How to Pick the Right Fundraiser for Your New Nonprofit

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When you start a new nonprofit, you realize pretty quickly that with so many options, it’s important that you pick the right fundraiser to get the money flowing. There are so many things you could try to raise money. How about a gala? Families go to family-friendly events.

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Create a Successful Volunteer Program that Inspires Volunteers to Follow Through

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The key to a successful volunteer program is follow through. Maybe you’ve been there: Someone contacts your organization eager to volunteer. And it doesn’t have to be this way. So, how do you create that? For empty-nesters, what organizations and clubs do they belong to?


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How to get Rich Overnight!

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So, you want to Get Rich Quick…? Internet Marketing how to get rich online how to get rich overnight internet marketing scams

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How to Raise Awareness [Free Online Course]

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Have you been asked to raise awareness for your cause, but aren’t quite sure what that means? In this free online, self-paced video course , you’ll learn: The five steps to creating an awareness plan that actually works. Our favorite calls to action for awareness campaigns.

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How to Write Fundraising Emails That Get Results

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Email is a powerful marketing tool, but to get results you need to learn how to write fundraising emails that connect emotionally and inspire people to give. It takes careful strategy and deep knowledge of your donor to get the results you’re looking for.

Resources on How to Effectively Lead Your Team

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Our mission at Nonprofit Marketing Guide is to help you: Learn Your Job. We focus a lot on the top two, so today I wanted to share some tips, research and advice about effectively leading your teams. Now let’s talk about some ways to best work with your team.

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How to Ensure Ethical Fundraising at Your Nonprofit

J Campbell Social Marketing

Listen to a clip above, and tune in to the entire episode at ! How can nonprofits keep up with the breathtaking pace of change, stay true to our missions, and operate in a space of integrity?

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[FREE WEBINAR] How to Raise Awareness for Your Cause

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You want to raise and spread awareness for your cause, but how? Raising awareness” means different things to different people. Are you being asked by your boss or board of directors to. We’ll also talk about what NOT to do!

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How to Win the Game of Facebook Fundraising

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Facebook fundraising makes it easy for supporters to show their support of your mission with a quick donation. Facebook fundraising tools are designed to keep people on the site rather than send them to a crowdfunding platform or other website. Ask me how I know!).

How to Create a Volunteer Handbook Your Volunteers Will Use

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Without a handbook, volunteers may feel disconnected and unsure of their role and responsibilities because once training is over, there are no materials for them to reference later. If YOU were volunteering at your nonprofit, what would you want to know? Is there a form to fill out?

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How to Delegate: From Doing It All to Having Staff

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

you’ve been a comms team of one forever and now you get to hire someone! Then a month in, you start second-guessing yourself because it feels like you have even more work to do because now you have to supervise someone too. You need to establish a relationship.

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How to Write an Effective Nonprofit Mission Statement

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Writing a mission statement that summarizes your nonprofit tends to be easy, but writing one that effectively positions your nonprofit to appeal to donors can be tricky. Give Yourself Room to Grow. Why is your nonprofit uniquely qualified to fulfill this mission?

How to Find and Work with a Nonprofit Virtual Assistant

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Sometimes the only thing standing between you and launching a successful fundraising campaign to fund a new, needed program is an extra set of hands. It may make sense to hire someone to give you that help, especially if that person has the skills you need and can work remotely.

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When and How to Pay Yourself a Nonprofit Salary

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Everything seems important and you really, really want to get your new organization up and running so you can do the work of changing lives. But, unless you’re independently wealthy or have another source of income, you will need to pay yourself at some point. .

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Free Webinar Tomorrow on How to Repurpose Your Content Between Newsletters, Social, and More

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Ever wonder how some nonprofits seem to produce so much great content, even with a small staff? You’ll find out to save time and energy by learning how to master the art of repurposing your content during a special FREE webinar we are hosting tomorrow.

How to React Quickly to a Crisis, Current Event, or Catastrophe

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

The pandemic, social unrest, and increasing displays of hate have thrust nonprofits into the position of needing to revamp their communications plans and messaging on a dime. And Nonprofits that have the right protocols in place ahead of time are in the best position to react quickly.

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How to Get New Donors Through Digital Marketing

J Campbell Social Marketing

He expected to work in a cause-focused career when he grew up, but was surprised to discover his passion for business. Chris came on my Facebook Live stream to show a simple way to acquire new donors through digital marketing. How to find people that you can help.

How to Avoid Burnout in the Virtual Age

J Campbell Social Marketing

Listen to a clip above, and tune in to the entire episode at ! As a sought-after keynote speaker and workshop leader, she has presented at nonprofit conferences on every inhabited continent of the world to thousands of nonprofits.

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The Great Resignation: Why Your Nonprofit Employees Are Quitting and How to Stop It

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

While many will argue it’s all about pay, according to Gallup research , the highest quit rate is among those that are “not engaged” and “actively disengaged” workers. I have the materials and equipment I need to do my work right.

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How to Allocate Nonprofit Expenses

Foundation Group

The post How to Allocate Nonprofit Expenses appeared first on Foundation Group®. Ask the Experts Education Filings Funding Management/Operations accounting bookkeeping expenses nonprofit accounting nonprofit bookkeeping nonprofit expenses nonprofit funding

How to Convert Your Nonprofit Website Visitor into a Donor

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By telling the right stories in the right way, you can lure visitors to your donation page and inspire them to give. You don’t have much time to do so. That means your website must be clean, clear, and easy to navigate. It’s best to start with a short story.

How to ask your board members for year-end gifts


So I found this article by Gail Perry to be very enlightening. In it, she explains how to tackle the delicate process of annual gift solicitation of board members. Interestingly, the key to the solicitation happens behind the scenes. But you’ll really want to check out her article because she also includes some “DON’Ts” that you will want to read. Show them why they need to give. Click to tweet!

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How to Plan Your 2021 Social Media Marketing Calendar

J Campbell Social Marketing

Sign up for the free Nonprofit Marketing Summit to see this session live! With all the noise on social media as well as serious legal and ethical considerations clouding the platforms, how can nonprofits continue to reach their supporters and spread their messages online? .

How to Categorize Operations Revenue

Foundation Group

The post How to Categorize Operations Revenue appeared first on Foundation Group®. Ask the Experts Funding Managing a Nonprofit fundraising membership nonprofit funding program revenue rental income revenue Unrelated Business Income

How to Prepare for an Extended Leave (Or a Permanent Exit!)

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

One of the last conversations the most recent cohort of the Communications Director Mentoring Program had was around how you prepare for an extended leave (or exit) when you are a nonprofit communications director. You need to have these captured somewhere that others can access.

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How To Fine Tune Your Email Marketing For Gen Z

J Campbell Social Marketing

It’s more than likely because you’re making common mistakes and weren’t able to attract their attention from the outset. Below, I’ll take a quick look at the importance of using email marketing to reach Gen Z. Pay Attention To Gen Z.

How to Send a Nonprofit Appeal and Get Results

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Direct mail is a valuable fundraising strategy, but figuring out how to send a nonprofit appeal can be confusing. Recruit volunteers to stuff and stamp hundreds of envelopes? Work with your post office to send your appeal with a nonprofit discount?

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Using Inkind Donations To Help You Grow Your Nonprofit

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Basically, it’s a non-cash donation made to a nonprofit organization. The company that donates surplus tote bags with their logo on them for families at your food pantry to use when shopping is an inkind donor. There’s more to inkind donations than you might think.

How to Source Great Year-end Stories

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In fact, she was so busy that when it came time to put together her year-end donation letter she was stumped. Then she asked donors to help her reach her year-end financial goal. Humans are hardwired to respond to stories. How did your donors help them?

