked out the 2017 America's Charity Checkout Champions report, it's a must-read for anyone in the cause marketing space. Congratulations to the Engage for Good team for putting together such an outstanding resource!

Flat Earth Fundraising: Ignoring The Leaky Bucket

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Collect and act on donor feedback at every touchpoint. Consider this….

Return to Spray and Pray?

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In the shotgun approach, you don’t worry as much about building a big audience in any particular network, but instead building a touchpoint corral around each of your customers and fans.

Mobile Health 2011 Conference

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when mobile is part of a multi-touchpoint ecosystem? I am getting ready for the Mobile Health 2011 conference at Stanford University this week. This preparation got me to thinking about how far we have come in the past 100 years: "When the expectations of wireless experts are realized everyone will have his own pocket telephone and may be called wherever he happens to be…When that invention is perfected, we shall have a new series of daily miracles." [ 100 Years of Mobile Phones ].

Branding Your Nonprofit: An Investment in Your Tomorrows

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Their experiences at every organizational touchpoint help establish their impressions and may make the difference between their support and avoidance. In the nonprofit sector, we sometimes market services and occasionally a product, but most frequently, we market "heart." " The by-product of our existence has more importance than any consumer product can muster. The results of our success affect others.

ISO Photos of Social Marketing and Social Change

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The consumer experience as the marketer’s touchpoint - World-changing research sets a direction for the program, often one that nobody expects at the beginning. The reason the blog posts have been slow in coming is that I have been focusing my time and words on a textbook for social marketing - nothing like you have seen before, trust me. We are in the production phase and my editor has suggested that we crowd source the picures that appear in the book.

Master Touch

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Buying tickets on the website = touchpoint. When a person calls my box office = touchpoint. When we are seating a person for the performance = touchpoint. When someone visits our website = touchpoint.   Identify your touchpoints.    Make every interaction with a touchpoint as strong as you can. What's the hardest part about marketing art? Having no control over the end outcome. Maybe people love the work. Maybe they hate it.

Does Your Logo Suck? Free Webinar Next Week

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A logo, as the visual representation of your nonprofit brand, is often the first touchpoint your audience will have with your organization.

Co-creating the Social Marketing Discipline and Brand

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And it makes a nice touchpoint for people who want to pass the ideas along and discuss them some more. [Note: For the closing plenary session at the World Nonprofit and Social Marketing Conference a few weeks ago, I was asked to speak about the future of social marketing.

Standing Out from Other Cause Marketing

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But doing so is a legitimate touchpoint and a welcome message. Back in the day, one of the things I put in proposals to potential sponsors was that cause marketing helped you stand out from competitors. Nowadays, in certain competitive industries like consumer packaged goods (CPG) one way to emerge from the clutter is to NOT do cause marketing. That is to say, cause marketing has become a way of business for big CPG brands like Coca-Cola, General Mills, and Mars Inc.