The Medium Isn’t The Message

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Don’t mistake the medium for the message. A good message in any medium can be effective, and a bad message isn’t cured by Web 2.0 Sometimes the best advice is pretty darn simple. That’s the case with this piece in ClickZ by Bryan Eisenberg of FutureNow. He’s an expert on optimizing online conversions, but he’s making a larger point with this advice: "Don’t get caught up in the flash of Web 2.0

Make Sure Your Message Fits Your Medium

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This article from Mobile Marketer - a trade publication which focuses on everything mobile - got me thinking about how important it is to ensure that your message fits your medium. Also, be aware of how much time people are likely to spend on your medium of choice. For example, if you are advertising on the Internet you should use different language, font sizes, and even creative than if you are advertising on a billboard.

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The 4 Best Examples of Non-Profit Video Storytelling - Guest Post

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When it comes to non-profits, it’s an impossibly effective medium for really. Here''s the second of three guest posts on the subject of storytelling for your nonprofit through videos. Guest blogger Madeleine Hammond is a Marketing Executive at Skeleton Productions, a UK based corporate video production company. An oldy but a goody - the storytelling arc is a proven staple to video marketing. video storytelling video production Madeleine Hammond Skeleton Productions Small nonprofit

Ring! Ring! Telemarketing Mysteries And Case Studies

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If there ever there were a medium where nonprofits consistently get it wrong it’s telemarketing. In my experience no medium, short of a personal visit, is as powerful. IF … used correctly, which unfortunately is seldom the case. CEOs and boards generally hate telemarketing.

Grants for Medium Sized U.S. Nonprofits Solving Global Problems in Health, Education, Environment, Poverty, and/or World Relations

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Deadline: May 31, 2013 "Alliance for Global Good Invites Proposals for Innovation Fund "The Alliance for Global Good (AFGG) is accepting applications for its Innovation Fund, a venture philanthropy program designed to benefit medium-sized nonprofit organizations in the United States that are working to solve global problems. From The Foundation Center. [If If you are interested in this grant opportunity click "Link to Complete RFP" at the bottom of this blog post for more information].

Who Will Get The Money?

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Small Nonprofits Are Increasing Their Online Fundraising

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Smaller nonprofits grew their online giving (18.4%) much more than large and medium organizations – most likely due to small organizations finally looking into online giving tools, social media and mobile giving technologies.

7 Ways to Increase the Open Rate of Your Nonprofit Email Newsletter


If your nonprofit is seeing less-than-desirable returns on the time and resources put into its newsletter, it may be that newsletters aren''t the best medium for your audiences.

Top 10 Sources: Nonprofit Communications Jobs

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State Nonprofit Associations : Some of these associations offer 5-star listings that include jobs at small- and medium-size organizations less likely to post on the national boards. There are so many compelling job opportunities for us nonprofit communicators.

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Time For Social Media

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Naturally, the first thing that jumped out at me is that there was no discussion of what a small nonprofit should do, just medium and large nonprofits. NonProfit Tech for Good has excerpted part of their Mobile for Good book on their site to talk about what kind of time social media requires for successful fundraising (read the piece here). The second thing I noticed is that they recommend a. investment nonprofit tech for good small NGO Small nonprofit social media time

Serious Fundraisers Take Telemarketing Seriously

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“If there ever there were a medium where nonprofits consistently get it wrong, it’s telemarketing.” That’s the way I began the post Ring! Telemarketing Mysteries and Case Studies two years ago.

Experts Break Down the Science of Nonprofit Storytelling


One story can be told in infinite different ways and on countless mediums. Really evaluate the best method and medium to tell your story, and don't be afraid to try different things. Lately, we've been obsessed with storytelling.

Nonprofit Video Experts Share Tips & Tools: #501TechNYC (Part 1)

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She was hired to launch the video program (showing IRC’s investment in the medium and channel), and outsources video production and distribution help.”It’s It’s so challenging for nonprofits to get video right, especially with limited budgets and bandwidth.

