Do major and legacy gift fundraisers need ‘sales managers’?


The private sector has sales managers for their revenue generation teams. Sales managers are responsible for: Meeting sales/revenue and profitability targets. I think many nonprofit fundraisers would benefit from having a ‘sales manager.’ They are the only ones I know of with a solid company designed for nonprofits— so you can outsource the sales management function at a fraction of the cost while yielding fantastic results.

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Do major gift and planned gift staff need “sales managers”?


Sales managers? The private sector usually has sales managers for their teams. It’s time for fundraising shops to employ sales management principles. The post Do major gift and planned gift staff need “sales managers”? Fundraising Major Giving Planned Giving strategy accountability best practices for fundraising charity blog cultivation for major gifts cultivation for planned giving fundraising tips Lead Generation major gift marketing sales manager

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Our Annual All-Access Pass Is on Sale NOW

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We put our Annual All-Access Pass on sale only twice a year: in December and NOW. Either way, this sale is for you! This is the same price as the year-end sale and the best we offer.

‘No Sale’ Oxfam Video

The Agitator

But this one from Oxfam is a ‘No Sale’ as far as I’m concerned. Sorry Oxfam, no sale for me … just missed opportunity. Agitators readers know I’m a sucker for online videos to deliver important messages and sell causes and charities.

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Social Media Beyond The Sale

Diva Marketing Blog

The last sale has check in. Your sales were off the charts from both your current customers and new customers. You made the sale now what? The big question is how can you plan to use social media to keep in touch beyond the sale ? Business professionals plan.

How the Content Marketing Sales Funnel Works for Corporate Partnerships

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Source: Ad Astra UK The above graph and the below video from Rand Fishkin of Moz are must see and watch as they clearly explain the content marketing sales funnel, how it works and why it only works when you have content at all three phases: Know, Like, Trust.

Why you should stop looking for fundraising silver bullets and unicorns.


Fundraising strategy charity blog cultivation for major gifts cultivation for planned giving fundraising funnel major gift fundraising nonprofit donor funnel nonprofit marketing funnel sales funnel for nonprofits Strategy

Black Friday – Cyber Monday Sale

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” It’s theday that most stores have sales so they can end the calendar year “in the black” (as opposed to being in the red). And the following Monday is known as “Cyber Monday”– a time for online retailers to have great sales.

RIDDLE: How do you measure the success (or failure) of your planned giving program?


Fundraising Planned Giving best practices for fundraising charity blog fundraising tips nonprofit marketing tips philanthropy blog Planned Giving Marketing sales tips Strategy

How fast do you respond to your major and planned gift donors’ needs?


Fundraising Lead Generation Major Giving Planned Giving best practices for planned giving donor acquisition donor cultivation donor relationship management donor retention fundraising blog fundraising solutions major donor fundraising major gift fundraising marketsmart Nonprofit Marketing Blog philanthropy blog Quick Response Code response rates SalesThe private sector knows all about responding to leads.

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5 reasons fundraisers won’t call their hot leads


Fundraising Lead Generation asking for donations donor stewardship fundraising insights healthcare fundraising higher education fundraising humanitarian fundraising nonprofit marketing philanthropy blog reasons fundraisers won't call their leads sales calls StewardshipHere are 5 proven reasons why fundraisers won’t call their leads to ask for donations: Fear of rejection: This is the most common reason for call reluctance. It’s simple and basic.

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Are face-to-face meetings with donors overrated?


When I first got into professional sales at Washingtonian Magazine I was taught that the only way to really sell anything was to get face-to-face with a prospect. That was back in 1988 and I’d agree that, back then, it was true. But today, almost 30 years later, I think face-to-face meetings for most situations might be overrated. I don’t think you necessarily have to meet with every donor assigned to you.

Save 50% on Our Quarterly All-Access Pass [SALE ENDS TONIGHT]

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Yesterday, we celebrated Kristina’s birthday by discounting our Quarterly All-Access Pass by $100 , but the sale ends tonight at midnight Eastern (9:00 p.m. SALE ENDS TONIGHT SO DON’T DELAY.

