Why Oprah Winfrey gives money to build schools in Africa (the 8 components of impactful giving)


So my first venture was to go to South Africa to do for other children; to create that experience I felt for myself, that sense of wonder that somebody cared about me who didn’t even know my name. You might have known that Oprah was a philanthropist; but did you know why?

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You Can Now Fundraise on Facebook for Your Favorite Charity

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According to Mashable , “Facebook takes 5% of money raised — 2% to cover fraud prevention and security costs, and 3% for payment processing. Can you see your donors and supporters using it to raise money on Facebook for your nonprofit? File under #AboutTime!

The Best Cause Marketing of 2011

Cause Related Marketing

In May I reviewed a new spin on the strategy from General Mills, which offered a Win One, Give One promotion benefiting schoolchildren in Africa. A matching number were donated to school children in South Africa.

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5 tips for increasing traffic to your nonprofit’s website

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Q: Do you know of the best way for my web site www.aidsadvantage.org to come up on search results when people type in the words “Aids, South Africa, Africa”? Learn how you can set up a brand new fundraising program, or re-tool your existing fundraising, to raise serious money for your cause. I wish to increase traffic to my web site and since this is unfamiliar territory I thought you could help me with this. A: Great question!

Science of Giving 12: Sea Monkeys and the Case for Tangibility

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A few years ago, Proctor & Gamble launched a cause-related marketing campaign in South Africa. Research shows people give two to three times more money when an intangible need is replaced with a specific impact. Today is the last post in my series on the psychology of giving, based on the fascinating book, The Science of Giving. For the grand finale, we get to talk about sea monkeys and tangibility!

Stories From Smaller Nonprofits: Isipho

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I co-founded Isipho in December 2009 so I could do everything possible to improve the lives of the children in Nzinga, South Africa after visiting there in August 2008 while on vacation to celebrate my 14th birthday with my dad. In our first year we raised almost $20,000, and on just that limited amount of money we’ve been able to send: ~23 villagers through a 3 day sustenance gardening training program with the regional agriculture college.