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The post Day in the Life of a Nonprofit Communicator – [Insert Your Name Here] appeared first on Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog. What Does YOUR Workday Look Like? What’s going on at your desk right now? Are you chugging coffee all day? Do you hate your donor management system? Have meetings all day? Do you eat lunch at your desk? Do you have the best co-workers? Tell me all about it!

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How to Optimize Your Planned Giving Inserts for Results in 6 Steps


I always recommend including inserts with my clients’ annual fund thank you letters. But too many nonprofits simply throw an insert into their envelopes without any strategic thought whatsoever. So I thought I’d write a post to show you how to optimize your planned giving inserts for results. First, you should know that these inserts do not need to be expensive. It’s easy and inexpensive to print 4 inserts at one time.

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Insert Photos? Fancy paper? Professional Binding?

Seeking Grant Money Today

You've pulled together a great grant proposal for the Scottish Men's Garb Foundation. Your non profit, Kilt Protection Agency, is applying for a grant for a new program that will educate men about why the kilt is an excellent fashion choice, even today. You're proud of the proposal and eager to get it off to the Scottish Men's Garb Foundation, but you're not sure how to format it. Should you include photos of your clients successfully wearing kilts after going through a similar program?

Activating 20th Century Cause Marketing via 21st Century Social Media

Cause Related Marketing

Those early CPG promotions frequently went something like this: The sponsor would run an ad in a free-standing insert or FSI, which are those booklets of coupons that drop in local newspapers once a week or so. Naked Juice Free-Standing Insert Social Media FSI Cause Marketing Activation Twitter Activation lump sum donations cause marketingOne of the first business categories to really adopt cause marketing was consumer packaged goods.

Cause Marketing Your Why

Cause Related Marketing

I found myself thinking of the adverb form of the word ‘why’ when I saw this free standing insert (FSI) from the German skincare company Beiersdorf, owner of the brands Nivea and Eucerin. packaged goods cause marketing Beiersdorf free standing insert Nivea cause marketingFor about a year in 2009-2010 it seemed that at 60 percent of the business meetings I went to some mention was made of ‘finding your why,’ a reference to the book called Start with Why by Simon Sinek.

Respecting Your Cause Marketing Partner

Cause Related Marketing

You almost have to guess because the type is so small in this FSI (Free-Standing Insert) you might not be able to read it without the help of artificial magnification. Schwan Food Company Free-Standing Insert Freschetta FSI Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Breast Cancer Awareness MonthFrom Freschetta, the bake-at-home pizza brand found in your grocer’s freezer case, comes a pink ribbon cause marketing campaign that seems slightly ashamed of its esteemed non-profit partner.

Cause for Dessert

Cause Related Marketing

Village Inn is activating the promotion externally with this FSI (Free-Standing Insert). Village Inn Free-Standing Insert Susan G. If you’re a restaurant, even in a quick-serve category, it’s hard to imagine a transactional cause marketing campaign you could launch more easily or quickly than a dessert promotion. When a customer buys a slice of cake or pie or dish of ice cream you make a donation to your cause partner.

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Cause Marketing for 'One Lucky School'

Cause Related Marketing

Henkel Consumer Package Goods FSI education cause marketing Bad Cause Marketing Cystic Fibrosis Foundation free standing insert consumer packaged goods cause marketingHenkel’s, the German consumer packaged goods company whose brands in America include Right Guard and Purex, is back again with its Get Kids Fit campaign effort and “one lucky school will win $25,000 in fitness cash to improve youth fitness at their school.”

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Setting Boundaries: Tips for Nonprofit Communications Staff

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Try something like this: I know you/we typically ( insert behavior that you are trying to change/boundary crossed ), but I strongly prefer that you/we ( insert desired behavior/boundary enforced ), so that (insert the desired result based on values of the organization ). On this afternoon’s #NPCOMM Chat Live on Facebook , I talked about how nonprofit communications staff need to set boundaries. You can check out the replay here.

Dealing with Election Day 2020 #NPCOMMLIFE

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Brands have found a new way to insert themselves into democracy) by Amanda Mull. I don’t even know what to say at this point about the state of things so I am just going to go right into some ways you can handle tomorrow professionally and personally. Taking Care of Yourself.

