Trends That Will Shape PR in 2018

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What can PR professionals expect in 2018? PR and marketing pros will increasingly look to automation and data technology tools to ramp up efficiency and output of compelling and highly searchable content. Paid and earned media will come together.

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5 Things Reporters Really Want From PR Specialists

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Effective media relations relies on the same idea. This week’s release of The Cision 2017 State of the Media Report provides some interesting insights into what today’s journalists are looking for from media relations professionals.

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Getting Started with a PR Plan

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We try to cover just about everything a nonprofit communications director has to do here at Nonprofit Marketing Guide, but one big whole in that coverage has been PR. Let us know what PR and media relations questions you have and we’ll get you answers. PR is powerful.

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Why Ignoring GuideStar’s Profile Pages Damages Your PR Strategy

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Effective media relations isn’t always about proactively pitching your organization’s story to reporters and editors. They also provide charities with opportunities to provide contact information, social media links, as well as details about their governance practices and diversity measures. This development matters if you’re looking to convince the media that your nonprofit has a positive story worth telling. Sites like GuideStar are important gateways for the media.

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6 Reasons to Take the Problem-Solver Approach to a PR Challenge

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It’s likely that long after the buzz of the latest PR issue has died down, what will be remembered is the sense that yours is an organization that deals with issues in a transparent and action-oriented way. Media Relations Nonprofit Communications

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Activating Cause Marketing with PR

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basically all cause marketing has a PR component whether or not there’s also any bought or owned media.” New York Times Public Relations Firehouse Subs Activation Firefighter Cause Marketing PR

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Nonprofit Marketing v. PR Battles – Your Advice?

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“We have a Director of PR as well as myself (Director of Marketing), and we constantly struggle with how the two best work together. For example, if I buy advertising for an event, she says it lessens her ability to get PR for it – but advertising is guaranteed and the PR isn’t.

Poor Coverage? No Coverage? No Problem! Earned Media Isn’t the Only Game In Town

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We’ll be talking a lot about media in the next couple of weeks with guests Peter Panepento and Antionette Kerr (today’s guest blogger). Next Tuesday, August 29th, Peter will lead What Reporters Really Want: Building Media Relationships That Get Real Results. Earned media.

Singapore Social Media Workshop for PR and Online Media: September 2011

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On 13th of September, 2011 I am teaching a social media workshop in Singapore, AND presenting at a conference. If you want to know how to put out a social media press release, how to set up an online community monitoring station and how to measure social media, this workshop is for you! You can also download the Social Media PR Singapore brochure from Scribd. Workshop B: Social Media Monitoring Tools and a Social Media Press Room.

Remember SPAT When Activating Your Cause Marketing via PR

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Suffice it to say that while PR has greater credibility, it’s challenging to get the frequency using PR alone that you can get with advertising. Advertising offers frequency and repeatability, but it can be expensive and it’s less credible than PR.

Keep Your Nonprofit Mind Open,But Don't Let It Slip Away

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I listened in on a webinar a couple of weeks ago where the talk was about how owned media (blogs and websites), paid media (advertising and pr), and earned media (customer relations) were all coming together. jargon overlap customer relations pros social media marketing open mind slang pr

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Take Your Media Relations From Good to G.R.E.A.T.

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For many nonprofits, media relations isn’t a high priority. But even if you’re small, it’s important to have a strategy for telling your story through the media and for responding to questions and queries from reporters. Is Your Nonprofit Prepared for a Media Crisis?

Butts in Seats: 5 Tips for Event Marketing Using Social Media

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Social media is an important piece of the event marketing puzzle. This is a rule that I live by regarding social media marketing, whether it is when I’m marketing an event or not. This URL is imperative to any promotion of the event online whether it is using social media or email.

Social Media "Pioneers" Tell Why

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Recently many of my social media conversations seemed to be about the perception that social is a young person’s game. However, many of the people who began exploring social media 7, 8, 9, 10, 12 years ago were 30+ when they/we started working in this industry.

2 easy ways to get free PR in 2012

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One of your 2012 New Years resolutions should be to get more media for your nonprofit. So I usually just skim the queries relying on my eyes to pick up interesting keywords the might fit me “nonprofit,” “social media,” “charity,” etc.

How to Establish Thought Leadership within Your Nonprofit

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In just a few weeks, we will kick off our latest Nonprofit Marketing Accelerator – Becoming a Thought Leader and Media Darling. Mary Alice Holley of BC/DC Ideas shares some tips on becoming a thought leader and what being media savvy can do for your nonprofit. Mary Alice Holley.

Three Ways to Humanize Your Nonprofit’s Social Media Outreach

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Social media is a fantastic tool to make your presence known online. He often sees nonprofits tweeting links to press releases or posting them on their Facebook page, trying to hijack their social media pages as an “official communication channel.”

Social Media: A Change Agent

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Within an organization social media is a catalyst for change. Not only does social media come tied up in ribbons of change but it is wrapped in paper comprised of shades of gray. S ocial media does indeed change the game for every company. bring in the social media experts.

4 Ways to Make Your Nonprofit Press Releases Social Media Friendly

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Social media is a key part of any online strategy, especially since traditional news organizations are turning to it to get information. Learn how to make your nonprofit press releases social media friendly so that you can bypass traditional news organizations to spread the word. Instead of linking to only your home page in the about section of your press release, include links to your social media profiles.

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Boo! What Is Your Scariest Thought About Social Media?

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How are you learing about social media? Just Once Crowd Sourced Question is a Diva Marketing series where the community shares their insights on a specific social media issue. O ne of the scariest things I see is too many "brand" witches around the social media kettle.

