How to Streamline Your Review Process and Publish Faster

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But a painful review and approval process can cripple your creative work, no matter how good it is. Creating a standard review and approval process – and having the authority or sheer force of will to hold people to it – can go a long way in avoiding these situations.

Nonprofit Payment Processing: The Ins and Outs

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In other words, they need a payment processing system, which simply refers to the digital behind-the-scenes steps that transfer a donor’s funds to a nonprofit’s account. How to implement payment processing. How to ensure security in payment processing.

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Please Share Your Storybanking and Photobanking Process

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Our contributing writer Antionette Kerr is working on a new e-book on both storybanking and photobanking — how you collect, store and organize your stories and photos. There has to be a better way.

Creating an Editorial Process at CompassPoint

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Is your process for creating and distributing your nonprofit’s content (you know, the stuff you put in your newsletter, on your website, etc.) One important element of the new process has been the Editorial Calendar.

4 Ways to Save Your Sanity: Review & Approval 2.0

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How many of your communications projects go nowhere because the approval process is a landmine? There is a better way—be as strategic in your review and approval process, as you are with your marketing and fundraising work. 3) Explain Your Strategic, Creative, and Review Processes.

Master the Nonprofit Message Development Process

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most critical marketing process necessary to. I’ll serve as your guide and coach as you learn to shape messages that connect your organization with the audiences who can help move your mission forward. That will make all the difference for your organization in 2012.

Want to be more effective in your fundraising? Get LEAN!

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This is about utilizing Lean Manufacturing processes to get the fundraising tasks you need to do done in the shortest amount of time, always improving, and always looking for ways to do it more efficiently. Using Lean Processes in Your Fundraising Office. Do you have too much to do?

What Does Your Organization Do? Draw It Out

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Jessica Pullano, who is currently participating in my Mentoring Program , shares how her organization created one to help explain what they do. I had a preliminary phone meeting to discuss what I hoped to accomplish, and the illustrators explained the process and timeline to create the video.

Guest Post: Christina Attard reveals the secrets about your planned giving program that only donors know…

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All told, the process took just over a year and picking out and qualifying for the right insurance policy was not easy at all! What I learned: Fundraisers have to respect the estate planning process. What the heck is planned giving and why should you care?

10 fundraising interview questions to help you succeed in your career

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Since the average tenure of a fundraiser in a nonprofit organization in America is 18-24 months, then chances are you’re going to be looking for a job soon, if you’re not already. Nonprofit fundraisers often have a hard time saying No.

Could your volunteers solve most of your fundraising problems?


volunteer at 2 or more organizations. give to the organizations for which they volunteer and these high net worth volunteers give 56% more dollars overall than similar net worth non-volunteers. Get involved in their decision-making process by offering information about volunteering.

An Argument Against Asking Donors to Provide Proof That They Left Your Organization in Their Estate Plan


You did your job well and 5 (…or 50… or 500) people said that they left your organization in their estate plan. Continually prove to the donor that he or she made the right choice because the organization and its leadership has a solid plan for the future.

Using Facebook Targeting to Boost Performance on Organic and Promoted Posts

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Now page mangers can take advantage of those same targeting tools on organic content. Enabling page mangers to target organic posts gives them a say in the targeting process. Organic Post Interest Targeting. Drew Bernard.

13 stages of the consideration / evaluation process for making a planned gift


Has a clear understanding of the future needs of your organization. Sees the organization as a good investment because you manage funds well. Willing to support the needs of the organization. Alerts the organization they have made a gift. Now you can determine where each of your prospects are in the consideration and evaluation process. Prospective donor buys into your mission. Understands what a planned gift is and how it works.

Acquisition: Prospecting Hope For Small Organizations

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Sadly, when it comes to direct mail acquisition the deck is stacked against small organizations; especially those with a regional or local mission focus. Traditionally, there just aren’t that many donor names available for exchange or rental from other organizations in that geographic area.

We Need Money For Our 501(c)(3) etc. Organization - What Is The Grant Seeking Process?

