4 More Clever Ways to Improve Your Thank You Letters

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What if your program staff took some photos during the course of their everyday work out of the public eye, and turned those into personalized postcards for your supporters? It’s hard to get more timely and personal than that. They write the letter, but you send it.

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5 Clever Ways to Improve Your Thank Your Letters

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Donors want something quite simple: a prompt, meaningful thank you letter and additional communication that explains how the donation was used. Write a Greeting Card, Not a Business Letter. The best nonprofit thank yous feel friendly, warm, and personal. Thank-You Letters

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Losing Donors Because of Bad Thank You Letters?

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Did you know that the quality of your thank you letters can determine whether your donor gives again? Thank-you letters are incredibly important in turning a first-time donor into a life-long giver. Sending a thank you letter to your donors is not just the polite thing to do.

Part 2: How to Write an Appeal Letter 101

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how to write your appeal letter. Now we’re getting into Part 2, Which is ALL ABOUT writing the different parts of your direct mail letter. If you can repeat their name several times in the letter, it will grab their attention even more. Body of your letter.

Appeal Letter Writing 101

Ann Green

While your donors will be receiving a multitude of appeal letters, many organizations seem to go on autopilot and send a generic, boring appeal. Let’s get back to basics with a little appeal letter writing 101. First, you need to get your donors to open your letter. You want to be both personal and professional. Start your letter with a compelling story. Focus on a person or family and not your organization. Get personal.

Guest post: Mary Cahalane on Thank You Letters!

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Thank you letters were scary. How do you stretch “thank you for your gift” into a whole letter? But… thank you letters were still tough. The strange thing was Henry was also the happiest person anyone had ever met.

A tale of two cities (in your appeal letter)

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I’ve written about it before,(Check out my first post on how to write a story for your appeal letter here ) but today I want to ask you to think about another concept on how to write stories for your appeal letter. But what does this have to do with your nonprofit appeal letter?

Nonprofit Thank You Letters – 3 I Love

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The standard, boring, impersonal form letter or email receipt doesn’t cut it. But here is my favorite part: They graciously congratulate and heap praise upon the winner, all in a personal, heartfelt way. P.S. Here are some more posts on writing thank you letters.

Part 1: What is an Appeal Letter?

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Do you like writing email or letters? Do you remember the joy of receiving a beautiful letter, and sending one in return? If so, this post is all about spreading your joy, and helping turn your writing skills to letters asking people to support your nonprofit. Is it personal?

The 6 most read parts of any major gift solicitation letter


I’m always a bit baffled when I see fundraising letters that fail to take into consideration the following. Here are the 6 most read parts of any major gift solicitation letter: The sender (firstly, the donor wants to see who sent the letter).

The Inner Game of Writing Your Appeal Letter: Part 2

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How should you write your appeal letter? How can you, in short, create the appeal letter version of a hit song? But instead of mommy and daddy, a new person was in the kitchen, talking to her about the home. Now let’s get down to brass tacks.

One Big Myth about Direct Mail Appeal Letters

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Each time we hold our Direct Mail for Small Nonprofits E-clinic , Tom Ahern and I have to help the participants overcome their pre-conceived ideas of what makes a great direct mail appeal letter. They ASSUME that a 1-page letter is the BEST. That a 2-page letter does worse.

The 4 Key Qualities of Amazing Thank You Letters

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Put your donors – and your thank you process – first this year by including these four key components for effective and memorable donor thank you letters. Be Personal. First things first: being personal, warm, and authentic with your donors is critical. Take the time to customize your thank you letters. Investing the time to be personal pays off by making a good impression on your donors.

Case Study: How can you make your letter appeal better?

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Draft 1 of the letter, page 1. If you’re like most people right now, you’re either sending your appeal letter or writing it furiously, to get it sent out ASAP. Inc, Kenita Pierce-Lewis , asked me to have a look at her appeal letter, to see what I could do with it.

