Twitter Search or Instagram Search: Which is Better for Business?

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Paul wondered if search on Twitter or Instagram could be a good business tool. Connect with Paul Chaney on Twitter | LinkedIn . Twitter Search or Instagram Search: Which is Better for Business? - Twitter Search or Instagram Search? Twitter Search.

#HOWTO: Tumblr & RSS Feeds – How Do They Work Together?

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Last week we promised to discuss the connection that can be made between your nonprofit’s Tumblr site and RSS Readers around the world. The meaning of the acronym ‘ RSS ‘has been debated, but not hotly.

Why I Don’t Follow Your Nonprofit or You on Twitter

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I have a lover affair with Twitter. So sorry, Twitter. Of course, Twitter isn’t the real problem. I’ve learned a ton on Twitter, and I get most of my blog post ideas from Twitter too. In short, I think I’m using Twitter the wrong way.

10 reasons you should be using RSS RIGHT NOW

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Since a lot more people are jumping on the blogging bandwagon every day, and also, Twitter, and also, Tumblr and a whole bunch of other places, the level of noise is going to keep rising. Do you know what RSS is? RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. I have a page where I keep all of my RSS feeds. Why should you use RSS feeds? You can have twitter mention alerts when people write your keyword, helping you find new people to follow and converse with.

#HOWTO: Set Up Your Tumblr Blog’s Settings & Connect To Twitter/Facebook

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What the Blog Settings offer that is worth emphasizing is the opportunity to connect your organization’s Twitter and Facebook accounts to your Tumblr blog. We don’t go into RSS in the video, but look at our previous coverage of the technology here and here.


If This Then That. When Google isn’t enough…

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IF –>Point at the website/social media platform/search query/ rss feed you are referring to and specify a trigger. THEN –> Indicate what action you want to take place specific to the website/social media platform/search query/ rss feed you select.

The Social Round-Up


Now that I’ve finally switched my RSS reader from Bloglines to Google Reader, I find myself there a lot more–even more so than Twitter (gasp). Buzz vs. Facebook vs. MySpace vs Twitter –Jeremiah Owyang does it again and offers a strong breakdown of these four platforms.

Mixed Links on Nonprofit Marketing and Communications

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Joanne Fritz shares “ How I Juggle 140 Feeds on My RSS Reader.&#. If you are still unsure what Twitter is all about (or just want a good laugh about it), Susan Young at Ragan’s PR Daily lays it out in picture form in “ The 4 Stages of Understanding Twitter.&#.

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Online Marketing Terms in Plain English

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Forwarding someone else’s tweet (an update on Twitter) to your own Twitter followers. Readers of these types of sites subscribe and then receive updates to their RSS reader or email box, instead of having to check all the different sites all the time.

A list of mobile apps that I use regularly

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The Native Apps of Social Media Sites I Use: These currently include: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ (still lagging on this last one). HootSuite: This is my main mobile monitoring and publishing dashboard (primarily for Twitter).

How to get tons more traffic for your nonprofit blog

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As of this writing, I have 21,000 monthly readers, 1,100 enewsletter subscribers, 3,000 twitter followers, and 500+ LinkedIn followers. Mazarine Treyz, with The Wild Woman’s Guide to Fundraising and The Wild Woman’s Guide to Social Media.

How the New York Botanical Garden Uses Tumblr to Delight Their Fans

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" And then you can hook your Tumblr into your Twitter (using an rss-feed reader like TwitFeed), and boom, your message goes out on Twitter too. . Another thing I have done is to link our blog's RSS feed into our Tumblr.

Results of My Daily Blogging Experiment

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I provide this option in several places, including the subscription box and in a footer that goes out with the RSS feed. Twitter referrals increased 149% and Facebook referrals increased 138%. Twitter referrals increased 275% and Facebook referrals increased 160%.

Blogging Daily Starting Monday

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Twitter , Facebook ). If email isn’t your thing, follow me on Twitter and/or Facebook where the blog posts also appear usually within an hour of posting. Of course, you can always subscribe to the RSS feed directly, too.

