(Re)Defining Cause Marketing

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Last January I wrote a post on What is Cause Marketing? Over the past year I’ve gone back to that post many time and reread the comments again and thought about how I was defining cause marketing. They include: Point-of-sale.

Cause Marketing and Branding

Cause Related Marketing

Done right, cause marketing can be a terrific branding tool for the cause and the sponsor. It’s easy to slap together a transactional cause marketing campaign for some consumable item; a box of Kleenix, a candy bar, a toothbrush. Cause-Related Marketing does a world of good.

Yes and Yes Pink Ribbon Cause Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

4 post titled, ‘Transactional Cause Marketing is Not the Boogeyman.” In it I dismissed people who get heartburn from the practice of transactional cause marketing, that is, when a purchase triggers the donation. Here’s what I wrote then : “Transactional cause marketing is a promotion. So are coupons, sales flyers, sampling, among many others. Cause marketing pulls many of the same psychological strings. And so it’s not the same.”

Pink Ribbon Cause Marketing Doing Its Job Again

Cause Related Marketing

There are subtypes that are more deadly and less receptive to current therapies, including a variety known as triple negative breast cancer. A triple negative breast cancer diagnosis means that the cancer was not triggered by hormonal receptors.

Best Cause Marketing Campaigns of 2012

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I searched through all my posts and Pinterest boards from last year and came up with my 2012 picks for best cause marketing campaigns. What were your favorite cause marketing campaigns of 2012? Best Point-of-Sale Program: Share Our Strength & Shake Shack.

CRM and Customer Retention

Non Profit Marketing 360

That might sound obvious, but from our experience not everyone fully understands how important data can be to your marketing and retention efforts. Much of advertising falls into the “spray and pray” mentality of traditional media. In this current age of marketing and advertising, if you are not reviewing and analyzing your data, you are losing. It’s the marketer’s version of the scientific age. Data matters.

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Gamifying Cause Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

On the heels of my posts on games and cause marketing in this space and at MediaPost.com , people have been asking me about how so-called 'gamification' can be used in cause marketing. Part of the answer has already been provided by Joe Waters (and others) in their coverage of Foursquare, which can be easily utilized in cause marketing. Zynga and its suite of games have done meaningful cause marketing, notably for disaster relief in Haiti and Japan.

What to Do With Leftover Cause-Branded Merchandise

Cause Related Marketing

Frankly, as a cause marketer it’s slightly embarrassing. Back in March 2011 the big UK retailer and veteran cause marketer Marks & Spencer offered up men’s underwear designed by six different British sportsmen and benefiting The Prostate Cancer Charity. Promotions… cause marketing and otherwise… tend to be front-loaded and rightfully so. This is a different way of running a retail promotion and more work than what is usually required.

Using Cause Marketing to Preserve Retail Pricing Power

Cause Related Marketing

The Consumer Wars have been fought, and frankly, Consumers won. In the process, retailers ceded their pricing power and maybe their sustainability. Can cause marketing come to the rescue? Cause marketing can’t necessarily save retail.

Price 142

Cause Marketing, Selfishness Drive Consumer Giving

Selfish Giving

New research out of the University of Michigan confirms what I always knew was true: I was right to name my cause marketing blog Selfish Giving. Cause marketing decreases giving, happiness. The consumer contributes nothing and gets something in exchange. And with good reason.

The Best Local Cause Marketing of 2011 (and 3 that Really Stunk)

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Here are my picks for the best local cause marketing programs of 2011. My criteria for picking these promotions wasn’t based on dollars raised, but on how well they represented the potential for local cause marketing. and a buck goes to Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Cause Marketing 101: 5 Tactics for Raising Money from Businesses

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Cause marketing is a partnership between a nonprofit and a for-profit for mutual profit. Partnership implies equal work and equal reward for both the nonprofit and the company. Cause marketing programs should be win-win situations for everyone. Cause marketing raises money and raises awareness because you are gaining access to your partner's most valuable asset - their customers. . Best Cause Marketing Tactics. Purchase triggered donations.

The Difference Between Transactional, Transformative Cause Marketing

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I’ve been talking to a lot of people about the difference between transactional cause marketing and transformative cause marketing. Everything I need to know about cause marketing on two napkins. What is Transactional Cause Marketing?

