Outside Magazine's 'Best Places to Work' and Cause Marketing

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Indeed Outside magazine also publishes an annual list of the ’ 50 Best Places to Work.’ Outside Magazine 50 Best Places to Work Fortune Magazine Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship The 100 Best Companies to Work For

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#HOWTO: Setup A (Free) Scoop.it Magazine For Your Community

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e-magazine site. You can add/tweak your own comments, and the story gets shared to your ‘magazine’ and all those other platforms in one easy ‘click.’ We introduced Scoop.it

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Responding to Outside Magazine's Article on Livestrong.org

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The February 2012 issue of Outside magazine has a critical assessment of LiveStrong, Lance Armstrong’s anti-cancer foundation that I feel obliged to respond to. Outside Magazine Dan Pallotta Sports Illustrated LiveSTRONG 60 Minutes Lance ArmstrongThe first criticism is that LiveStrong no longer donates to cancer research efforts and instead has transitioned itself into a role as kind of information conduit for people fighting cancer.

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Influential Fundraisers Poll – Fundraising Magazine

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In reading the Fundraising Magazine post , I see that it was intended to be the most influential in 2011. Once you have your list, learn how to cast your vote at Fundraising Magazine poll. (c) Earlier this week, I read Mark Phillips post Who should influence fundraisers?

Flipboard features the new magazine “The Fundraising Life”

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This spring, they created a way for users to build their own magazines. So last month when my wife saw an announcement about a Flipboard magazine making class to teach magazine creation, she encouraged my son and me to take it. Thus was born my magazine, The Fundraising Life.

Notable Articles on Cause Marketing from Self Magazine's GOOD Initiative

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Self Magazine, in conjunction with Ad Age, publishes periodic pieces on cause marketing as a part of its GOOD initiative.The tent pole of GOOD is a consumer research study of 2,700 women that highlights the emotional impact that cause marketing can have, especially as compared to traditional marketing.Here, then, are links to three articles from the GOOD newsletter archive that I find especially. Tags: Self Magazine's GOOD Initiative Ad Age

Paul Jones in Western & Engish Today Magazine

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Time Magazine’s ‘Wireless’ Issue

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I haven’t downloaded the digital version yet, but this OnlineSpin synopsis of Time’s “The Wireless Issue” makes the edition ‘must read’ in my book. Some articles: 10 Ways Mobile Technology Is Changing Our World. Elections Will Never Be The Same. Doing Good By Texting. Bye-Bye, Wallets. Gadgets Go To Class (using mobile in the classroom). Disease Can’t Hide (mobile saving lives in Uganda).

Paul Jones of Alden Keene on Cause Marketing in Utah CEO Magazine

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Hi Gang:I was quoted at length in the current issue of Utah CEO Magazine on the topic of cause marketing in the story called Capitalists for Change.Double kudos to the reporter Geoff Griffin, the writer. Tags: Paul Jones Geoff Griffin Utah CEO Magazine Alden Keene and Associates I must have given the poor devil 100 pages of reports, surveys and the like to sort through. You have to register to read the full article, but registration is free.~Paul~. Paul~.

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Interview On Cause Marketing With a Trade Magazine Reporter

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Last week I did “email interview” on cause-related marketing with Carol Gustafson, a writer for W&E Today, a trade magazine for the western and English equine industry.She asked me five questions.

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Interview On Cause Marketing With a Trade Magazine Reporter, Part II

Cause Related Marketing

The second half of an interview with Carol Gustafson, a writer with Western & English Today, a trade magazine to the equine industry.3. What are the secrets to success? The ways to make any CRM effort pay dividends for both the charity and the business.)The

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Why I helped start a magazine: Characters matter

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I’m excited to announced that today, Characters Magazine is live. Master storyteller Mark Rovner and I founded this literary magazine to feature the writing of people who work for good causes and to inspire better storytelling in our sector. Thanks to everyone who submitted - as well as to the amazing editor and designers I highlighted in the following introduction included in the magazine.

