Part 2: Get to Stronger Supporter Relationships (Peer Guidance)

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Please tell us what you’re doing to strengthen supporter relationships, and what’s in your way. Thanks to these fabulous folks in the field for sharing their right-now paths to stronger relationships with supporters, and what’s getting in their way! Relationship Building

4 Ways to Use Social Media to Strengthen Donor Relationships

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Use this fact to your advantage as social media channels can be an excellent way to strengthen donor relationships. Here are just 4 ways that your nonprofit can use social media to build relationships with donors.

Aunt Frances’ Key to Relationship Building

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She’s unknowingly taught me so much, including this insight on building strong and lasting relationships that I want to share with you today. We both felt we got the best deal from the relationship, that we got far more than we gave.

Nonprofit Media Relations—Not JUST Relationships

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As a media relations expert, the question I’m most often asked is whether I have strong relationships with reporters. Yet, media relations professionals are constantly selling or being forced to sell this relationship idea.

Get to Stronger Supporter Relationships (Peer Guidance: Part 1)

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Please tell us what you’re doing to strengthen supporter relationships, and what’s in your way. Thanks to these fabulous folks in the field for sharing their right-now paths to stronger relationships with supporters, and what’s getting in their way! What Lorna Riddle is doing differently to build stronger relationships. “I’m Please tell us what you’re doing to strengthen donor relationships, and what’s in your way. Relationship Building

Understanding Donor Relationships

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Fixing the problem of donor loss or seizing the opportunity of donor loyalty begins with an understanding of some fundamentals about relationships in general, and more specifically how these fundamentals apply to donors.

6 Effective Ways to Thank Donors for a Lasting Relationship


When done well, these expressions of gratitude can build a lasting relationship with donors, leading to continued involvement. When it comes to giving thanks, there’s plenty that can be done to acknowledge donors and nurture your relationships with supporters.

The Cradle of Relationship Fundraising

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Unless we concentrate on improving donor relationships we’re headed for a future of lousy bottom lines. No wonder the Botton Village experience is often called “the cradle of donor relationship fundraising.”. “Fundraisers always prosper when they focus less on the money.

PR Pick-Up Lines: Starting a Relationship With Your Favorite Reporter

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If your work also involves some combination of social media, marketing, speechwriting, fundraising solicitations, event planning, blogging, and managing the production of your annual report, it’s hard to carve out the time to actually build relationships with reporters and editors.

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Make Spring Relationship Building Season

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Either way, you should make spring relationship building season. Of course, relationship building needs to be a year-round effort. Put relationship building front and center this spring. Find ways to build relationships in your spring fundraising campaign.

Five Steps To Nurture a 30-Year Cause Marketing Relationship

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and thereby begged the question, what does it takes to have a multi-decade cause marketing relationship between a cause and a sponsor? Too many cause marketing relationships, in my estimation, resemble speed-dating more than long-term marriage. There can be good reasons for short-term cause marketing relationships. The longer the relationship lasts the more trust is evidenced. Set the expectation for a long-term relationship right from the start.

Building Relationships

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Talk about relationship building! Stephanie Strom wrote a piece in Monday’s NY Times , titled: “ CARE, in Return to Roots, Will Offer Virtual Packages.&#.

4 Steps to Stronger Relationships by Sharing a Laugh

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And, as when you share a laugh with a new-ish colleague or friend, that grin or guffaw can draw the two of you closer together, enriching your relationship. How is your organization using humor — effectively or ineffectively — to strengthen your relationships?

Needed: The Stomach And Resolve For Building Donor Relationships

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Tom’s post Donor Relationships? Balderdash produced a wonderful wave of comment from donor-oriented Agitator readers on the importance of working hard on designing and tending the relationship garden. Lisa Sargent and Mary Cahalane share the experience and rewards of attentiveness to the donor relationship. And Simone Joyoux wonders out loud and in her inimitable style why so many fundraisers are blind to the quality of donor relationships.

