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What’s your fundraising asking style?


According to Brian Saber, “Your ‘Asking Style’ is based on your personality and unique set of strengths in fundraising.”

What to do instead of the crusty old estate planning seminars you run hoping to generate planned gifts?


Those that come forward will obviously care about the organization’s future— qualified leads. Fundraising Lead Generation Planned Giving estate planning fundraising advice fundraising blog legacy gift marketing nonprofit lead gen tips Philanthropy planned gift fundraising tips planned gift marketingTweet this!

My Gift To You This Holiday Season


A lot of people have asked me, “Can you really achieve planned gift marketing success online ?” ” I knew they were wrong.

Don't miss out on the power of a unique landing page

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An article at Performance Insider, Unique URLs Vs. Homepage URLs: The Best Method For Lead-Gen? Even worse, your homepage will need to perform multiple tasks -- provide the general information for the casual visitor AND instantly allow traffic driven by lead marketing dollars to complete the task without distractions.