Wired Magazine praises Cancer Research UK’s MyProjects crowdfunding site

Giving in a Digital World

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Wired Magazine praises Cancer Research UK’s MyProjects crowdfunding site

Giving in a Digital World

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Cause Marketing Cooperation

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And one story that you must master when pitching women’s magazines is a pretty standard transactional cause marketing pitch; buy our thing and a portion of the proceeds benefits this fine cause. Magazine editors love, love, love to publish this kind of story.

Engagement Fundraising in 7 simple bullet-points


Fundraising best practices for fundraising best practices in fundraising for nonprofits charity blog donor cultivation experience for donors/ prospects are: fundraising handbook pdf fundraising ideas for small nonprofits fundraising strategy pdf fundraising success magazine fundraising tips great fundraising letters major gift cultivation Planned Giving the seven key elements contribute to a successful event the worldwide fundraiser's handbook pdf

When is a Celebrity Not Enough for a Cause Campaign?

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Brooke Shields’ face graced this ad for Allergan’s prescription eyelash-grower called Latisse in dozens of magazines for the better part of 18 months. Make-A-Wish Real Simple magazine Bride's Magazine Brooke Shields Latisse Allergan

There is Always More to Learn

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operations, Good magazine Invisible Children mistakes NGO Slacktivism successes white saviors We learn from our mistakes and we can learn from the mistakes - and successes- of others. You may remember the #Kony2012 hashtag that was used by the NGO, Invisible Children, which had a video go viral and subsequently suffered a backlash from people saying they were deluded "white saviors" and encouraged slacktivism. Recently, Invisible Children decided to shut down its U.S.

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Should Breast Cancer Awareness Be About the Breast More Than the Disease?

Cause Related Marketing

But I don’t think the cause is well-served by ads like this, which I found in the November 2011 Lucky magazine. Lucky , of course, casts itself as the ‘magazine about shopping.’ Lucky is a young woman’s magazine. NFL Pink Ribbon Lucky magazine Town and Country magazine Susan G.

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Have You Zeen It?

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Zeen is a platform for creating a digital magazine. Zeen small nonprofits social communication digital magazine content curationLast week was a post on influence and I was going to write a post following up on that, but if my stats are any indication, you all are sick of hearing about influencers*. So, let's talk about Zeen. What Is Zeen? You can add your original content, pictures, videos, etc. or link to content on the web. It's a quick way to curate content that.

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Join Me—Engage Fundraising Conference— May 9, Philly

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I’m also a columnist for the wonderful Fundraising Success Magazine, and serve on its advisory board. Fundraising: Innovations & Research engage fundraising conference fundraising success magazine Nonprofit Communications nonprofit marketingI’m in for this conference, and want to tell you about it before the limited number of seats (just 125) are gone.

Unconventional Metrics of Cause Marketing Power

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The printed edition of Fortune Magazine runs a regular feature called ‘My Metric’ wherein business leaders identify informal but telling measures of current economic activity.In Komen for the Cure Fortune Magazine Yoplait Children's Miracle Network Clark Sweat Michael Glimcher St.

More Faux Cause Marketing

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That’s kind of what’s at work in this ad from the inflight magazine called Delta Sky.The magazine had a special feature on. Tags: United Nations Bayer World Environment Day Delta Airlines Alcoa Heinz Faux Cause Marketing Ads Delta Sky Magazine

The Images You Choose in Cause Marketing Activations

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But the photo-illustration here in this ad from Redbook magazine is subtly different. The only trouble with the illustration is that if you’re just scanning the magazine, which is what a lot of readers of Redbook probably do, it would be easy to miss the subtle cues.

Cause Marketing Thongs to Benefit Microfinance

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The ad… from the October 2012 issue of More magazine… is kind of a hot mess. More magazine Empowered By You Microenterprise Microfinance cause marketingThe title of this post is a clause I never expected to put together. An enterprising entrepreneur named Renata M.

#Social Networking: Netflix Losing Control of Social-Network Goodwill

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Image via Wikipedia. This author is not a Netflix subscriber.