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Four Requirements for Successful Social Communication

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The hooha about the new medium in town is long gone. People are turning to subjects like big data and still looking for ROI. In whatever shape or form it takes in the future, social communications are here to stay. Over the years in this blog, I - and hundreds of others engaged in the subject of social media - have overlapped each others'' messages about what''s important in establishing your.

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Vote for the Best Do Gooder Videos of the Year

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Select one of four categories (Small, Medium, and Large Orgs, plus Video Storytelling). I love being one of the judges of the Nonprofit DoGooder Video Awards, and you can experience the fun of judging too! Public voting is now open.

7 Reasons Why This Gen X Nonprofit Marketer Has Fallen In Love With Slack

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As fellow nonprofiteer Alex Field writes here in this Medium article , Slack opened the floodgates of communication. As an independent marketing and communications consultant, I work with a wide variety of clients, from nonprofits of all sizes, to agencies, to training companies.

What’s In A Campaign? That Which We Call Change


Campaigns rely on traditional mediums. Movements rely on word of mouth, where the people are the medium. As the science behind social change evolves, how we approach our work must too. And sometimes, it is just semantics. But sometimes, it’s not.

What’s In A Campaign? That Which We Call Change


Campaigns rely on traditional mediums. Movements rely on word of mouth, where the people are the medium. As the science behind social change evolves, how we approach our work must too. And sometimes, it is just symantics. But sometimes, it’s not.

Two Ways To Add a Million Dollar Walk-a-thon to Your Fundraising Portfolio: Part 1.

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Here is the first of 2 proven strategies for creating a national walk-a-thon that will raise $1 million for your small to medium sized nonprofit organization. Case 1. MG Walk ( In 2010, the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America started. Fundraising Tips Online Fundraising Peer to Peer Fundraising Third Party Fundraising Walkathon software Walkathons

2 Data-Powered Steps to Boost Donations

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This year’s findings taps two clear paths to successful fundraising: Working from a plan strengthens individual donor fundraising for small and medium-sized organizations. Guest blogger Heather Yandow brings more than a decade of experience as an outreach coordinator, coalition leader, project manager, and fundraiser to Third Space Studio’s clients.

No Going Back for This Nonprofit After Switching to a Digital Annual Report

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While feedback has been very positive thus far, any time you switch mediums you risk alienating supporters. Sick of me telling you to get rid of your long printed annual reports? Well, I’ll stop when you stop.

3 Days Left to Vote & Learn: 16 Compelling Nonprofit Videos

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Voting requires evaluation of these videos; and your evaluation will strengthen your own understanding of the impact and challenges of the video medium. Lights. Camera. Action. But only through Wednesday, March 28.

Is Blogging Dead?

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Yes, I know she published it on Medium, but that brings me to my next point…). I remember it like it was yesterday, the day I first heard the news. BLOGGING IS DEAD – the headline screamed. “No! This can’t be!”

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Main Ingredients to a Nonprofit Digital Campaign


For some campaigns, it's the best and most direct medium for the message. Last week, we were joined by Cindy Phan, Creative Director at ShareProgress to discuss how to achieve the right "secret sauce" for a nonprofit digital campaign.

4 Smart Ways to Use Thank You Videos in Nonprofit Fundraising

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As a volunteer for my local Rhinebeck Soccer League , I invited the teams to give thanks to their respective sponsors, and many of them choose video as their medium. Joshua Clay. We Internet users have a voracious appetite for online video.

11 Things Nonprofits Can Learn About Using Twitter from the @NYTimes

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When we fit our storytelling to the medium, we do the best possible job of connecting with that audience.”. With over 10.6 million (yes, million) Twitter followers, The New York Times is one of the most respected and reputable Twitter accounts out there.