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Updated links to Free Nonprofit Resources

Blue Sky Collaborative

Insert Our site has undergone a slight redesign and we ended up moving things around. Here are updated links to free materials that are downloaded frequently. Press Release Template This template gives you a general format for a press release.

What’s Your Advice on Measuring Marketing Success?

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

For example, Donor Voice recommends a Donor Commitment Score based on these three questions using a 0 to 10 disagree/agree scale: I am a committed (insert nonprofit name) donor. I feel a sense of loyalty to (insert nonprofit name). Insert nonprofit name) is my favorite charitable organization. Here’s a question that came in last week. Hello Kivi, Do you have any resources that will help me to measure our communications effectiveness?

Major and Legacy Gift Fundraising Is Changing… Blame Robocalls.


For legacy gifts it could be: Adding an insert to your newsletter; Holding estate planning seminars for your supporters; or Engaging with local financial advisors. Relationships building is part art, part science.

How To Market Your Planned Giving Program

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

You can develop a 1/3-page postcard or insert that includes a reminder about how to make a planned gift. Tony Martignetti. Today Tony Martignetti joins us to talk about marketing your bequests program. Kristina. Guest Post by Tony Martignetti.

Your steering wheel: the single most important tool for making effective fundraising asks

Fundraising Coach

But in my experience, most people find a version of the following phrase works: "We''d like to ask you to consider a gift of [insert specific dollar amount] to [insert project or fund or the nonprofit''s name].". We''d like to ask you to consider a gift of [insert specific dollar amount].". "I''d I''d like to ask you to consider a gift of [insert specific dollar amount].". Would you consider a gift of [insert specific dollar amount].".

How To Fine Tune Your Email Marketing For Gen Z

J Campbell Social Marketing

Have your web designer insert buttons for sharing the content on Facebook and Twitter in your emails. Social Media for Social Good Academy is opening soon! Don’t miss out or lose your spot – get on the Early Interest List by clicking here. This post is a guest blog by Elise T.

Cold calling major donors to arrange appointments doesn’t work – but this method does


That’s why, these days, you need to insert a crucial step in between your marketing/communications and your outreach calls if you want to set-up more appointments with highly qualified major and legacy donors or prospects.

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The Ultimate Guide To How To Buy Best Baby Thermometer

Non Profit Marketing 360

The test should always be greased up with some petroleum jam to make it easier to insert. Just around a fourth of the test needs to be inserted to get a decent reading. Buy flexible tip rectal thermometers as can be uncomfortable especially those with a full handle that are painful to insert more than an inch. Multiuse baby thermometer lacks design that prevents over-insertion, thus take care when using them with the baby.

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Business to Business Cause Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

When you buy an ad that will appear in a special tabloid-sized insert in both of Salt Lake City’s daily newspapers, 10% of the ad price will go to purchase books for children in low-income homes. The insert drops on Sunday, March 27, 2011. The insert will be about the “ Utah Story Literacy Event ,” which is a telethon/radiothon event to be held March 30, 2011 with a goal of raising $1 million. The challenge for Media One will be, who will want to sponsor the insert?

Dr. Russell James’ Top 10 Ways Your Supporters Can Give Wisely Before the Year Ends


To learn more about how your gifts can make a lasting impact at [ organization ], contact: [ insert fundraiser contact information ]. I’m very thankful that Dr. Russell James has graciously shared 10 smart ways your supporters can give wisely before the end of this year.

Using Stories in Fundraising: What Would You Do?

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

We kick off each appeal with an insert ( here’s the sample for this spring’s issue ) placed in our full-color, quarterly magazine, titled the “Wisconsin Magazine of History,&# similar in style and quality to the Smithsonian Magazine, which is mailed to our membership of approximately 11,500. We follow the magazine insert with a typical set of touch points: - Email solicitation. You have plenty to work with in the insert to repackage for the email and the phone call.

4 Ways To Grow Your Email List With Instagram

J Campbell Social Marketing

Use it for your nonprofit by inserting a link to your email sign-up landing page, right into your Instagram Story: UN Women uses the Swipe Up feature to direct people to their website: 3) Promote your social media contests and events. Instagram is consistently growing in popularity, with 1 billion monthly users and is expected to continue it’s meteoric rise 5% each quarter. 60% of U.S. adult Instagram users visit the site daily. 71% of 18- to 29-year-olds are on Instagram.

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Dare to Dream Cause Marketers

Cause Related Marketing

In honor of its 25th anniversary, Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) published a special 10-page insert in the June 9, 2008 issue of U.S. News & World Report, and on the last page was the sponsor recognition ad on the left.The insert was placed in U.S. News’ annual rankings of children’s hospitals in the United States.For those of you keeping score at home, there’s more than 70 current sponsors in.

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With a BIG event, it’s all about the little things.

A Small Change

You insert the action here – A-thons. Galas. Extravaganzas. Auctions. Let’s face it, our signature events are a really big deal when it comes to strengthening relationships with our existing support base, as well as acquiring new giving relationships. These events are key platforms to increase the likelihood of hitting our fiscal goals, and are also a huge opportunity to broaden our giving networks.

How to Measure Nonprofit Social Media Success and Document Results

J Campbell Social Marketing

They will step up to bat, insert themselves in conversations to set the record straight, and defend you to people who hate on your org, your cause, and your issue.

8 Irresistible Benefits of Nonprofit Social Media Storytelling

J Campbell Social Marketing

Be where your donors are already and insert yourself into the conversation. My brand new program, Storytelling That Sticks, is OPEN FOR ENROLLMENT until 5/31! Check out all the details here.

5 Ways Nonprofits Can Harness Mobile Technology In 2018


To set your email images to automatically be sized to fit the screen that they are displayed on, insert this code into your html editor to define the image’s size by relation to the screen rather than pixels: For more instructions on using this code and other helpful tips for mobile optimizing your emails, read more here. According to the recently released.

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Keep Better Contact Records with the Personal Email to Notes Feature


If the email is originated using an email link on the platform – such as the email link on the top of Contact Details, or from a Moves Management Action plan – the system will automatically insert the BCC email address onto the message. For fundraisers, the clarity of each donor contact record matters. A clean and complete contact record saves time and provides fundraisers with the full picture. Development teams need to know how the relationship with each donor has evolved over the years.

You Can Now Save Links On Facebook To Read Later – And It’s Awesome

J Campbell Social Marketing

To alert your followers to this new feature and to encourage them to save your links, Mari Smith has a great idea – insert a variation on this text in your link posts: Click or tap the little arrow in the top right of this post in your news feed, then click/tap save! Have you ever been browsing Facebook, on mobile or on desktop, and wanted to save something that you saw in your News Feed to read later?

Cause Related Marketing - Untitled Article

Cause Related Marketing

Faithful readers.Thursday's post on Scotties tissue (on the left is a recent free-standing insert [FSI]) has generated a fair amount of back-channel conversation.The following comes from Jeff Atlas, one of the pioneers of cause marketing. I post his remarks with his permission.Your recent post about Scotties led me to do a little bit of investigating.I remember when Weyerhaeuser advertised itself.

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How to Write a Strong Vision Statement for your Nonprofit

Nonprofit Marketing Insights by GlobalOwls

However, inserting clear and persuasive language round the belief is exceptionally significant. The online tools work by replacing words in the inserted text with their synonyms. Tips for writing a non-profit vision statement that will shape your organizations future.

Newsjacking: From Roadkill to Rock Stars

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

What opportunities can utilize to insert yourself in breaking news? During the wee hours of the morning of April 8 th , I received a call from Tom Harrison, director of the award-winning North Carolina Black Bear Festival and Bear-ology Museum. Tom and I met a few months earlier at my G.R.E.A.T. media relations presentation for NC ShowFest. He asked for some advice as to how his small festival, in a small town, in a remote part of the state, could earn more news coverage.

Where are the Champions?

A Small Change

However, there is another primary resource we can leverage for the acquisition of new supporters (insert drum roll… ): our existing supporters! We development pros work hard to strengthen the relationships we have with folks who have given to our agencies and we call the process ‘retention.’