Consistency in Cause Marketing

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Komen is from Sunset magazine in October 2002, the year most of today’s third graders were born and a just a year after KitchenAid started its sponsorship of Komen!There’s Komen for the Cure Sunset magazine Kitchen Aid

Cause Marketing Ad en Espanol, Almost

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In a half-dozen English language magazines Ford Warriors in Pink has used pretty much the same ad (seen below) with a call to action to buy branded merchandise from the campaign’s website. Komen for the Cure People en Espanol Ford Warriors in Pink People magazine

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Size Matters in Cause Marketing

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I was reminded of this when I saw this ad for Outdoor Research in Outdoor USA Magazine , a trade publication that I picked up at the Winter 2011 Outdoor Retailers trade show. Outdoor USA Magazine is tabloid sized and printed on matte paper.

Cause Marketing That Doesn’t Quite Come Together

Cause Related Marketing

The ad, from May 2011 issue of Lucky magazine, mentions a celebrity, but not the name, which is a waste. March of Dimes Lucky magazine Bayer Facebook Nick Lachey March for Babies Vanessa Minnillo

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Cause Marketing Bracketology

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Golfsmith along with Golf Magazine are the major sponsors. I haven’t gotten a legal ruling on this, but I think using celebrities in this way falls under ‘fair use,’ although it could be that Golf Magazine got permission to use all 64 names.

Cause Marketing as a Means of Employee Engagement

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Pearle Vision Elliot Masie Lenscrafters Oakley Sunglass Hut Ray Ban OneSight business benefits of cause marketing Luxottica Group Revo Employee Morale Chief Learning Officer magazineCause marketing is often directed at employees and other internally stakeholders.

Cause Marketing from Clinique Benefiting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Cause Related Marketing

Evelyn Lauder, along with Alexandra Penney, then editor of Self magazine, also co-founded and popularized the pink ribbon as a symbol of the fight against breast cancer in 1992.

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The Importance of the Match in Cause Marketing

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The ad at the left from Fortune magazine is a case in point. Roger DuBois Fortune Magazine Virgin Unite Richard Branson the Necessity of Affinity in Cause Marketing Bulova Accutron Bill Clinton

Space Available Ads

Cause Related Marketing

Recessionary Advertising Opportunity for NonprofitsYou don’t have to look at the official figures from Magazine Publisher’s Association (MPA) to see that magazines are in a recession right now in the United States. Tags: Magazine Publisher's Association Time Inc.

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Can Suze Orman Afford to Do Cause Marketing?

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The ads appear in women’s magazines including Cosmo , Elle , O, the Oprah Magazine , TV Guide , and elsewhere.

Cause Marketing Rachael Ray's Dog Food Line

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Tags: ASPCA Rachael Ray Nutrish All Benefits Companies People magazine Newman's Own North Shore Animal League

Cause Marketing for Veteran's Causes Shows Support for Military Vets

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11, 2011, Time magazine ran a cover package that concluded that the Americans and military veterans have never been further apart culturally. Time magazine Noland Hoshino Chase BankIn the lead-up to Veteran’s Day, held in the U.S. last Friday Nov.

The Growing Asian American Market, a Likely Target for Cause Marketing

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This post was drawn from the August 2012 issue of Deliver magazine , which was also the source of all the statistics quoted herein). Cause marketing to Asian Americans High-dollar Cause-Related Marketing Deliver magazine

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Space Available Cause Marketing on Packaging

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Magazines and newspapers have long offered space-available ads to nonprofits. Time magazine National Center for missing and Exploited Children Xerox The Missing Children's Network Space Available Advertising Reynolds Wrap Wal-Mart Procter and Gamble Tide

Pimping for the National WWII Museum

Cause Related Marketing

Indeed, when I first glanced over the ad at the right in a recent Time magazine I was surprised that anyone would bother advertising a brick campaign in a national magazine. Stephen Ambrose Time magazine Capital Campaigns WWII Battle of the Bulge National WWII Museum

Museum 171

Cause Marketing, Sans the Cause

Cause Related Marketing

Tags: More magazine JD Irving FSI Union Pacific Scotties Mars Inc.

Lady Gaga Raises $202 Million for MAC AIDS Fund, Forbes Reports

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Currently on newsstands is Forbes magazine’s '100 Most Powerful Women' issue and there at number 11 is Lady Gaga, whose blurb tells us that she is 25, that she ‘banked $90 million last year’ and ‘raised $202 million to fight HIV/AIDS through MAC’s VIVA GLAM Lipstick and Lipgloss sales.”

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