9 simple pointers for writing better emails and letters to your donors


Try not to inject your opinion – Unless it is appropriate to do so, avoid the temptation to include your personal thoughts. Recommendations: >> How to write letters that raise money. >> How NOT to write a letter to your supporter community. The post 9 simple pointers for writing better emails and letters to your donors appeared first on MarketSmart | . I failed to get into business school.

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How to Create an A+ Appeal Letter

Ann Green

One of the most important components is your letter. You want to create a letter that captures your donors’ attention right away and convinces them to donate. Here are some ways to ensure an A+ appeal letter. First, you need to get your donor to open your letter.

A winning formula to write your appeal letter

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What makes a good appeal letter? For the last month I’ve been writing you posts and showing you examples and giving you free webinars all about what makes a good appeal letter. You’ve got How to get your appeal letter to eat its vegetables and take its vitamins.

The Inner Game of Writing Your Appeal Letter: Part 1

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Especially now, I’ve got to write this appeal letter, and it’s just not FLOWING man!&#. The back of your letter could be pictures of community leaders, and quotes from them saying nice things about you. So you’re having a hard time starting your appeal letter.

Reader Questions: How to Personalize Thank you Letters?

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During busy fundraising months we send out a lot of thank you letters but they are form letters that everyone gets the same one. How do you personalize all the thank you letters when you have 30 or more a day? Here’s one way to personalize your thank you letters without going insane. Parse your thank you letters out into 3 types. People who give under $20, get a form letter. People who give above $50, get a personalized thank you note.

An Open Letter to My Conservative Readers

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If they feel that I have nothing to contribute to their professional development because of my personal beliefs and politics, then odds are we wouldn’t enjoying working together anyway, because I see most of the world in shades of gray, rather than black and white.

More On Personal Touch

The Agitator

Here’s a paean to handwriting by copywriter Karen Zapp: Why Direct Mail — the more personal the better — Will Not Die. ” Her advice: “Whether it’s adding a handwritten note onto a typed letter. Yesterday we talked about the power of the Post-it note.

Stand Out With an Amazing Appeal Letter

Ann Green

It’s it even tougher when you’re competing with scores of other organizations for your donors’ attention, although many of these appeal letters are mediocre at best, as Fundraising Consultant Mary Calahane pointed out in a recent post Warning: bad mail coming to a box near you. You can have an advantage if you stand out by creating an amazing appeal letter. First, you need to get your donor to open your letter. You want to be both personal and professional.

Writing Your Own Direct Mail Appeal Letter This Year? You Got This!

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You don’t need to hire a firm in order to have a successful appeal letter. Next week Tom Ahern joins us for his direct mail appeal e-clinic where he will show you how you can create a successful year-end direct mail appeal letter in-house.

Do You Need an Appeal Letter Refresher Course?

Ann Green

You may have noticed an influx of appeal letters over the last few weeks. What’s not fine is the mediocre letters I see. Some of these organizations need a refresher course in appeal letter writing. Even so, give me some indication that you know me as a person.

Want to learn what makes an incredible year end appeal?

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Whether you are an old pro and just want some new tips, or you’re writing your appeal letter for the first time, you’ll find killer strategies and tried-and-true tactics in this e-course to take your appeal letter to the next level. Have fun writing your letter and creating your package! This means that your year-end appeal letter is a critical element of your fundraising success. Key elements of your compelling appeal letter. Who’s the Letter From?

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How to write effective fundraising letters

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In writing up a project for a client, I drafted this short reminder on how to write effective fundraising letters. The letter is personalized. Not having those increases the chances the letter will be tossed without being read. It’s a fundraising letter so don’t put lots of “the weather here is such & such.” Don’t overdo it, but help your reader skim the letter. The good thing is, the letters don’t need to be radically different.

How to ask your board members for year-end gifts


Help the board chair be the front person. I know this is important. But, honestly, I’m a major and planned gift marketer… not a fundraising consultant. So I found this article by Gail Perry to be very enlightening. In it, she explains how to tackle the delicate process of annual gift solicitation of board members. Below I outline her 7 points. Interestingly, the key to the solicitation happens behind the scenes.