Celebrate the Fourth with Cause Marketing that Supports Troops

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I’m celebrating the day with these three cause marketing promotions that support our troops – a great cause to support on the day we celebrate freedom. I asked you to send me your examples of Indendence Day cause marketing and you responded! Happy Fourth of July!

Why and How Nonprofits Should Use Pinterest

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Enter the Pinterest “Causes I Love Contest” and you could win a $250 gift card! . It’s easy to use, powerfully visual, populated with cause marketing-loving women and growing like crazy. I also created a board for cause marketing promotions I liked.

Cause Marketing for Healthcare Organizations

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NEAHP – Cause Marketing for Health Care Organizations. We had a great time and we hope you did too. Joanna and I think you’ll find these links helpful. What is cause marketing? Be sure to read the post it links to and all the comments. Point-of-Sale.

Don’t Hire a Full-Time Cause Marketer

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Just about every day I read about a nonprofit either looking for a cause marketer, or searching for someone to do cause marketing along with events, sponsorship, operations, human resources, major gifts. First, few people have cause marketing experience.

10 Best Cause Marketing Promotions of 2016 [SLIDESHARE]

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10 Best Cause Marketing Promotions of 2016 from Selfish Giving Welcome to my annual 10 Best Cause Marketing Promotions of 2016. As always, it was a great year for cause marketing. I Post On Great Cause Marketing Every Week. and conserved 7.4

10 Tech Tools for Cause Marketers

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Here’s a list of ten tech tools companies and causes can use for cause marketing to raise money and awareness. It’s hard to overstate the impact mobile will have on our lives and on cause marketing in the years ahead. Online Cause Marketing.

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A Cause Marketer's Guide to Giving Over the Holidays

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Evidently, we feel more obligated to give when asked, because we want to avoid looking like a cheapskate, to others and even to ourselves. It's overwhelming, and frustrating because there is no way I can support all of them. And I'm using cause marketing as my guide!

Is ‘Hovering’ the Future of Online Cause Marketing?

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Right now the service is just being used with food and recipes , but cause marketing could be next. And what they see isn’t a generic pop-up. The information is personalized by Swoop based on the viewer’s location and search history.

‘Employee Engagement’ is My New Cause Marketing Buzzword

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I’m trying to learn more about volunteering and employee engagement initiatives for businesses that want more than the transactional cause marketing campaigns I specialize in. The employee engagement side of cause marketing is mostly new to me.

3 Resources for Newbies: What Exactly is Cause Marketing?

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I've had a ton of new signups for my newsletter and I'm getting more questions about what exactly is cause marketing? These three posts will give you some answers - and will surely give you a few more questions that I'm happy to answer in the comments or in future posts.

MissionFish, Benevity Bring Cause Marketing Online

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I’ve made it my mission of late to find good online cause marketing options for small companies and causes. Thanks to the Cause Marketing Forum Conference two weeks ago , I’ve discovered two more. Nonprofits can sell in-kind items online and collect the money.

Is Cause Marketing Really a Disaster After Disasters?

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No sooner had the ground stopped shaking in Japan last week and people were already shaking their fists calling for a moratorium on cause marketing. Let’s begin with the definition of cause marketing. I agree with Mom101 that post-disaster is no time for marketing ploys.

Three Key Pieces of Advice for Cause Marketing Newbies

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I get lots of good questions about cause marketing from people who are new to the field. Here are three strategies for cause marketing newbies, regardless of where you are in the journey. It starts by educating them about cause marketing. Cause Marketing 101

Pepsi Refresh Notwithstanding, Cause Marketing Still Sells the Goods

Cause Related Marketing

In a post about Starbuck CEO Howard Schultz at theatlantic.com , ‘Jack Flack’ (aka Paul Pendergrass) takes a swipe about the effectiveness of cause marketing that isn’t supported by the facts. The stock is at an all-time high, in Dec 2011 Schultz was named Fortune magazine’s Business Leader of the Year and the CEO has launched some audacious initiatives that aren’t directly about selling coffee. I’ve covered both issues here and here.

Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

It is a rainy day here, but it’s never too dreary to share some Mixed Links… First things first, we are having an All-Access Pass sale through July 7, 2017. Learn more about the All-Access Pass and enter promo code HOTSAVINGS to save $200. Parts 1 and 2 are $199.

