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3 Realistic Social Media New Year’s Resolutions for Nonprofits

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Here are a few suggestions for starting something good for your social media practice in 2017. Anytime you’re ready. ManageFlitter.

My Big Fat Problem With Social Media Measurement

J Campbell Social Marketing

I think it’s fantastic when nonprofits want to measure their social media efforts. So, what is the goal of your social media efforts?

Nonprofits, are you still doubting the power of social media?

J Campbell Social Marketing

Still doubting the power of social media? Pinterest users are active with almost a quarter of users visiting the site once per day; A staggering 100 hours of video is uploaded per minute to YouTube, which is also the #2 search engine – figure out how to incorporate video into your nonprofit marketing and fundraising strategy!

5 Stories Nonprofits Should Be Telling On Social Media

J Campbell Social Marketing

Storytelling has been receiving a lot of press lately, as a content marketing tool and as an effective way to engage audiences on social media.

10 Types of Social Media Posts Every Nonprofit Should Be Sending

J Campbell Social Marketing

If the answers to these questions are ambiguous, vague, or nonexistent, it may be time to rethink your nonprofit’s social media strategy.

The Cost of Fundraising Through Social Media

Social Media Bird Brain

The Cost of Fundraising Through Social Media Tweeting, Posting and Liking your way to increased donations should be an. abandoned donations donations Facebook FirstGiving Google Wallet NGOs nonprofits payment processing PayPal transactions Twitter youtubeThis week we have a guest post written by Rich McIver. essential part of.

Health Care Social Media Review #30: The Research Edition


Where do you turn for the latest research on the impact and influence of social media? Is Social Media Helping or Hurting?

Seven Ways Social Media Improves Accountability

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Most nonprofits understand the potential power of social media to connect with both old and new supporters, advocates, and clients.

Key Findings on Nonprofit Social Media, Email and Online Fundraising

Fundraising 123

Social reach up, email response rates down. Explore multi-channel communication and engaging with supporters via social media.

Managing Social Media at the Foundation Center

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

IFRAME Embed for Youtube. Junction C Nonprofit Communications nptech Publication Management Social NetworkingJune 2: Get Real!

10 Social Media Stats for Nonprofit Marketers

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Is one of your 2014 goals to get your social strategy in order? Here are 10 fun stats on social media that can help you decide how to spend your time. online adults now use social networking sites. Source: We Are Social Tweet this. 70% of YouTube traffic comes from outside of the U.S. 73% of U.S. 71% of U.S.

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Social Media "Pioneers" Tell Why

Diva Marketing Blog

Recently many of my social media conversations seemed to be about the perception that social is a young person’s game. and me.

Social Media Content Is Sitting Right in Front of You

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Content for your social media channels is sitting right in front of you. Your website, donor appeals, and newsletters are just waiting to be translated into a Facebook post, tweet, or YouTube video. Really! To help get your creative juices flowing, here are some quick tips and content ideas for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Social Media Changes The Branding Game

Diva Marketing Blog

Do we expect too much from social media and in particular social networks? does social media really fit as a branding tactic?

What I learned about social media from a sword swallower, a YouTube sensation and a multi-millionaire

J Campbell Social Marketing

Despite having a social media following in the hundreds of thousands , he remains affable and accessible. Second, it broke the ice.

10 Ways to Celebrate Nonprofit Online Community Members Using Social Media

J Campbell Social Marketing

Instead of focusing on growing your social media numbers, how about focusing on retaining and engaging the fans/followers that you do have?

Social Media: How to convince your boss

Fundraising Coach

It was basically, “ How do you convince your boss to let me use social media? ” So being a social media geek, I immediately posted the question on LinkedIn’s “Answers” tool. And let’s face it, social media can be an incredible time suck. Getting Started with Social Media.

7 Step Secret Sauce Recipe For Social Media Success

Diva Marketing Blog

Me: So I told him the 7 Step Secret Sauce Recipe For Social Media Success. Curated from Social Media Examiner - 29 Tools.

Boo! What Is Your Scariest Thought About Social Media?

Diva Marketing Blog

How are you learing about social media? O ne of the scariest things I see is too many "brand" witches around the social media kettle.

Top mobile social media apps for nonprofits


Reminder: If you don’t have a great website and email strategy, you probably shouldn’t be focusing on social media yet. Think about that in relation to your current website and social media strategy. Top 8 mobile social media apps. Video-sharing apps: Twitvid and Youtube. Facebook.