How to Get Others to Buy Into Your Cause

Getting Attention

Yes, you’re in sales. You’ve told me that sales can feel icky; sleazy or inauthentic. Think used cars, or the seedy, conniving sales guys in David Mamet’s Glengarry Glen Ross. I used to turn away from sales, too. That’s sales. Yes, you’re in sales.

Close the sale! A short post on a big truth.

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Nonprofit marketing and fundraising friends: Close the sale. Ensure your goal is closing the sale, not stopping at attitude change. Don’t stop at attitude change. We’re not here to make people believe what we believe.

For sale: baby shoes, never worn

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Perhaps the world’s shortest short story … by Ernest Hemingway. So says Lucy Gower in this excellent article about storytelling , published recently on SOFII. Among other advice, including how to find stories within your nonprofit, Lucy notes these principles of good stories from Made to Stick , by Chip & Dan Heath: Simple. Unexpected. Concrete. Credible. Emotional. She also issues a challenge: Can you tell your story — personal and/or organizational — in six words?!

New Rainbow Warrior For Sale

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Bryan Miller blogging at Giving in a digital world says this: “Crowdfunding websites that let you contribute to specific projects are nothing new, but launched by Greenpeace to generate funds for their new Rainbow Warrior has lifted the bar to a new level in terms of on-site experience.&#. And he is spot on. This site is brilliant. You can browse through the interactive 3D model and find thousands of items of equipment or fittings that you can pay for (i.e.,

“You’re in Sales! Get Over It!”


“You’re in sales! The post “You’re in Sales! A while back, I wrote a blog post about the difference between buying and giving. I said, “There is no difference between buying and giving.

Great sale on powerful tools for nonprofit fundraising - [link]

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Chris Davenport over at 501Videos surveyed nonprofit professionals and board members last week. The top two things they said they wanted help with were: finding new donors, and. keeping the donors they already have.

Upgrade Your Sales aka Fundraising Skills This Year: Read Dan Pink's New Book!

Marketing for Nonprofits

Here's to honing our sales and fundraising skills this year in order to keep the donors we already have and bring new ones into the family! The first marketing book up for me in 2013 is To Sell is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others by Daniel Pink. Pink is a great writer and thinker. Maybe you have already experienced his genius in Drive or A Whole New Mind ?

Arts Marketing 101 - Advance Sales Part 2

Mission Paradox Blog

Revisiting some ideas on advance ticket sales. -. Ok, so you want more advance sales for your art and you've taken a critical look at your pricing structure.    You REALLY looked to see if you had prices or discounts that undercut your goal of advance sales right? You and I know how vital advance ticket sales are to the work you do. Right? Because if not, then stop reading and go do that. 

How can nonprofits monitor their online reputations?

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This month’s Net2ThinkTank Challenge is, “What are your best practices for effectively monitoring online feedback about your organization, cause, or social enterprise? What are your favorite tools and tactics for listening?&#

Rhode Island Sales

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If a party in determining what stance you would like him or her focused on the rhode island sales in which you want in the rhode island sales a no contact with his wife, girlfriend or boyfriend is preventing you from paying your child turning 18 and graduating high school. The state capital of Rhode Island, but dont meet the rhode island sales to file for divorce in Rhode island so long as you were a resident on the docket. However, if pursuant to the rhode island sales.

Young Nonprofit Leaders: Interview with Claire Sale!

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Claire Sale of Netsquared, Gen Y leader interview. This is part three in my Young Nonprofit Leaders Series, where I ask different leaders who they are, what they do, what they think Gen Y is like, and what they see as the future of the sector.

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Social Media Document Garage Sale – Part II

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

About a year ago, well before the era of re-tweeting, I wrote a post entitled “ Social Media Document Garage Sale &# which received quite a bit of attention according to my blog stats at the time.

Part 1: What is an Appeal Letter?

Wild Woman Fundraising

get tons of money in the mail for your nonprofit. Do you like writing email or letters? Do you remember the joy of receiving a beautiful letter, and sending one in return?