How to Create an Awesome Appeal Letter

Ann Green

Many of you are getting ready for your year-end appeal, and the cornerstone of your campaign is your appeal letter. You want to create an awesome letter that captures your donors’ attention right away and convinces them to donate. Here are some ways to ensure a successful letter.

An anonymous letter that all fundaisers should read

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A blog reader sent me the following letter this week. He seemed quite surprised, as he remembered writing me an immediate and enthusiastic thank you letter. He called me back the next day to tell me that he’d looked into it, and discovered that someone in the mailroom had been holding all his letters until there were enough to do a bulk mailing! In both instances, the development person did the right thing—immediate and enthusiastic thanks.

Writing Fundraising Letters: What Should You Consider?

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In simple terms, this means that of fifty fundraising letters sent only one produces a positive response from its recipient. Personalize the message. Done properly, this can increase both personal and financial investment on the part of potential donors.

3 more contrarian tips for writing successful fundraising letters

Fundraising Coach

Yesterday, I sent my Fundraising Kick members 3 contrarian tips on writing successful fundraising letters. He’s one of the top writers of fundraising letters in the country. (If And in direct mail fundraising, you need to make your letters easy to read!

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Getting Your Donor to Give More in Your Year End Appeal

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” “Please send a free, personalized proposal for a charitable gift annuity.” It’s a personal touch that not many nonprofits do. How do you get your donor to upgrade? If you take a page from St.

Email as a Fundraising Tool – Episode 4


Podcast donation email sample Email Marketing email template asking for donations fundraising email best practices fundraising email ideas fundraising email sample fundraising email to coworkers Marketing channels personal fundraising letter sample sample email fundraising campaign

The 3 Worst Mistakes a Nonprofit Can Make When Trying to Acknowledge Online Donors

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You know the person, in fact you distinctly remember meeting her, and then she just puts out her hand and says, “Nice to meet you, I’m Becky.”. Strike a balance so that the donor feels both respected and appreciated on a personal level. Guest Bloggers Thank-You Letters

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4 Smart Ways to Use Thank You Videos in Nonprofit Fundraising

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A simple, personal, short video thank you on this page can inspire donors to fall more deeply in love with you. One staff person who went to some of our projects and took the photographs of program recipients holding the thank you signs. Nonprofit Communications Thank-You Letters Vide

3 Tips for Effective Fundraising Letters

Fundraising Coach

But I haven’t sent one specifically on writing fundraising letters! Fundraising letters are a basic staple of fundraising. And even with social media getting all the press, fundraising letters are what is still faithfully bringing in money for nonprofits. Here are 3 tips for fundraising letters: Mail multiple times. I’ve heard of nonprofits having success with a 13 letter-per-year system, but that was always beyond my ability to consider managing!

King Arthur and Nonprofit Appeal Letter Stories

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Personal progression -Dark personal secrets. Personal progression -Dark personal secrets-Arthur has nightmares and dark personal secrets-that he actively resists, until he’s forced to look at them at last. Want more appeal letter advice?

3 Brutally Honest Appeal Letter Critiques Part 3

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Did you read my first terrible appeal letter? Did you read the second brutal appeal letter critique? Here’s the last brutal appeal letter critique, HRC’s 2015 appeal letter. It’s 4 pages long, so I am not going to type out this entire letter for you.

How to organize your fundraising job search like a pro with Phil Gerard

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One example is when someone calls me and they have tried to break into the fundraising profession, and we’ve talked a number of times and then this person calls me in the future and says, “Phil, I got the job.” They got the person. So your resume, your cover letter needs to be flawless.

Rewriting an appeal letter: Making it better

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Here’s another appeal letter for us to take a look at. ——————————————– How can we make this letter feel better? This can really heighten the urgency of your letter.