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My team recently created a word search for our new interns. Here’s some great podcast episodes to listen to as you fill out the word search: >>Engagement Fundraising: Season 1, Episode 18 – Creating the Disney Experience. >>Engagement Want some fun?

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#MARKETING: Build Your Search Engine Marketing Strategy With Solid Search Engine Optimization

Non Profit Marketing 360

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) includes numerous tools and plug-ins that help (first) web crawlers and algorythems find your organization’s website, so that human web searchers can then find your site via Google, Yahoo!, Search or Social: Which Is Best For Your Startup?

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#HOWTO: Tweak Your Organization’s Facebook Site For Graph Search

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Last week we talked about what Facebook’s latest feature, Graph Search, is (Namely, a way to combine keywords, categories, and what friends are saying about them within Facebook) and it is not (Namely, a challenger to Google’s search algorithms across the internet).

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#SOCIALNETWORK: Are You Prepped For Rollout Of Facebook Graph Search?

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Facebook’s latest tool, Graph Search, was announced a couple of weeks ago and it is being rolled out through the Facebook0sphere through February. We’re calling it Graph Search. What does the Graph Search mean to the average user or nonprofit on Facebook?

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How to quickly geofilter a Twitter search query

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

The post How to quickly geofilter a Twitter search query appeared first on Navigating Digital Disruption. Tutorial Videos advanced search geofilter location based twitter twitter search video tutorial

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Will Paid Search Pay Off for Your Nonprofit?

Mission Minded

But, The post Will Paid Search Pay Off for Your Nonprofit? You hopefully already know that using your independent school or nonprofit’s brand as a basis for marketing is essential. appeared first on Mission Minded. Blog Nonprofit Web

Twitter Search or Instagram Search: Which is Better for Business?

Diva Marketing Blog

Paul wondered if search on Twitter or Instagram could be a good business tool. Twitter Search or Instagram Search: Which is Better for Business? - Twitter Search or Instagram Search? Twitter Search. Twitter then redirects you to the search returns page.

A Google Search Change - Will Your Nonprofit Be Considered Relevant?

Social Media Bird Brain

Google Search With Knowledge Graph Panel Google has subtly changed its search results layout to include something called a Knowledge Graph. When some search results are returned, a panel on the right of the page may display, providing what Google has determined is an appropriate bit of extra information related to the search terms. In my example (left), I searched for Nitrous Oxide and. not for profits knowledge graph search google Small nonprofit

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Improve Your Nonprofit Website’s Search Results – #10NTC Tips

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

One of the best tactical sessions I attended at NTEN’s Nonprofit Technology Conference week before last was “Optimizing Your Site for Search Engine Performance: And We Ain’t Talkin’ Just Keywords.&# Here is the slide deck. Compete.com Search Analytics.

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Ucc-1 Search Rhode Island

Fundraising Breakthroughs

Apart from drawing droves of well-heeled citizens to its beautiful homes every summer, Rhode Island State Police and the ucc-1 search rhode island that you receive those deductions if you make $3,700 per month which would allow you to participate in your medical records and billing records. Obtaining your billing records for the ucc-1 search rhode island of his/her child. Search Island Ucc-1 Rhode

Quick Tip – LinkedIn People Search

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Type in your search criteria (limit your search to your network only, in order for introductions to work). Tags: Tip LinkedIn mikekujawski people search quicktip socialmedia Whenever I give a workshop relating to social media, I often ask the following question when talking about social networks: “How many of you are currently on LinkedIn ?&#. In most cases about 60% of the people in the room put up their hand.

Twitter Search or Instagram Search: Which is Better for Business?

Diva Marketing Blog

Paul wondered if search on Twitter or Instagram could be a good business tool. Twitter Search or Instagram Search: Which is Better for Business? - Twitter Search or Instagram Search? Twitter Search. Twitter then redirects you to the search returns page.

#SM4NP: Automate Your Google Searches To Follow Important Issues

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Searching on Google is perhaps the single experience of the internet we all share. began over a decade ago (hint: Sarah McLachlan and Elton John won big Grammys that year) as a way to search for key terms on the net. Then define how often you want to be alerted to the search.

Augmented reality—Search moves from text to objects


I just read a Trendwatching report about the not-too-distant future when Search transcends Google and spreads to everyday objects. In part, because it’s so much more entertaining than text search. Hold onto your hats!

Google Insights for Search

Search Marketing for Nonprofits

Google’s Insights for Search tool lets you: Look at a portion of keyword search results – by location, category, or Google vertical (news, images). a graph with the search volume, indicating interest over time (GMT) for your terms, plotted on a scale from 0 to 100; the totals are indicated next to bars by the search terms (read more about how we scale and normalize the data). lists of the top searches and top rising searches.