Get Past Paralysis:101 Social Media Tactics for Nonprofits

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( Watch author interview video : Social media experts Melanie Mathos and Chad Norman share their recommendations to power your social media activities, especially useful for small- and medium-sized organizations.).

Frank Talk: Comms that Connect (Part 1)

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No matter the channel or medium, good communication happens when it is authentic. Guest blogger Mark Dessauer is Director of Communications at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina Foundation. Frank : A gathering of communicators who work for the common good (or public interest). I found myself there this past winter, delighting in northern Florida rain while the rest of the country was being buried under snow.

Don’t Make It Look TOO Nice

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Listen to the advice above and find your quality comfort zone, one that matches your target audience, your message, and the medium you are using, but that always conveys that you are professional. Your reaction when your Executive Director says, “This looks TOO nice.” ” via GIPHY. Heard this one before? The theory is that donors will think you wasted their money if any of your communications look like they cost you cash money to produce them.

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Thank God It’s Wednesday

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Their share of #GivingTuesday revenue continues to shrink and it’s medium-sized and smaller nonprofits raiser a greater share each year. Like it or dislike it #GivingTuesday is almost over for another year. I say “almost” for two reasons.

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Day in the Life of a Nonprofit Communicator – Katie Houston

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She relishes the challenge of reframing the public perception about the 90-year old museum, and the chance to market a wealth of experiences — from exhibition openings to awards ceremonies, from children’s art camps to adult classes in a dozen mediums. Katie Houston.

5 Storytelling Tips for Your #GivingTuesday Campaign

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Or perhaps you are looking for new places to blog, such as Medium or Exposure. Guest author Jenn a Sauber is a crowdfunding and digital marketing expert at CauseVox, a peer-to-peer fundraising software for nonprofits. The beauty of a movement like #GivingTuesday is that the nonprofit world gets to shine in the midst of the chaotic and overwhelming madness that is the holiday retail season.

On a Mission to Measure

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At Medium, Jackie Mahendra asks. Late last week I ran across these articles and wanted to share them with you. Via Wikipedia Commons Measuring Your Mission Social Media was a hard sell in the beginning because there was no real way to measure its impact. That's changed somewhat with businesses and NGOs measuring things such as Likes and Retweets. But maybe it's time to move on from there.

21 Ways to Give Back Through Your Holiday Shopping

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PEOPLink helps artisans and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) from 45 of the poorest countries grow their business through global e-commerce. photo credit: Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL) via photopin cc. Love it or hate it, the holiday hysteria is upon us!

5 Ways Your Nonprofit Can Raise Money Like charity:water

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He wrote a fantastically insightful post on Medium about the 5 things he learned during his tenure at charity:water – lessons that I believe can translate to even the smallest of nonprofit organizations.

Should Your Nonprofit Use Pinterest?

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Do you have any opinions or done any research on how non-profits (particularly arts related non-profits) can effectively use this medium? Should your nonprofit be using Pinterest?

Virtual Reality and Nonprofit Marketing – A New Way to Engage Donors

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This makes it a perfect medium for nonprofit marketers seeking to connect with prospects. Guest blog by H. James, MBA. Marketing for the nonprofit sector has different end goals than marketing for business.

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Your Print Nonprofit Annual Report Can Work Wonders (Case Study via Tom Ahern)

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Let me take it one step further to advise that the medium is important but what’s in the report is equally so (right item). Welcome to our newest guest blogger, Tom Ahern. Tom is a leading expert on making donor communications more successful.

3 Ideas for Getting the Word Out to Your Donors About Online Fundraising Campaigns

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Since it’s a relatively new medium, the standards and best practices are still shifting and solidifying. Guest post by Gretchen Barry. Build it and they will come, right? Well, maybe. But chances are, no.

Tips on using Push and Pull technologies from Guy Kawasaki


The chapters are dense with advice on each major medium, but his overview is a great place to start to understand the dynamics of push and pull. For pull technologies, Guy gives specific recommendations for each medium, like websites, blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube.