There Are Only Three Ways to Raise More Money


Actually, when you first started reading this blog post, you may have thought that acquisition was the only way to raise more money. Part of the ongoing transition away from acquisition-based fundraising may be the alarmingly low rates of first time donor renewals that plague our industry.

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What’s Up in May

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That means you’ll have May, June, July AND August to take part in live webinars, listen to webinar recordings and download all of my e-books for one low price. But remember, this offer expires this Friday, May 4th so hurry!

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Priorities for Health: Leading Health Indicators for 2020

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The US Institute of Medicine (IOM) has again tackled the difficult problem of turning a cacophony of priorities and objectives for improving Americans' health that is Healthy People 2020 into something that, as they put it in their Leading Health Indicators for Healthy People 2020 Letter Report this week: ".should Hopefully this list of Leading Health Indicators (LHIs) will survive longer than the ones created for Healthy People 2010.

3 ways to use direct mail effectively in the age of social media


Drive respondents online for more information – then give them opportunities to convert into leads. Finding the time to do it right may be difficult but the rewards are exponentially better. While small postcards are a form of direct mail, they are cheaper to produce and deliver than full-blown direct mail packages or sales letters, and they are great for generating leads.

Top 10 reasons why donors like taking donor surveys


They may feel that they owe you a response or are obligated to participate. Lead Generation Major Giving Planned Giving strategy donor satisfaction donor strategy Fundraising fundraising tactics that work fundraising tools and techniques marketsmart questions to ask donors

Your Biggest Software Implementation Risk? It May Not Be What You Think.

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And yet, the truth of the matter is that vendors who make great software may or may not have services that are right for your organization. A large vendor team may have seasoned, shining stars along with an army of fresh college grads with nothing but software basic training.

Another highly requested blog post on why people give


You may have heard that the reason why people give is because they were asked. For many years, this saying has motivated fundraisers to get out there and “make the ask”. And, to a certain extent, they are right. Calls to action are essential for marketing effectiveness.

I am a disruptor


Initially, a disruptive innovation is formed in a niche market that may appear unattractive or inconsequential to industry incumbents, but eventually the new product or idea completely redefines the industry. Fundraising Lead Generation strategy engagement fundraising marketing Nonprofit PhilanthropyI’m proud to be a disruptor. I’ve been this way all my life. I can’t help it. Therefore, I simply won’t apologize for my disruptive nature.

It may be fundraising season, but we don’t have to name it that

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You can call your campaign the “fall appeal” inside your office, but don’t lead your messages with it. We may live by the campaign calendar, but our audiences do not. Ah, Autumn. The crunch of falling leaves under your feet. The crisp, cool air. Football. And the start of – you guessed it - fundraising season. This year, like every other year, I fully expect my mailbox and inbox to be chock-a-block with the kind of clichés I just used.

Rhode Island Lead Paint Law

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Attorneys, who advance a cause based purely upon rationally based argument knowing full well that the rhode island lead paint law be charged with a Rhode Island for one year filing. From the rhode island lead paint law a criminal case. It is extremely important because the rhode island lead paint law of child support. The Family Court determines equitable division of the rhode island lead paint law and public buildings. Island Law Lead Paint Rhode

Someone Has To Say It: The Nonprofit's Founder May Not Be the Best Executive Director or Board President Candidate (and Should Certainly Not Be Both)

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Is being the person who can tell the founding story of an organization the best person with the most qualifications and experience to lead a particular organization, though, such that it both grows in a healthy fashion and also delivers the organization's mission efficiently and effectively? The founder is not necessarily the best person to either lead the day to day operations as the executive director nor is he or she necessarily the best candidate to lead the board.

The First 100 Hours - Turning Media Spikes into Fundraising Leads

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If you are wondering how the leading nonprofits in U.S. Online coverage leads to more traffic to your site than more traditional PR. Many organizations fail to maximize the 100 hours of PR opportunity in converting traffic to leads.

Smart Cause Marketing from a Leading MMA Company

Cause Related Marketing

Torque MMA , a supplier of apparel and mats to the mixed martial arts community, has developed a three-part cause marketing promotion that may be exactly what the doctor ordered for cause marketers everywhere.

Leading the Unwilling - Your Nonprofit and Connected Volunteers

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Sometimes they come from high-schools which give extra credit for volunteer work or may even require it as part of a particular curriculum, and sometimes they. Image by ydhsu via FlickrNonprofits always need volunteers to help out. Small nonprofits really need them. Although it would be nice if they always turned up when you needed them, knowing your mission and objectives, we all know they don’t.

How to Define Roles on Communications Projects

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So now we have CALM = Collaborative, Agile, Logical, and Methodical , as well as CALM = Contributes, Approves, Leads, and Monitors. . This person helps the Lead with information, resources, or other assistance. She may also do a final proofread or edit content for tone or style.

Cast a wide net for planned gifts.


We don’t recommend targeting by age initially but, rather, we recommend building awareness for planned giving and generating leads. Then cultivate the leads you generate with relevant, personalized messages based on interest… not age. The interests may relate to their age.

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#SM4NP: ROI Via Social Media May Be Elusive, But It’s Not Ephemeral

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Which leads us to a particularly interesting (the author calls it ‘radical’) idea that ROI is probably the wrong way to think about the return nonprofits and small businesses get from social media.

Nonprofits and New Blood

Marketing for Nonprofits

If you’re short on cash and worried about the effectiveness of direct mail, online acquisition may be right for your nonprofit. U se advocacy as a tactic to engage new “leads.” As any business knows, the best source of new leads is referrals from existing clients.

Dear May 2009 Graduate, Here’s 40 Reasons to Still Study Journalism


Despite the landscape and view people may hold when they think of today’s journalism, enrollment in journalism school has INCREASED ! Dear May 2009 Graduate, Here are 40 reasons to still study journalism: We need journalism. Your phone is ringing with a hot new lead.

100 hours: Turning media spikes into leads (Alia and Mark)

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Online coverage leads to more traffic to your site than more traditional PR. While organic search may get visitors to one page or another on your site, the only way to get searchers directly to the landing page is via paid search ads.

CROWDFUNDING: Who’s Giving…To What and Where

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With peer-to-peer campaigns, donors are friends of individuals who support your cause and they may not have a prior relationship with your organization. Peer pressure works. Strangers make the smallest gifts. And love ‘em or hate ‘em, matches and prizes drive donations.

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What’s missing from most planned giving websites


But, by letting us know, we may be able to help you and your family avoid some inheritance taxes. Communication marketing Planned Giving Planned giving Planned Giving Marketing strategy Uncategorized website bequest Bequest language lead generation online marketingHere’s my list of top things missing from most planned giving websites: 1- Phone number – It’s amazing that people forget this but they do! Put it on the top/right of each page.

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3 Realistic Social Media New Year’s Resolutions for Nonprofits

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This is going to be easier than shedding those pounds you may have gained from COOKIES (it’s not just me, right?). To wit: Video in an email leads to 200-300% increase in click-through rate. I apologize for the headline (and the macarons).

3 Reasons Why Nonprofits Don’t Do Storytelling – And My Solutions

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Your nonprofit may even operate with everyone in their own silo, not sharing information and resources – the program staff not sharing with the development staff, etc. There are many reasons why clients may feel reluctant to share their stories. They may feel exploited.

How to Ask for a Bequest…And Get It

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Fundraising expert Tom Ahern believes that the answer may be as simple as not having a marketing plan to ask for those bequests. Why do organizations in the UK, Canada, and Australia raise more money with bequests than we do in the US?

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Inside Scoop: Powerful Testimonials from Your Peers

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You may automatically reach out to external donors for your organization’s testimonials. However, you may be surprised by the storytellers you can find in the cube, office or even lab next door. Dorset searches for genomic markers which can lead to urgently-needed diagnoses in clinical cases or groundbreaking discoveries in research. Guest blogger Karen Petersen is a 12-year veteran of nonprofit fundraising.

Hashtags for Every Day of the Week (Nonprofit Edition)

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AtlantaMusicProject (@ATLmusicproject) May 18, 2015. “Non-violence leads to the highest ethics, which is the goal of all evolution. ” ~ Michael Grant #WednesdayWisdom — PSU Dance Marathon (@THON) May 27, 2015.

Nonprofit Web Design 101: 5 Strategies for Beginners

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Your navigation enables donors to browse your site, find the information they need, and potentially lead them to your donation page. While your primary goal may be to lead visitors to your donation page, your website should provide donors with other opportunities to engage with your nonprofit.

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The Roles A Nonprofit's Founder May Hold During the Life Cycle or Growth of the Organization

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Please read Someone Has To Say It: The Nonprofit's Founder May Not Be the Best Executive Director Or Board President Candidate (and Should Certainly Not Be Both). They may or may not have personal experience or a connection to the cause or issue. If Bill began a nonprofit to provide lunches to low income elderly seniors who are immobile but not in a care facility, Bill may believe his new nonprofit exists because he founded it.

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How to Translate Your Program Into a Compelling Video

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Someone who takes a journey that leads to them to see the world in a new way. Lead With A Story. You may feel tempted to fill your video with board members and experts because you can trust that they’ll explain the program articulately and offer credibility.

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The RIGHT Way to Ask for a Bequest

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Fundraising expert Tom Ahern believes that the answer may be as simple as not having a marketing plan to ask for those bequests. Did you know organizations in the UK, Canada, and Australia raise more money with bequests than we do in the US?

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Why an emphasis only on counting planned gift disclosures is misguided.


So why bother counting something that may never come to fruition? Fundraising Philosophy/motivation Planned Giving Uncategorized accomplish accomplishment achieve Lead Generation leads philosophy Planned Giving Marketing Strategy success In planned giving marketing we are told to spend a lot of time trying to get people to disclose the fact that they included the organization in their estate plan.

Make Your (Re)Brand Magical!

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They shifted their tagline from “Leading the Duchenne muscular dystrophy community” to a bolder statement: “Leading the fight to end Duchenne.” Over time, your organization’s essence may not change, but elements of your brand or structure may need to. These are some of the factors likely to lead to (re)branding success can include: A clear, focused, understood-and-acted-on throughout the organization strategic plan (a must!).

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In These Uncertain Times, New Pew Study's Findings May Help Inform Any American Nonprofit's Next Step

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Usually this leads a nonprofit's leadership to begin or further organizational strategic planning. PDF page 3, document page 2] "Notably, far more Americans think that health care will be more affordable in the future than did so in May 1999. Every nonprofit must take stock, each year.

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6 Things You Must Discuss In Your Year-End Online Fundraising Planning

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13, I’ll be leading a Nonprofit Marketing Guide webinar called “The Beginner’s Guide to Planning a Successful Year-End Online Fundraising Campaign,” where I’ll take you step-by-step through a multi-channel, year-end online giving campaign, from thought to finish. December is coming.

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To Being a Warrior

Marketing for Nonprofits

Warmest regards, Jocelyn "May the roots of suffering diminish. May warfare, violence, neglect, indifference, and addictions also decrease. May the wisdom and compassion of all beings increase, now and into the future. May we appreciate the great perfection of all phenomena.

Connect First—Your Marketing Magic Bullet

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That’s who-cares marketing , and may in fact lead you to alienate the very folks you hope to nurture as friends and supporters.

Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators

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A post from last year, but still worth a read – 16 Easy Ways to Lead Your Organization’s Culture Shift by Pam Grow. May 2 – June 10: Our next 6-week Nonprofit Marketing Accelerator is on Getting Great Results by Integrating Your E-Newsletter and Social Media.

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6 Tips for Launching Your Own Member Month Campaign

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As tempting as it may be to use a membership month campaign to boost a slow fundraising month, member month campaigns MUST celebrate members and make them feel a part of something bigger. May – Smithsonian Institution , ASPCA. December is done.

5 Steps to Powerhouse E-Newsletters (Case Study)

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If you haven’t done a good job of it by then, the relationship may be off for good. Leads with a single gripping photo and headline. As you muscle through engaging donors and other supporters in the actions you need, it’s crucial to have your thank you and follow-up ready to roll.