RSS 31

11 ways to make your website more enchanting

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Show people how to find you on Facebook, Twitter, via RSS, via email, etc According to Guy Kawasaki , former Chief Evangelist of Apple, you need an enchanting website to pull people to your story.

FAQ 18

Creating Website Content: What Do Your Visitors Really Want?

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When they mention you on Twitter, comment on a Facebook update, or reply to your email newsletter, respond with a thanks or some other kind of encouragement. Integrate your real-time communications channels into your website, for example, by using Twitter or Facebook widgets or RSS feeds that bring the live conversation to your site.

Most Popular Articles of 2014: On Social Marketing and Social Change

Social Marketing and Social Change

But whether you are an email subscriber, get a RSS feed, follow new posts on social media (Twitter and LinkedIn), or are one of the searchers, we all share a passion for understanding and learning how to do good better.

Are you using social media to broadcast or engage?

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If I wanted SnagIt headlines, I’m sure I could’ve signed up for an RSS feed to have those pushed to me. But I didn’t even know SnagIt was on Twitter, much less that they were listening.

How Are Your Email Appeals Accessed?

The Agitator

I can see that 10% of our subscribers are following via Twitter (only 3% are using an RSS feed), and I presume most of those are using a mobile when they do. Sorry, no advice today! A question instead. I’ve just been reading a variety of articles (examples here and here ) about improving email performance in the commercial space.

#HOWTO: Tumbler Can Be Social Media Hub, But Other Tools Are Available

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Tumblr offers nonprofits and charities a free platform (with some themes and extensions costing a few bucks) and host to establish a web presence that is just a couple of clicks away from integrating with your Twitter account and an RSS feed.

#SOCIALNETWORKS: Sweat The Details, But Focus On The Big Picture

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Conversationalists, who keep fairly regular track of their Twitter/Facebook accounts, make up about 33%. Collectors, who, well, collect RSS feeds, tag online photos, cast votes, etc., In cyberspace, no one need hear you scream.

#HOWTO: Create A Tumblr Account And Why It Might Replace Your Blog

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Facebook and Twitter seem to rule the net, but FourSquare and StumbleUpon are out there too, and many are wrestling with developing a presence on Google+. Think of it as some of the most accessible features of Microsoft Word linked to the wide reach of Twitter with some of the under-the-hood muscle of a full-fledged website if you want to get your hands dirty. And Tumblr will tap into your Facebook and Twitter accounts automatically – cutting down on time and effort.

#HOWTO: Efficiently Monitor Your Organization’s Busy Social Networks

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Like any such dashboards, you can sign into a number of the more popular social-media systems ( Facebook , Twitter , Google+ , LinkedIn , FourSquare …) and monitor them all in one place. The free level of service offers users up to five accounts (and a couple of RSS feeds!)

#HOWTO: Efficiently Monitor Your Organization’s Busy Social Networks

Non Profit Marketing 360

Like any such dashboards, you can sign into a number of the more popular social-media systems ( Facebook , Twitter , Google+ , LinkedIn , FourSquare …) and monitor them all in one place. The free level of service offers users up to five accounts (and a couple of RSS feeds!)

#Interview: Mike Kujawski, VP at the Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing, Blogger & Speaker on Social Media

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For example, through RSS , my blog content is pulled onto GOVLOOP (a social network for government) where government focused posts get much more discussion than on my actual blog. Then there’s a whole separate discussion on the Twitter channel and now Google +.

Resources For Issues Concerning Older Americans

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If reading or writing blogs is not your level of commitment yet, Changing Aging can be followed via Twitter, Facebook, RSS Feed, and its YouTube channel , where individual contributors and professional associations have posted materials across a broad range of topics and experiences. Numerous resources are available online and in print for information about elder care, aging, homes for older Americans, etc.

Nuggets of Social Change–Round 2


Twitter is the Oxford Dictionary’s 2009 Word of the Year. Not only are good news items coming up, but I’ve also expanded my RSS reader with some blogs I encourage you to get to know: Social Herder : If you don’t know Will Robinson, you might want to.

What is a QR code and why might it matter for nonprofit marketing?