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Perhaps, though, your organization has never gone after grants. So to diversify how many methods and which methods your organization uses to raise funds, your organization is committing to raising grants. Maybe you're all ready to get to work, but you don't know what the process is. The grant seeking process is: 1. Commit to the process. Raising grants successfully requires a commitment to the process. program budget), and invest in the process.

3 Tests to Improve Your Website and Donation Process

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One of the easiest and most overlooked ways to improve your website and your donation process is by putting it through some basic testing. The Trunk Test For this test you don't want to use a coworker so find someone a little farther removed from your organization. Task Testing Have your tester go through the process of making a donation on your website.

Credit Card Processing for a Fundraising Campaign

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If your nonprofit is doing any kind of fundraising, there’s a good chance you may be considering processing donations and payments with credit and debit cards. DoJiggy Merchant Services (DMS) offers payment processing services for nonprofit organizations.


How to Get Everyone in your Organization on the Same Page

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What would happen if you got your staff or board together and asked them to give a short description of what your organization does? Having a consistent set of messages is essential when you have more than one person writing for your organization and as new staff or volunteers come on board.

Do you really have to ask for a gift?


Someone that has confidence in your organization’s leadership and staff. Supporters want you to facilitate the process— not force it. Fundraising consideration process donor cultivation engagement fundraising fundraising tips and tricks fundraising tips for nonprofitsAt MarketSmart, we don’t close sales and we don’t close deals. . Rather, the deals close themselves because our clients sell themselves after we engage them properly.

Why Does Giving to Your Organization Feel Like a Transaction and Not a Relationship?

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The day before I purchased Christmas gifts on Cyber Monday, and there wasn’t much difference in the process. I know organizations are trying to capitalize on #GivingTuesday, but it was more like Asking Tuesday. Only one organization recognized me as a past donor.

5 tips on fostering innovation at your organization

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Take the time to define for everyone in your office the kind of organization you want to be, or else it will just happen to you by default. When you have these, you can empower people throughout the organization to make decisions as long as they follow the values. While everyone needs formal processes in the workplace, needless bureaucracy squelches creativity and discourages innovation.

The top 10 signs that it’s time to fire your employer


Does your organization stink? There’s too much emphasis on process, procedures, and micro-management. The organization has a weak case for support or it’s absent altogether. There are too many silos hindering cooperation or blatantly creating turf wars that serve the interests of some selfish employees but not the donors or the organization and its purpose. The donors’ needs, interests, wishes, desires, and dreams are not important to the organization.

#INTERVIEW: Sherry Truhlar, President of Red Apple Auctions, Conducts Benefit Auctions for Nonprofit Organizations

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Sherry Truhlar, President of Red Apple Auctions , conducts benefit auctions for nonprofit organizations throughout the U.S. NPM360: You mentioned on the website you have a trademarked process for making auctions work.

How To Manage Your Small Nonprofit Website

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It's still the place people will go to find out more about your organization and its mission. redesign process social media website Small nonprofit Social networkImage via City Learning Centre, Wolverhampton, UK One of your first acquisitions - maybe before you get your 501(c)(3) even - is a website. It's possible that some people may think that in these days of social media networks, a website is less important than before. BZZZ* Wrong.

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How can nonprofits monitor their online reputations?

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This month’s Net2ThinkTank Challenge is, “What are your best practices for effectively monitoring online feedback about your organization, cause, or social enterprise?

Sharing Client Wisdom: Top Ten Survival Tactics for Year-End Processing

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Donors respond with awe-inspiring transactional volume to our organizations’ missions before calendar year-end. Activity accelerates to breakneck volumes, prompting staff to suggest gift processing becomes a new X-Games event. We surveyed advancement services leadership at some of the nation’s largest organizations – here is their wisdom about how to handle the demands this time of year : The Top Ten List. And, the number one strategy to survive year-end processing? .

No Corners Cut in Social Media

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They''re always trying something new and breaking something in the process, which drives some of their users crazy, but as long as their profits come from advertisers and they''re not charging their users to be there, it''s not. big data Facebook Mobile app Nonprofit organization Oreo social media social networking Tinder Image via Digital Inspiration Let''s talk about Facebook this week. Something is always going on with that social platform and it makes the news almost every day.

