Private vs. Public Schools and Marketing Channels (EF-0014)


This time on if the approach to public and private school fundraising is different and how to determine what fundraising marketing channels to focus on. The post Private vs. Public Schools and Marketing Channels (EF-0014) appeared first on MarketSmart, LLC |. On today’s episode we discuss our second set of listener submitted questions.

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Paradox Marketing Plan #2 - Financial Goals

Mission Paradox Blog

So you've decided what your strategic marketing goals should be.  Next up: a primer on time and it's role in marketing.   Marketing Strategy Paradox Marketing Plan  Now let's talk about the money.    First, please revisit this post on setting financial objectives.    It talks about some of the elements you should consider when determining those goals. 

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Should you do SEO marketing? An interview with Didit CEO, Kevin Lee

Wild Woman Fundraising

Where is the next frontier for nonprofit marketing? Today I did an interview with Kevin Lee , CEO of Didit , the largest search engine marketing agency in the USA, and founder of WeCare , where you can shop with a purpose. When you are a development, communications or marketing professional at a nonprofit, you are called upon to do so many things that SEO marketing can seem like a far-off dream, or something you can’t make time for.

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Your Nonprofit’s Annual Report: Drudgery or Opportunity?

Getting Attention

As a writer and storyteller specializing in nonprofit marketing and communications, I can’t help but think annual reports have gotten a bum rap. What are some ways our annual report can advance our strategic marketing and fundraising goals?

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Enter Now: Nonprofit Tagline Awards 2012

Getting Attention

Your taglines are among your most effective marketing and fundraising tools, but our recent Nonprofit Messages Survey showed that 71% of nonprofits don’t have an organizational tagline or rate theirs as performing poorly. Great Words Promoting Good Causes. ENTER NOW.

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Semantic confusion surrounding modern marketing

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

There are numerous marketing terms that are being misused so often these days that I often find it necessary to give a quick lecture on semantics before presenting, training or consulting with clients. Marketing is also not the same as advertising! anti-smoking marketing program).

3 Steps to Funding Nonprofit Marketing

Getting Attention

More often than not, the lack of investment in nonprofit marketing is fueled by a lack of resources: financial and talent. Nonprofit agency directors are so busy serving people that they can’t find the time or money to invest in quality marketing and storytelling initiatives. During the last three years, the Findlay-Hancock County Community Foundation has made marketing grants to a range of nonprofit organizations, including: A food pantry seeking more financial donations.

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Social media definitions, categories, and top tools of 2016

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

Across the globe, communicators and marketers within organizations are harnessing the power of social media to reach new audiences, influence their behaviour or beliefs, establish and build relationships, and to foster desired outcomes in targeted audiences. Social Media Marketing: The process of integrating social media into an overall strategic marketing plan, aimed at achieving specific marketing goals.

#INTERVIEW: Sybil Stershic, Consultant, Blogger, & Author of Taking Care of the People Who Matter Most

Non Profit Marketing 360

Sybil Stershic, founder of Quality Service Marketing , is a long-time consultant and blogger on internal marketing and the author of Taking Care of the People Who Matter Most: A Guide to Employee-Customer Care. NPM360: You’ve chosen to specialize in internal marketing.

Upcoming conferences and reasons to attend them…

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

I know of many marketing events (including some I had been invited to speak at), that had to be canceled this year for the first time due to low registration rates. Many organizations naturally think of marketing as the first organizational function to cut back on in terms of budget.

Is Social Media A Strategy or A Tactic?

Diva Marketing Blog

Although most marketers agree social media is not a fad there is still a debate on what is social media. I was curious to understand what and why marketers thought on this issue and thought it would be a great question for Diva Marketing's sometimes series: Just One Crowd Sourced Question.