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Promote Your Organization’s Online Presence: If you want to get more Facebook Fans, increase subscribers to your e-newsletter, or get people to follow you on Twitter then why not generate QR Codes that correspond to these and include them in your next print newsletter?

Japan 25

Do you want more attention for your cause? Order My New Book: The Wild Woman’s Guide to Social Media

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How about how to get more Twitter followers, FAST? It’s about Twitter. If you want to learn: How to get donations from all over the world, How to stay private online and in social media, How to get 21,000 monthly readers, How to get 3K Twitter followers and.

LinkedIn for Nonprofit Professionals

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Debra can also be found chatting away on twitter at [link]. If your organization has a blog or Twitter presence, be sure to add those to the company profile to personalize the company. This week, I’m honored to introduce you to Debra Askanase.

How Do You Take The "Fear Factor" Out Of Social Media?

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before there was Facebook or Twitter people tried to make sense of marketing in a digital world by tapping the experiences of those who were exploring the (then) innovative ideas of blogs and RSS. . You learn more quickly under the guidance of experienced teachers.

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Free tool of the week: CommonCraft tutorials on social media tools


The videos include: RSS, social media, social networking, social bookmarking, online photo sharing, blogs, podcasting, twitter, and wikis. flickr/dorineruter. Need to introduce your staff or anyone else to social media tools? CommonCraft offers a set of nine very short (3-4 minutes each) beautifully simple YouTube tutorials in plain English that appeal to even the least experienced among us. They really are small works of genius.

What Would You Say if You Were Me?

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This blog has average visitors of 185/day or 5,200/month on the site, plus another 284 who receive blog posts by email, and an unknown number who read it in RSS form (ie: Google Reader, etc.). And, of course, your post will be fully credited to you, with links to your blog/twitter/etc. Alternate title for this post, "What you got to say for myself?" What am I talking about? I'm offering you a chance to write the Nonprofit Consultant Blog for a day.


Social Media for Nonprofits @ the Carnival

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You’ll find posts related to how nonprofits are using all the major social networks (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter) and more. Switch to an RSS feed reader like Google Reader and you can subscribe to this blog and others, without clogging your inbox.

To Tweet or Not to Tweet

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What is Twitter? Twitter allows people to communicate with large audiences about big and little things important to them or to their nonprofit. Twitter is one of those social marketing tools that everyone is always talking about but is it of much value? I started using Twitter a number of months ago but didn’t really understand it. Great way to keep a constituency informed of news articles, posts, and other information (connect to your RSS feeds).

Diva Marketing Blog Acquired. Almost! Part II

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Unlike traditional publishers who place a premium on your network, The X Man never asked about RSS subscriptions or my network reach. . Perhaps he's now counting his Twitter Followers. . Continuted from Part I. To sell Diva Marketing Or not to sell Diva Marketing. The bling was shiny.

2009 Nonprofit Technology Conference

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To see the conference’s Twitter stream, simply search Twitter for the hashtag #09NTC. Take twitter - who cares what you are eating, but look how people are using it now! I highly recommend you adding her RSS feed to your blog reader.). You can also follow the comments throughout the day on the Twitter search for #09NTC. Engage Events Samples & Tools nonprofit marketing social media twitter

75 Summer All-Access Passes for $75 - Get Yours While You Can!

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Switch to an RSS feed reader like Google Reader and you can subscribe to this blog and others, without clogging your inbox. From right now until they are gone, I’m offering a special Summer All-Access Pass to Nonprofit Marketing Guide.

Free Buzz monitoring Tools

Search Marketing for Nonprofits

Social Mention - searches across a variety of social media sources , including Google blog search, Twitter, Delicious, FriendFeed, Flickr, Digg, YouTube. You can also set up RSS feeds and email alerts. Tags: Flickr MySpace Social media marketing YouTube facebook twitter buzz buzz monitoring online monitoring social media analytics social media monitoring I wanted to share with everyone the buzz monitoring tools I’ve discovered and think are useful.

Are You a New Volunteer Manager? Here’s Managing Volunteers 101

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I like to help unemployed volunteers set up an RSS feed for jobs. You’ll notice I didn’t say Facebook or Twitter. How can you manage volunteers? What do you need done?