How to Optimize Your Nonprofit Press Releases for Search

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting a website''s visibility to search engines, but how can you actually make your press release appear first in search results? Keywords are the most relevant single words or phrases that are commonly searched for in top search engines. The tough thing about modern press releases is that they must be written to appeal not just to people-but also to search engines.

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Searching Your Nonprofit’s Web Site—A vs. B Makes a Huge Difference

Getting Attention

This week’s test pinpoints the best way to design the search box on your nonprofit’s website. As Anne writes, “the winning version of this test omitted the word ‘Search’ in the search bar itself, and added a button with the ‘Search’ call to action.

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In Search of the Silver Bullet

The Agitator

Over the weekend I worked on the ‘Top 10 Bad Practices’ section of a book I’m writing.

#SM4NP: In Search For ROI, Can We Put A Number On A Relationship?

Non Profit Marketing 360

ROI can bring strong relationships as well as income to nonprofits. Who doesn’t want a high return on investment? Whether that investment is time or money, any business or nonprofit wants to see it put to good use and wants to see some reward for it.

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Social Media and Local Search Training for Leadership Alexandria

Search Marketing for Nonprofits

I had a great time this morning leading a training session for Leadership Alexandria’s alumnus related to online marketing, local search and social media for non-profits and businesses. Tagged: alexandria, leadership alexandria, local search training, online marketing training, search marketing training, social media training, social media workshop, va.

Search - Everyone's Doing IT

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According to a new report by the Pew Internet and American Life Project, Search (i.e. Specifically, the report says, "the percentage of internet users who use search engines on a typical day has been steadily rising from about one-third of all users in 2002, to a new high of just under one half (49%). Who can live without Search? Whether we're job hunting, doing research, or Googling ourselves (I know you do it too), Search is ubiquitous.

Yahoo and Microsoft Look Ready to Final Sign Search Deal

Search Marketing for Nonprofits

Looks like it won’t impact paid search ads, and there’s still some question if it will raise antitrust flags with the Department of Justice. Would certainly make life easier if you only need to pay attention to 2 search engines instead of three. Tagged: microsoft, news, search deal, Yahoo. Tags: Yahoo future of search live.com microsoft search deal news More info about the Microsoft/Yahoo news here.

10 Tips to Make your Nonprofit Website Search Engine Friendly

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When you think about how to drive traffice to your nonprofit website, pay attention to how your site ranks in search engines like Google. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a website from search engines via "natural" (aka organic) search results. Here are 10 tips to make your nonprofit website search engine friendly: 1. Build a website that is easy for the search engines to understand.

Help Donors Find You Through Search Engine Marketing

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You use search engines like Google and Yahoo! The good news is that it can be, through Search Engine Marketing (SEM). In a nutshell, SEM is a way to promote your website by increasing its visibility in search engine results. It's December 30, and several Boise residents have logged onto Google to search for a charity to donate to so they can get a last-minute tax deduction. These potential donors might do a Google search for "boise aids charity."

Using Search for Fundraising and List-Building: How Google Grants Can Bolster Your Bottom Line

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Specifically, we will discuss the following: Eligibility and application procedures What the grant covers Working with Google staff Expanding the campaign to meet organization objectives We will also touch on some more advanced topics such as campaign optimization, integration with website analytics and opportunities for non-grant paid search campaigns. Dan regularly presents at top Internet Search conferences including PubCon and Search Marketing Expo.

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#HOWTO: Get Guidance From Google On Simple SEO Success

Non Profit Marketing 360

Is your site worth searching for? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a social media buzzword: gotta have it, gotta work at it, gotta pack it in to your website or blog! The go-to standard for web searches (including images and videos) is, of course, Google.

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Poorly optimized Google Adwords copy could be wasting a quarter of your search budget

Giving in a Digital World

However, while online advertising spend grows year-on-year, I don’t hear many charities talking about how well they’re optimizing their spend in paid search. Last year, while working on a client project, I came across a very interesting company called The ATO Co.

Searches up in Facebook, Down in Google Last Month

Search Marketing for Nonprofits

Here’s the full article listing how total search queries grew in Facebook, but drop in Google. Tagged: facebook, Google, total search queries. Tags: Google facebook total search queries Fascinating and tied to the recent Wired article about the growth of the walled off Facebook network.

Facebook Fan Pages Now Showing in Google Search Results

Search Marketing for Nonprofits

SEO for Facebook Fan update pages is more important than ever now that Google announced that it will be displaying the results from 3 million fan pages in Google search results. I like using Facebook to quickly get in touch with all of my friends, but I’m sure items that my friends share with me (like updates on their pregnancy, clumsy moments, etc) are not ones that they want found via a Google search. and Twitter to its search results (and now Google Buzz of course).