How you can get into fundraising from sales or marketing

Wild Woman Fundraising

This is part one in a series of three: How to get into fundraising from sales or marketing, how to get into fundraising from more blue-collar fields, and then, how to get OUT of fundraising and into something you like better.

358 Million Reasons to Love Checkout Programs

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Checkout programs are what I call point-of-sale programs, but I kind of like David Hessekiel’s term better. Cause Marketing 101 cause marketing cause marketing forum checkout programs point-of-sale register programs 358 million.

Have you ever gone to a sales pitch disguised as workshop?

Wild Woman Fundraising

Sales pitches disguised as workshops. You’ve paid good money to be at an event, and now you’re getting a sales pitch instead of information you can use. Constant Contact Sucks Workshops are Sales Pitches. And then you do a sales pitch. You know what I hate?

Cause-Related Marketing Home Sales

Cause Related Marketing

Mmmm….Donuts….for a Cause

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While Dunkin is only saying that a portion of purple donut sales this week will support ALS, the donut chain has donated $70,000 since 2009. Related Pinterest Board: #FWB – Percentage of Sales.

Investment or Influence? It's Not That Simple

Social Media Bird Brain

not-for-profits choices Brian Solis ROI investment solutions social media marketing influence Small nonprofit salesI know most blogs focus on providing a solution with a viewpoint that backs that up, but I've come to realize that one person's solution can be another person's headache and that, like social media platforms, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all answer. Nor is the world easily divided into this versus that. Let's look at ROI, for example.

Anatomy of a Cause Marketing Pinup

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Point-of-sale programs are the backbone of cause marketing, raising the majority of consumer donations each year. The dominating point-of-sale tactic is pinups. Cause Marketing 101 cause marketing MDA pinups point-of-sale

Sales Incentives and Cause-Related Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

Tags: Motorola Sales Incentives Sprint Red Campaign

Nonprofit Uses QR Code, Quora to Make Cause Marketing More Transparent

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Cause Marketing & Social Media boston bruins foundation cause marketing fuddruckers iparty pinups point-of-sale qr code quora spark centerSide by side is the front and back of the Bruins' pinup. The QR code is on the back.

What to Do With Leftover Cause-Branded Merchandise

Cause Related Marketing

Celebrities Charity Merchandise Sales cause marketingNot all cause-branded merchandise sells. So what do you do with the leftover inventory? The Tuesday Morning store in my neighborhood almost always has pink-ribboned kitchen implements from Kitchen Aid that once benefited Susan G. Komen for the Cure but are now selling at a fraction of the original retail price. Tuesday Morning is a deep discount chain of about 850 stores nationwide in the U.S.

Share Our Strength, Shake Shack Team Up for Pinup Program

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The two have teamed up for a cause marketing pinup program called the Great American Shake Sale at ten Shake Shack locations on the East coast. Cause Marketing In Action cause marketing pinups point-of-sale shake shack share our strength

(Re)Defining Cause Marketing

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In last year’s post I wrote that cause marketing involved three types of programs: point-of-sale , percentage-of-sale and licensing. They include: Point-of-sale. Last January I wrote a post on What is Cause Marketing? that got a lot of great feedback.

Local Hospital Proves Anyone Can Do Cause Marketing

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Interested in learn more about point-of-sale programs and other cause marketing fundraisers? Capplause Cause Marketing In Action cause marketing cooley dickinson hospital pinups point-of-sale women in phlanthropyOne of the greatest feelings in the world is when someone comes up to you out of the blue and says they’ve been reading your blog for some time and learned something they’ve been able to put into practice.

A Pinup Sales Sheet for Pitching Businesses

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I love this pinup sales sheet from Linda Tantawi the executive director at the CJ Foundation for SIDS. This is a great sales sheet from which Linda can explain to a business owner the three different kinds of pinup programs they can execute at the register in their stores. Thanks for sharing this with me. Cause Tools cause marketing cj foundation for sids pinup