Here’s why when it comes to planned gifts, it isn’t necessarily ALL about the relationship


I have two questions that I ask people when they say that planned gift fundraising “is all about the relationship.” I ask, “So if it’s ‘all about the relationship,’ how come you and your organization didn’t know about so many gifts?” Yet, I think we need to recognize that a solid relationship with a supporter, advocate or member will definitely affect their legacy planning decisions.

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6 Steps to Stronger Relationships – Share Your Relevant, Valuable Content

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And the 2011 Email Marketing Benchmark Report is a must-read guide to getting there, highlighting what works best to grow relationships with an engaged base and prospects. Email marketing strategies have matured and are no longer strictly about increasing the number of subscribers.

Want to get that next grant? 5 steps to start building relationships with foundations

Wild Woman Fundraising

I’m great at writing grants but not as great at building a relationship with the foundations. Sure, here’s how to start building relationships with foundations. 5 steps to start building relationships with foundations originally appeared on Wild Woman Fundraising on December 17, 2012. I am answering reader questions! Because Wild Woman Fundraising Readers ROCK! So what questions are we answering today? On 11/09/2012 06:01 PM, Sarah wrote: > > Hola Mazarine! >

How Strong Relationships Can Increase Fundraising Results in 2011

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And just like offline, online relationships and the strength of those relationships will ultimately determine your success as a fundraiser. Here are a few tips to help cultivate those relationships. . 7 Principals for Building Better Relationships Online. Show who you are in your entire donation process to make the most of and further the relationship you have worked so hard to build. .

Donor relationships are like gardens…

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Here are some key points from this session: Donor relationships are like gardens. Good donor relationships are the key to successful fundraising. Relationships build loyalty. Two-way communication is critical to building relationships. Good donor relationships are built on purpose. We’re so used to relationships growing naturally that it feels a bit uncomfortable to do it on purpose.

Three Steps to Build Meaningful Relationships in Life (and with Your Donors)

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The post Three Steps to Build Meaningful Relationships in Life (and with Your Donors) appeared first on Fundraising Report Card. Philanthropy tends to be fairly transactional — I give you some money, you send me a year-end appeal — and less relational — I give you some money, you ask me about my life story and connection to your mission. This could be (and most likely is) a contributing factor to dismal donor retention rates.

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All About Relationships

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We all have those friends who get away with everything or those friends we will do anything for just because of who they are; development is all about relationships. Meeting new people and making new relationships is a challenge for every organization. Related posts: Relationships We Reflect Our Leaders Tips on Building Good Proposals Small Talk, Big Value It’s Good When it Works. People want different things.

How About a Relationship Building Day?

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That may be because they were drawn into whatever gimmicks the organizations were using to get donations or the organizations failed to build relationships afterward. Speaking of building relationships, instead of focusing so much time and energy on GivingTuesday, focus more on thanking your donors and building those important relationships. Building relationships before you send your appeal. Building relationships instead of participating in GivingTuesday.

Build Relationships With Your Donors by Having an Open House

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Building relationships with your donors is a year-round effort. There are many ways to build relationships. Nonprofits tend to do a poor job of following up after an event and miss out on a great opportunity to build relationships.

Your supporters want a polyamorous relationship with you and your organization


Polyamorous relationships are non-exclusive. Your supporters will control the relationship. The post Your supporters want a polyamorous relationship with you and your organization appeared first on MarketSmart |. Therefore, your supporters will cheat on you.

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Relationship Fundraising in the 21st Century - An academic study by Rogare

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Take this as an example: for over a year, the folks at Rogare , the fundraising think tank of The Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy, have been rigorously studying relationship fundraising. No nonprofit I know can exist just to build relationships.

The Big Difference Between Marketing and Fundraising and Why It’s Important

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There were always too many fires to put out, too many competing tasks, not enough time to create relevant marketing campaigns or to build strong relationships with major donors. Fundraisers are Relationship Builders.

Giving is up, and it’s still about relationships

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It builds a relationship with supporters—and shows your organization cares enough to pay attention to the donation experience and donor stewardship.

How to Build Stronger Donor Relationships Right Now: Ideas from Fellow Fundraisers (Part 1)

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Please tell us what you’re doing to strengthen donor relationships and/or what’s in your way. Thanks to these fabulous fundraisers in the field for sharing their right-now paths to stronger relationships with donors and what’s getting in their way Have two minutes? Thanks!