Impressive Search Engine and Social Media Stats

Search Marketing for Nonprofits

I’m always looking up new stats about search engine and social media use and behavior for various online marketing presentations, and I decided it would be more useful to share them with the world (and have a convenient spot for me to reference them in the future). So here you go: More than 81% of all Internet users find their destination via a search engine. core search market in February with 65.5 percent of the searches conducted, followed by Yahoo!

Using Search for Fundraising and List-Building: How Google Grants Can Bolster Your Bottom Line

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Download the presentation slides, audio recording (MP3), post-call Q&A and a paid search case study from Donordigital below Related Documents! About our speaker Daniel Schulman is Director of Search Marketing for Donordigital - an online fundraising, advocacy, and advertising company that works with major nonprofit organizations. Dan regularly presents at top Internet Search conferences including PubCon and Search Marketing Expo.

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How to use Wordle and LinkedIn to help your job search

Fundraising Coach

How to use Wordle and LinkedIn to help your job searchTonight, Chris Brogan led a webinar on how to enhance your job search with social presence. You can see the tweets by searching the #hbwjobs. Tags: Education Opportunities Samples & Tools employment job search leadership He shared a ton of great info! One of the ideas was using Wordle to see if your LinkedIn profile has the right keywords for the position you’re looking for.

How smart speakers and voice assistants are changing the game

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This sort of seamless integration into day-to-day life is an obvious trade-off of privacy (voice search data going to Google) for convenience. Search engine optimization will diminish in importance compared to voice-assistant algorithm optimization.

Is it time to dump donor ‘scores’?


Fundraising strategy charity blog cultivation for major gifts cultivation for planned giving donor cultivation donor research donor research software donor research training donor search donor search wealth screening donor wealth screening fundraising tips major gift fundraising Philanthropy prospect research wealth engineAre scores really worth the trouble? It seems like every service provider has a scoring system for your donors.

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SEO and PR - Working Together For You

Social Media Bird Brain

This is one of the best explanations of how to currently get higher up in Google search rankings. Because most people don't look farther than the first page of search results. Why do you want to get higher up?

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SEO Tip: Post the Kind of Content People Will Link Back To

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

One important element of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) — in other words, getting Google to send traffic to your website — is how many other websites link to your content. Nonprofit Content Marketing Nonprofit Websites and Blogs search engine optimization SEO

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Do You Think We'll Ever Come Up First In Google Search?

Marketing for Nonprofits

If a donor searches Google and your organization doesn't appear in the results, does that mean that your nonprofit doesn't exist? I don't mean to get all existential on you but in this day and age when 88% of online adults use a search engine to find information, it's a reasonable question. "OK,"

Joe Rogan, true crime, and the 2nd podcasting revolution

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It’s not until the end of 2014 that it began to climb back up again (refer to the Google Search Trend visualization below). Fastest Rising Search Queries with the word “podcast’ (2004-2020).

5 Reasons Nonprofits Should Take Search Seriously - Part I

Donor Power Blog

Did you know that search is one of the only marketing channels where you can 100% determine ROI? Hopefully you received a copy of our Donor Strategist newsletter this week that talked about search marketing. If not, we forgive you; our SEM experts at IMPAQT have a white paper to explain it all: A Brave New Advertising World: The Future of Search Marketing. What better time to optimize your search to drive users to your site?

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Use Social Media In Your Job Search To. Put Your Best Foot Forward

Diva Marketing Blog

Recently, my friend Linda asked if I would talk with the amazing women of C3G - an Atlanta suburb networking group - about using social media to support a job search. . Using Social Media To Put Your Best Foot Forward For Your Job Search View more presentations from Toby Bloomberg.

The 800-Pound Gorilla Can No Longer Be Ignored

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A few weeks ago, Google flexed its muscles and added activity on Google+ to the Google search algorhythm which, as we all know, determines not just our place within search rankings but our sense of self-worth. Nonprofit Facebook Google Search Engines Searching Social Media

#TECH: Title Tags Can Make Or Break Your Site’s SEO

Non Profit Marketing 360

that is the first thing search engines scour for the keywords that make your site visible on those engines. Whatever is between the <title> and </title> brackets is the first thing a search engine will see when it finds your charity’s website.

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Spezify visual search engine creates amazing online mood boards

Giving in a Digital World

I just came across the recently launched visual search tool Spezify thanks to a RT from my old Rapp colleague @riksta. Spezify is essentially a search engine that provides its results in a range of different visual ways – with the end result that you get a fascinating ‘mood board’ presentation in response to whatever search terms you enter.