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Fundraisers – You’re Missing the Point of Social Media Fundraising

J Campbell Social Marketing

Insert eye roll and cross arms, maybe stamp foot for good measure.). Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of articles, written by my fundraising heroes, that are a little bit grouchy on the subject of social media fundraising. I’m here to give you my side of the social media fundraising argument – because I know that it works. You may be saying, “Oh, sure, Julia, you have to stick up for social media. That’s your JOB.” Well, there’s a reason that it’s my job. I made up my job.


Sea Change Strategies

His latest book is called Newsjacking and it codifies a practice that we have long counseled our clients to adopt – inserting one’s organization into breaking news in a way that lets you harvest some of the attention. I sat on a panel last week with David Meerman Scott, whose smarts and enthusiasm were boundless.

3 New Ways to Determine Nonprofit Social Media Success (That Don’t Involve Numbers)

J Campbell Social Marketing

They will step up to bat, insert themselves in conversations to set the record straight, and defend you to people who hate on your org, your cause, and your issue. Social media continues to perplex, overwhelm, and frustrate many a nonprofit marketer. Does this sound familiar? You are discouraged by your lack of “results” and “ROI” – and your supervisor is also. You post promotions on social media, fairly consistently, but no one engages.

Multi-channel marketing and planned giving


No inserts with acknowledgements. Today Seth Godin writes , “Repetition increases the chance that you get heard.” ” And, he continues, “Delivering your message in different ways, over time, not only increases retention and impact, but it gives you the chance to describe what you’re doing from several angles. “This time Seth’s post DOES apply for planned giving marketing.

Format Your Content for Easy Sharing— Just 4 Doable Steps

Getting Attention

Insert sub-heads throughout your content (enough but not too many), to enable your reader to quickly get to what she wants and to clip it. I was fascinated to learn that 82% of all content sharing is done via copying and pasting according to Tynt, a service that tracks when people copy and paste content from 600,000 publishers’ sites. That’s 4.5 times the amount of content shared via social sharing buttons.

Cold calling major donors to arrange appointments doesn’t work— but this method does


That’s why, these days, you need to insert a crucial step in between your marketing/communications and your outreach calls if you want to set-up more appointments with highly qualified major and legacy donors or prospects. No one likes getting cold calls and you probably don’t like making them.

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Unbelievable—Komen Flunks Crisis Communciations (Again)

Getting Attention

Komen’s decision to de-fund Planned Parenthood in January 2012 generated a huge groundswell of protest from those on both sides of the abortion wars (never insert your organization in the middle of a culture war, you’ll always lose out), and motivating Komen to reverse that decision fairly quickly. Once your organization’s reputation is seriously damaged, it’s difficult to restore trust and focus on successes.

5 Ways to Improve Your Nonprofit Fundraising On Facebook

J Campbell Social Marketing

The key feature here is a donate button that will be inserted into the live video, making it super easy for people to participate. Charlotte and Dave Willner started a Facebook fundraiser on June 16, titled “Reunite an immigrant parent with their child,” after they saw a viral photo of a 2-year-old Honduran girl looking up and crying as her mother was searched by a Border Patrol agent in southern Texas. They aimed to raise $1,500.

We Want You Back! How to Re-Engage Inactive Email Supporters

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

It’s me, [insert ED or other person subscribers might know]. Image: [link]. You’re losing email subscribers. Every month. All year long. They unsubscribe. They bounce. They stop responding. According to M+R Benchmarks, on average, about 24% of subscribers are considered inactive. What’s a nonprofit communicator to do? Practice your ABC’s (Always Be Acquiring), AND offer content worth subscribing to, AND…how about rekindling and reconnecting with your inactives!

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Cause Marketing with Your CEO

Cause Related Marketing

Until I saw the free standing insert (FSI) on the left from Marcal Manufacturing on Sunday, I could count on one hand the number of times I’d seen a CEO featured in a cause marketing type ad. Heck, I could count it on one finger.That CEO was the wonderfully avuncular Dave Thomas, the founder of Wendy’s as well as its long-time pitchman. Thomas died in 2002 at the age 69.Thomas was famously.

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