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How to Pay Your Nonprofit’s Staff

Foundation Group

The post How to Pay Your Nonprofit’s Staff appeared first on Foundation Group®. Education Employees/Volunteers Managing a Nonprofit Nonprofit Payroll 501(c)(3) IRS

How to Get Your Boss to Invest In Digital Storytelling

J Campbell Social Marketing

Do you struggle with finding the right stories to tell about your nonprofit’s impact? . Do you use digital tools like email and social media to raise awareness for your nonprofit, but can’t seem to get enough engagement or traction? .

How to Categorize Donations

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The post How to Categorize Donations appeared first on Foundation Group®. Ask the Experts Funding Managing a Nonprofit donations online donations revenue

How to Write a Collaborative Communications Strategy

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

When Cathy White shared with our Mentoring Program participants the collaborative process she went through to create her communications strategy, I knew other communications directors would be interested in hearing about it too. Taking the Next Draft Back to the Teams.

Complacency is a prelude to disaster


Over 10 years ago, when I sold direct marketing services and printing to nonprofits in the DC region, I made a huge sign and put it above my cubicle’s desk to ensure that I’d read it each morning. In bold black letters it simply read: “ Complacency Is A Prelude To Disaster!” ” Having it above my desk consistently reminded me to fear a false sense of security, always look over my shoulder, and never rest on my laurels.

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How to Handle Copyrights in Your Nonprofit

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The post How to Handle Copyrights in Your Nonprofit appeared first on Foundation Group®. Ask the Experts Education Managing a Nonprofit conflict of interest copyright intellectual property nonprofit

How to Be Relevant Now (And What NOT to Say)

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Nonprofit communicators are full of anxiety right now about messaging, from what to say, to how often, and where to say it. Should we stop messaging if our work has nothing to do with coronavirus? OK, so how can we communicate in a relevant way?

How to Win the Game of Facebook Fundraising

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The post How to Win the Game of Facebook Fundraising appeared first on Foundation Group®. Funding fundraising fundraising activity nonprofit funding nonprofit fundraising online donations

How to Stage a Successful Virtual News Conference

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

The nonprofit One Warm Coat used a virtual news conference to kick off its annual winter coat drive campaign. These advantages include: Logistics — On-site press conferences have always been labor-intensive, with the need to find the right location and proper supporting visuals.

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How to Handle Negative Online Comments

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

After months of talking about his desire to get an opinion piece published in The Chronicle of Philanthropy, he achieved his goal. Soon after it appeared, the client received a flood of positive responses, an invitation to speak at a conference, and a nice bump in new registrants to his email list. Even when you post to a seemingly friendly venue, anonymous commenters are often ready to pounce. Ask the news outlet that posted your piece to disable the comments?

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How to structure and staff your planned gift shop for the 21st century


Jim Collins, author of the best-selling book Good to Great , has three big recommendations for all organizations: Get the right people on the bus. I think nonprofits tend to fail when it comes to “getting the right people in the right seats.” ” Too often they make people do things they don’t want to do and/or aren’t good at doing. Yet most nonprofits force them to perform those tasks. Attend to needs.

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How to Form and Use an Advisory Board for Your Nonprofit

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A nonprofit Advisory Board can be a great way to engage key supporters with relevant professional skills, life experiences, and networks. But many Advisory Boards sit idle, with members not knowing their role and organizations not knowing what to do with the Board they created.

How to prep for your next big ask


There’s a ton of information out there about how to ask for a donation. So I thought I’d help with what I believe is the simplest way to prep for your next big ask. Possibly talk to your friends about your answers (the experienced and successful ones). Talk to some donors about your answers to get their perspective. Did you just say to yourself, “Nah, I can wing it”?

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How to Write a Nonprofit Social Media Policy

J Campbell Social Marketing

This is a small excerpt from my book, How to Build and Mobilize a Social Media Community for Your Nonprofit in 90 Days, out now! . Work to create clear and concise policies that empower and educate all staff and volunteers. .