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Getting that second donation-interview with Melinda Snow Olson

Wild Woman Fundraising

Melinda Snow Olson has been a marketing executive, small business owner, top-of-her-class MBA, university strategy instructor, and marketing process consultant. Why left-brained marketing? What is your background in email marketing?

Where Are All the Online Cause Marketing Solutions?

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How would you like to be in my book Cause Marketing for Dummies ? I have a whole chapter devoted to online cause marketing. Within it, I want a section for etailers and other online businesses that want to partner with and raise money for causes online.

Newsletter: 3 Lessons from Red Nose Day ; Vodka Maker Milks Cause Marketing ??; 31 Days of Giving is Here!

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Most of that money has come from red nose sales at Walgreens stores, which raised $20 million in 2017 alone. We interviewed Linn Jordan , Director of Retail Marketing for Walgreens, about its efforts on behalf of Red Nose Day back in 2016 and it's worth a listen.

Cause Related Marketing - Untitled Article

Cause Related Marketing

Not all cause-related marketing is about raising money, per se. Pictured are images from a box of Hamburger Helper from the Alden Keene Cause Marketing Database that was purchased in 2008. Prominently featured on the front and back of the box is Susan G. billion a year in sales.

Urban Outfitters Cause Marketing for NPR is a Poor Fit

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I’m curious what you think about this cause marketing program between Urban Outfitters and National Public Radio. Nice cause marketing (purchased-triggered donation, by the way). I bought this for my dad, who loves NPR and had no idea where I had found it! (My

NPR 96

Let’s Talk About Cause Marketing at Quora

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It’s the new question and answer site called Quora. cause marketing) or questions (e. Where is cause marketing headed in 2011?). I’ve gone ahead and added cause marketing as a topic and even plugged in some FAQ’s for it. We have a new toy.

What’s The Best Cause Marketing Program for My Business?

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The last time I talked about cause marketing for businesses I looked at how to pick a cause partner. You can review the different types of cause marketing programs here. If it’s an animal shelter the emotional tug is all the puppies and kittens that will be saved.

Local Cancer Group Shows that Pink Cause Marketing Isn’t Just for Komen

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October is here and millions will be raised this month with cause marketing for breast cancer organizations. Two of the best known are Komen for the Cure and Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Many small organizations are educating themselves and launching their own promotions.

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Is the Humble Text Message a Cause Marketing Star?

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I’m reevaluating my thinking on text messages (SMS) for cause marketing. And unless you used SMS after some horrific disaster, or at a concert displayed it on a jumbotron at some major sporting event it wasn’t very useful for cause marketing.

Here’s your magic wand for our nonprofit future

Wild Woman Fundraising

I have been blindsided by nonprofit bosses announcing to me that we didn’t have enough money for payroll-and I thought-how did this go unnoticed? They sold homes to low-income first-time homebuyers at below market rates. The housing market crashed. And we grew.

Global 151

Re-engaging Lapsed Customers/Donors

The Agitator

Everybody in marketing — whether they’re selling cars, cell phones or causes/charities — has the same problem … keeping their current customers engaged. In the commercial world, marketers use all sorts of personal and individual behavior (or inactivity) data to trigger relevant customer contacts aimed at repeat sales or ‘softer’ relationship building.

Newsletter: Cause Marketing for 'Boring' Industries ; Wendy's Loses Pigtails for a Cause ; Why is Tom's Shoes Struggling?

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I hope you are because when it comes to cause marketing it's the biggest conference of the year! I'll be in Minneapolis the afternoon of May 30th and staying at the Crowne Plaza downtown. Who wants to meet for a "Cup of Joe" and shoot the breeze about cause marketing?

I'm Calling You Out Etsy! (But Not Because of that Puny Pink Ribbon Debacle.)

Cause Related Marketing

And, the story goes , some of the items had only the loosest sort of connection to breast cancer or breast cancer charities. Why doesn’t Etsy just bake cause marketing capability right into its API? Why would Etsy go to the trouble and expense?

API 158

Term Paper Subject Ideas


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To Succeed, Nonprofits Must Live in Past, Present & Future

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Much to his surprise, he awakes in his bed and realizes he survived the night. Relieved, Scrooge pledges to “Live in the past, the present and the future.” Yes, each and everyone. The past has glories, predictability and comfortable models for success.