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A 5-step quide to social media strategy for nonprofits


Many nonprofits have already dipped their toes into social media. build networks and social movements. flickr/luc legay. Back up.

22 Tips Combat Social Media Fears

Diva Marketing Blog

Social media marketing is a digital bridge that humanizes the brand online with offline benefits. 5 Common Media Fears: Trolls.

Is Social Media A Strategy or A Tactic?

Diva Marketing Blog

Ochman recently reminded me, social media has been around, and included in varying degrees (!), Social Media Is A Strategy.

Social Media Networking: Gone Is The Luxury of Privacy

Diva Marketing Blog

Over the past going, on eight years, of working in the social media industry I've had the pleasure of interviewing many amazing people.

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Thoughts on working social media from April’s #SMBME

Fundraising Coach

April’s Social Media Breakfast Maine was awesome. Social media is like a small town. Everyone is the media now.

April 20

Top Nonprofits Outpace Top Companies in Social Media

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

97% of these charities have a Facebook presence, 96% have Twitter accounts and 92% use YouTube. • The real question: Is this all worth it?

Social Media Listening Beyond Your Product

Diva Marketing Blog

With almost 14 thousand views, my dog Max might qualify as a "D list" YouTube rock star! Let's spin this into social media marketing.

Social Media Experts, Gurus, Consultants & Strategists

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

Here’s a brief history of the demand side for social media expertise : Back in late 2007, proactive organizations started frantically searching for someone to help them with all this social media “stuff&#. Technical social media channel setup? “to start a YouTube channel.

Managing Your Brand & Personal Social Media "Friends"

Diva Marketing Blog

For the most part, social networks and social media were never really intended for business communications. Think about it.

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Is Your Nonprofit a Dabbler in Social Media or an Effective Power User?

Fundraising 123

A brief preface from Network for Good: If you’re contemplating committing time to engaging people on social networks – and it does take time – you need to ask yourself a bunch of other questions first. If you have all of this, you may be ready for the next step: creating a social media strategy.

Socialnomics Social Media Revolution video updated for 2013

Giving in a Digital World

Facebook Social networking Twitter Bryan Miller Social Media Revolution 2013 Socialnomics

6 More YouTube Tips for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Here are six more great tips for YouTube from Heather Mansfield, author of the new book, Social Media for Social Good. She agreed to me printing her 11 YouTube Best Practices for Nonprofits here. The more “Subscribers” and “Friends” your nonprofit has, the more exposure you get on YouTube.

5 Essential YouTube Tips for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Here are some great tips from Heather Mansfield, author of the new book, Social Media for Social Good. She agreed to me printing her 11 YouTube Best Practices for Nonprofits here. Your nonprofit’s avatar is very important for branding on YouTube. YouTube offers one-click automatic branding for your channel.

Interview with Jamie Turner, Author of How To Make Money with Social Media

Diva Marketing Blog

How do you make money with social media?" . Most of the other books on social media are just about the conversation.

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Nonprofit Storyteller of the Week – Women for Women International

J Campbell Social Marketing

My two cents – YouTube could be better utilized, as video is widely considered the number one marketing tool of 2015. Convinced yet?

Social Media in 2013: Where to Focus, Where to Play

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

We hope to have more than 1,200 participate by the end of the month, but here are a few preliminary results about social media use.

With A 9-Person Social Media Team, They Better Get It Right!

The Agitator

Would you associate AARP, the voice of America’s 50+ population, with adroit use of social media? AARP has some 80 Facebook pages with over a million fans, an active presence on YouTube and Twitter, and a “toehold” in about 15 other online platforms. If not, think again. Here are some observations by Tammy.

5 Favorite Nonprofits to Follow on Social Media

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Darian Rodriguez Heyman , Co-Founder, Social Media for Nonprofits. They also have an active YouTube channel. charity:water.

Social Media 101 for Nonprofit Consultants

Nonprofit Consultant Blog

Yesterday I had the opportunity to present an introductory workshop on social media to a few of my colleagues in the Fund Builders Alliance. Although I was pleased to present this workshop, and although I do offer social media planning and coaching services , I'm always hesitant to use the title "social media expert."

Another Fortress Caught in Social Media Firestorm

A. Fine Blog

Rabbi Rebecca Sirbu wrote a great blog post about the power of individuals to use social media to break down fortresses.