5 Steps to Jumpstart Your Tagline Development Process

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Whether you are creating a first-time tagline or revitalizing an existing brand, here are five steps to jump start the process: Confirm that the tagline (or lack of one) is a problem. Feature a few talking points about your organization (or your tagline, if you already have one) in conversations with colleagues, members and volunteers. These five steps are a proven stepping stone to developing a strong tagline for your organization.

A Compilation of Posts Explaining How to Plan For and Begin Grant Writing for Your Organization

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How To Plan Out This Year's Grant Seeking Soliciting Grant Money 101 Planning Your Organization's Grant Writing Expense Seeking Grants for New Programs Or Start Up Nonprofits Fundraising, Grant Writing, Mission-Success, Community Building; It's All the Same Want to Fundraise Better? Put Processes Into Place Nonprofit Management's Effects on Operations and Dealing With the Negatives: No Sweat! Tags: grant writing how to organization

#FUNDRAISING: Maximizing Your Organization’s Return on Fundraising Events

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Given how much time, energy and effort tends to go into organizing fundraising events, I thought we might start with one question: Just what is a “fundraising” event? We are pleased to welcome back Susan Emfinger of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

#interview: Simone Joyaux, Nonprofit Consultant, Author, and Columnist

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I had no idea what they were, but I fell in love with the mission and in 2000, as a volunteer, I founded the Women’s Fund of Rhode Island , a social justice organization that fights for leveling the playing field for women and girls.

4 Ways to Save Your Sanity: Review & Approval 2.0

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How many of your communications projects go nowhere because the approval process is a landmine? There is a better way—be as strategic in your review and approval process, as you are with your marketing and fundraising work. 3) Explain Your Strategic, Creative, and Review Processes.

Fast Ways to Find Funding Sources

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Often, one of the most frustrating parts of applying for a grant is locating a grant suitable for your organization. They are not helping you or your organization. Depending on your organization or project’s focus, one of these sites may be more suitable. This is the website of the Foundation Center, a nonprofit organization that has become the leading authority on organized philanthropy in the United States. Today’s blog post comes from Stephen A. Web Site Re-design Process -- Strong Model for Your Org

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The site is the core of the NetSquared community so its effectiveness is vital to the success of the organization. Here's how the NetSquared redesign process works. I'm continually on the prowl for strong nonprofit communications models to share with you since there's no better way to learn how to strengthen your own initiatives. And I have a great one for you today.

Defining Your Organization’s Story


But as an organization– how do you get everyone on the same page? However, constructing those documents can be an intimidating, formal and painstakingly long process. Now, my next question: What process might you recommend for an organization wanting to define its story?

#GRANTS: Sony USA Offers Year-Long Support To Many Types Of Nonprofits

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Nonprofits depend on technology for communication, internal organization, and creative outreach. In this post, we turn to Sony USA, which offers numerous outlets where such 501(c)3 organizations can purchase Sony’s products at a notably reduced rate.

Fundraising in a downturn: The Power of Leaderless Organizations

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In times like this, it’s important to reflect, take stock, and think about what your organization can use more of, and what it can use less of. This book has the basic premise that leaderless organizations will always overcome organizations with a central chain of command.

Productive Partnering with Your Communications Firm (or Nonprofit Client)

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8 Ways to Craft a Communications RFP Process that Works. Staff and Consultants #comnetwork11 consultant Grantmakers for Effective Organizations nonprofit communications jobs nonprofit marketing

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Want To Fundraise Better? Put Processes Into Place.

Seeking Grant Money Today

The benefit of having created AND IMPLEMENTED a fundraising plan (also called a Development Plan) is not just that your organization's leadership has become active in planning your organization's fundraising future - it is a road map for what should get accomplished, by when, for what budgetary need, by whom. It is, in effect, a calendar; job description for each task; and it should help you get organized. Tags: operations fundraising program how to organization