How Strong Relationships Increase Fundraising Results

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Just like offline, the strength of your donor relationships will ultimately determine your success as a fundraiser. Here are a few tips to help cultivate those relationships. . . 7 Principles for Building Better Relationships Online. Show who you are in your entire donation process to make the most of and further the relationship you have worked so hard to build. .

Donor ‘Relationships’? Balderdash!

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Nonprofit communications guru Tom Ahern has just published a fascinating post in his e-newsletter asking and answering the question: How long does the average donor give? Eventually I expect the article will be available to slowpokes on his website. Before I report the answers to his question (he asked a whole flotilla of consultants and practitioners), I ask YOU to answer the question from your own experience … 1 year? 2 years? 5 years? 8 years? 10 years and more?

Finding Prospects, Building Relationships, Enticing Investors

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Importance can be based most readily on two main traits: capacity and relationship. What capacity do they have to help you and what is their relationship with you? The lifeline of any organization is the people that give their money and their time to support it. You have to find those people, keep them around and encourage them to finally take action. An easy way to find your best qualified prospects are to look at the three P''s: priorities, programs, and projects.

Moves Management or Relationship Management

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Sometimes more time is spent talking about the need to call a donor than actually spent in developing a relationship with the donor. Countless hours are wasted in nonprofit organizations discussing the next move to do with a donor. Ten minutes in a personal conversation with a donor is more valuable than ten minutes planning a personal conversation (you should still spend time planning these conversations- the point is to spend more time in these conversations).

Why Does Giving to Your Organization Feel Like a Transaction and Not a Relationship?

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I saw very few hints of any type of relationship. Give donors a compelling reason to give and focus more on the relationship and not the transaction. Focus on the relationship, not the transaction.

4 ways marketing is entering the relationship era

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Here is my take on the ideas that grabbed me in the article, “The Dawn of the Relationship Era,” along with what I think they mean to nonprofits: 1. You shouldn’t be going for the quick sale (or donation) - you should be going for trusted, sustainable relationships.

5 Scientific Ways to Build Relationships with Millennials

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Last week, I was honored to speak at MCON 2013 , a day of thought leadership and conversation about engaging the Millennial generation for good. As part of my talk, I shared insights from the science of behavior – as I believe in order to influence behavior and motivate people of all generations, we must first understand the psychology behind human behavior. Here’s a recap of the 5 most pertinent scientific principals as they relate to Millennials: (1) Speak to values. .

No direct relationships = no future

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Joel recently discussed the future of marketing in this post , and he says it comes down to direct relationships: Here are the key points he makes: 1. “A consumer that hits a “like&# or “follow&# button is opening up the opportunity to have a direct relationship with a brand. “The next five years are going to be about these direct relationships,&# says Joel. The title of this post is a quote from Mitch Joel of the Six Pixels of Separation blog.

Nonprofit Communications Confidential – Healthy Relationships

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We’ll continue to share those struggles, but we also want to hear about the healthy relationships happening within nonprofits. As part of our new addition to our Day in the Life Series, Nonprofit Communications Confidential , we have been asking nonprofit communicators to share their frustrations and struggles at work with us.

Building Social Media Business Relationships With The Mundane

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For my 2 cents, the special sauce of social media, and now social networks, is the opportunity to build and sustain relationships. I spend a lot of time trying to make sense of how do you build business relationship in today's digital world.

5 Steps to Powerhouse E-Newsletters (Case Study)

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If you haven’t done a good job of it by then, the relationship may be off for good. Here are five ways the DCCK team shapes its e-news to strengthen supporter relationships. No better way to grow relationships.

Put Your Most Important Relationships First

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My challenge is this , how in the world do I (and you) manage all of these relationships? So what's a marketer, fundraiser, aka relationship-builder to do? and build deep and authentic relationships with this group over time. Regardless of the tools you use to stay in touch, nurture these relationships with great care. More important, I have committed to making these relationships work. If I do my core relationships right, my peeps and I will blossom over time.