Want Better Cause Partnerships? Research Partners on Social Media

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This is a guest post from Ephraim Gopin , a Social Media and Fundraising consultant. A growing trend in CI research is following social media outlets. My advice is for both partners is to do a social media background check before forming a partnership.

Is Social Media A Strategy or A Tactic?

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Ochman recently reminded me, social media has been around, and included in varying degrees (!), Although most marketers agree social media is not a fad there is still a debate on what is social media. Is social media a strategy or is social media a tactic?

More Than Words: Why Visuals Are Critical in Pitching Your Story

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Peter will be blogging and presenting webinars for our All-Access Pass Holders on how to get media attention for your organization. When you’re pitching a story to the media, words aren’t enough. Those that include multiple media elements outpace text releases by more than 5.5

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Pitching Your Cause: Effectively Working with the Media to Spread Your Story

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As your organization works to stay top of mind for supporters and the media, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of public relations, pitches and press releases. Who's the best person to contact at media outlets when my organization has news? Download the audio recording below 'Related Documents'! You think to yourself: What grabs a reporter's attention? How can I increase the chances of my event being covered?

Encouragement for the Crazy Marketing/PR/Communications Person Who Wears Many Hats

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Today started with major website issues, the executive director’s blog had some kind of server-blah-blah-blah problem, the IT department blocked access to all constituent information I need in the new software installed last month, two unfinished press releases are sitting on my desk, and what about those social media posts that need to be pushed out today. How about some social media savvy? Pam Jacobsen. I think a lot of my readers will relate to today’s guest post.

3 PR Trends You Need to Adopt in 2018

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Integrate PR to understand multiple business goals. Few other tools are as effective as getting the word out about a company than PR. Make sure that your PR strategy is looking at how all those pieces fit together in the big picture. PR needs to specialize.

Top Nonprofits Outpace Top Companies in Social Media

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A new study featured in PR News from the Society for New Communications Research finds that companies have nothing on the 200 biggest charities when it comes to social media adoption: • Charities’ adoption of blogging outpaces both the Fortune 500 and the Inc.

How to Raise Money With Facebook – One Organization’s Success Story

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However, many nonprofits entirely miss the point of social media. Using social media as a broadcast medium, much like a radio or newspaper ad, is misguided. However, raising money using social media, specifically Facebook, can be done.

#SocialNetworks: Prepped For A PR Disaster? You Better Be…

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Politicians are hardly the only ones who run the danger of stepping into a PR minefield. Heidi Cohen has written a great synopsis of how Perry’s snafu should inspire businesses and nonprofits to prepare for their own PR crises that will inevitably come up some day.

Why Don't People Get Social Media Is Not Private Communication?

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We're not talking kids, but adults from politicians a la " Weinergate " to PR and advertising agencies who seem to be "misusing" Twitter. Redner did get that social media is public forum and knowingly used twitter to publicly vent. I don't think this issue is restricted to social media.

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When Reporters Are Looking for You: How to Respond to Journalists’ Queries

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You don’t have to rely solely on your own pitches to get your organization quoted or cited in the media. It also includes a searchable online database of active queries, which makes it easy for time-strapped PR professionals to find queries that line up with their areas of expertise.

State Department PR Expert Shares Steps to Media Relations Success

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Words of wisdom on media relations from guest author, Todd Calongne, Public Affairs Officer, Secretary’s Office of the Coordinator for Reconstruction and Stabilization, U.S. Being yourself is the straightest path to gaining a new friend in the media. It's media relations as media education. Learn much more from Todd, who's a real success at developing those crucial relationships with key media, here.

Nonprofit Communications in the Fake News Era

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According to PR Week , Pepsi had to deal with a potential boycott from Trump supporters after fake news stories erroneously quoted its CEO saying that Trump supporters should “take their business elsewhere.” Media Relations

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Thoughts on working social media from April’s #SMBME

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April’s Social Media Breakfast Maine was awesome. Social media is like a small town. Every one you employee you need to be able trust with the media. “The media&# isn’t the big cameras. Everyone is the media now.

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New Resources: PR Toolkit and Free Stock Images

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Free and Discounted Services from PR Newswire. First, Nonprofit Marketing Guide has teamed up with PR Newswire to provide you with some outstanding discounts, free services and resources. Tags: Media Relations Nonprofit Communications Graphic Design

Remember Where You Came From When Traveling Social Media

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how does a brand approach social media without getting lost in the wonderland of new sensations and shiny toys? Content -- While social media content can and should relfect the 'human side' of your authors, to be part of a business initiative it must align with your brand.

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Most PR Bad. This PR Good.

Marketing for Nonprofits

Of course, I have spent a lot of time working in the PR business, so I know how awful being pitched can be. If you want bloggers to sell your stuff don't send us traditional releases for print media. Don't be sloppy but do speak in the voice of the media. Read this.

A Simple Guide to Injecting Colorful Quotes Into Your News Release

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As a former newspaper editor and reporter, I saw countless releases from Fortune 500 companies and big-money PR firms that left me shaking my head. Media Relations Nonprofit Communications

Developing a Modern Public Relations Strategy

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Last month, Peter Panepento challenged nonprofits to Stop Approaching PR Like It’s 2007. This month’s he’s back to share more about how you can best reach your audience and cultivate relationships with the media. Peter Panepento.

Telling Your Nonprofit’s Financial Story

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As much as we wish our nonprofits would be looked at for impact as opposed to overhead, how much nonprofits spend (or lose) is a story the media love to tell. And it’s about to get worse for peeved PR officials. Guest Bloggers Media RelationsPeter Panepento.