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Guideline for External Use of Web 2.0 in the Government of Canada

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After years of hearing ”it’ll be released next week” promises, I finally got to witness the official announcement this morning from Minister Tony Clement: The Treasury Board Secretariat’s Guideline for External Use of Web 2.0 is now public. The Guideline for External Use of Web 2.0 Why is this a big deal?

8 Interview Guidelines for Capturing the Best Stories

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These eight guidelines can help you conduct better interviews and accurately capture the most compelling stories. Prepare. Might be.). Record.

When Brand Guidelines Trump Donor-centricity You Have a Recipe For Disaster


The post When Brand Guidelines Trump Donor-centricity You Have a Recipe For Disaster appeared first on MarketSmart. “Make it smaller!”

Guidelines for the Review of Social Marketing Papers

Social Marketing and Social Change

Is the context of the problem described (what is the nature of the puzzle to be addressed)? Is there a theory of change ?

A quick note on social media governance

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Social media guidelines should be created by the “strategy” team and approved by HR and Legal. Need to follow guidelines, which are merely reminders as opposed to restrictions. There are some general best practices and trends that I’m noticing are emerging in modern “social” organizations. Nobody “owns” it. What are you noticing?

NYC School Social Media Guidelines

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The New York City public schools released guidelines for social media use by teachers yesterday (note: this is a link to the WSJ’s story about it, there doesn’t seem to be a page to the guidelines, only the ability to download the document, which drives me crazy!)

When your employees go too far on social media…

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General Legal case law cases employment termination examples fired law legal Social Media social media guidelines social media policy Alberta v.

Rhode Island Wic Guidelines

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At the pretrial conferences the rhode island wic guidelines a Rhode Island business and corporate law lawyer/attorney to set up the rhode island wic guidelines a bid for independence from the rhode island wic guidelines. Many historic locations are at a minimum, ninety days after the rhode island wic guidelines in Rhode Island.

BC Social Media Engagement Learning Centre

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A collection of guidelines and best-practices surrounding the use of social media for citizen engagement. So what is it exactly? collab/some/.

Transparency & Cause Marketing: 5 Best Practices

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Last month, the New York Attorney General issued guidelines entitled “Five Best Practices for Transparent Cause Marketing.”

#DESIGN: How To Follow The Branding Guidelines Of Twitter

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Even the ubiquitous ‘twitter’ word/icon is considered a breaking of the guidelines. And no. Birds of a feather? Related articles.

About Grant Guidelines.

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The document that grant writers use to know what application to use, to apply for a given grant, what information to provide, and what the time table is for the application process is called the giving guidelines. Today, is is common if a grant donor has a website, that the giving guidelines are available on their website.

My Guidelines for Cause Marketing Proposals

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Tags: Cause Marketing 101 Cause Tools cause marketing cause-related marketing guidelines proposals

How to Communicate in the Shadow of Disaster -- Guidelines for Respectful but Effective Outreach

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The following guidelines derive from an analysis of news of, and fundraising for, relief efforts in the response to the Haitian earthquake and the plight of its three million survivors in need. It’s almost all one can think of. How to keep giving going even as the earthquake, and the plight of survivors, is no longer top of mind? P.P.S.

What are the best and worst times to post on social media networks?

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Disclaimer: There is no one size fits all in social media, just helpful guidelines and best practices. Do you agree with their assessment?

Giving Guidelines for Disasters Part II

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The response to my post the other day about the need of developing giving guidelines for natural disasters was very positive. Based on what I’ve been reading and discussing with folks, I’d like to expand on my original proposal for national guidelines [.].

“Social Media At Work” Video for Canadian Public Servants

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Any time I see a government effort in using video these days I like to applaud it. Enjoy. The French version can be found here.

Help with writing your Social Media guidelines – from over 70 different organisations

Giving in a Digital World

Tags: Blogging Online Campaigning Online advocacy Online fundraising Social networking Bryan Miller charity Social Media Guidelines

Help with writing your Social Media guidelines – from over 70 different organisations

Giving in a Digital World

Tags: Blogging Online Campaigning Online advocacy Online fundraising Social networking Bryan Miller charity Social Media Guidelines

Privacy Commissioner of Canada’s Twitter Policy

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By far, the hottest trend I am picking up right now as a consultant in this field is the need for guidelines/policies surrounding digital engagement. At the end of the day, these are merely reminders of existing policies and guidelines that employees are already supposed to be adhering to in day-to-day interactions with other people.

The 7 Guidelines for Telling Your Organization's Story

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The rules for phenomenal stories

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

When you’re making the case for giving , a powerful story is hard to top. The good news is, the results are well worth the work.

Rules 54

Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Marlene Oliveira shows you How to Quickly Draft Basic Messaging Guidelines for Your Nonprofit. I hope everyone had a good week.

Link 43

Drive Donors to Your Online Donation Page with These Six Marketing Strategies, Part 2

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As far as posting on social media goes, stay within the following guidelines for the best success: Post the link to your online donation page.

Your Small Nonprofit's Infographics

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Take a look at this set of guidelines from Nonprofit Tech for Good and. image via Flickr We all know that infographics have become a big deal - quite a great visual way to breakdown data for your audience, pleasing both those who like data and those who like visuals. Beth Kanter infographics nonprofit tech for good small NGO Small nonprofit

Hire the Right Nonprofit Marketing Help

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Job Description Guidelines (PDF). I’m thrilled that one of you responded with this wonderful free resource. And thank you.

Help 104

RESOURCE REVIEW: “A Progressive’s Style Guide” Helps Unlock Power of Language to Shape and Change the World

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There’s a list of additional resources such as the BuzzFeed Style Guide and UNESCO Guidelines on Gender-Neutral Language. Maybe. DISABILITY.

10 Qualities You Need To Become A Stellar Nonprofit Storyteller

J Campbell Social Marketing

Great nonprofit stories: *Convey impact and outcomes; *Elicit emotion and compassion; and. Inspire further action and commitment. Remain skeptical.

New Government of Canada policies related to social media

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In the world of TBS issued guidance documents there are frameworks, policies, directives, standards and guidelines (broadest to most specific).

Simple Rules, Part I: How to Make Better and Faster #NpComm Decisions

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In their book, Simple Rules: How to Thrive in a Complex World (Amazon), Donald Sull and Kathleen M. Prioritizing Rules help you rank alternatives.

Rules 64

5 Super Solid Ways To Engage Your Supporters Online (PLUS 28 Affordable Tools to Help You Do It)

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NOTE: Mind the rules, the laws governing giveaways and the promotional guidelines for each social network. 1) Try a Petition or Pledge. Sign On.

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My thoughts on Digital Marketing in 2010

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Tags: Insight List 2010 amazon kindle augmented reality barnes and noble buzzwords cepsm digital marketing e-reader guidelines htc touch iPhone live search Mike Kujawski nexus one palm pre policy predictions Social Media sony twitter Web 2.0

Ep206: 98% of Corporate Sustainability Programs Fail. 4 Proven Ways to Boost the Success Rate

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To get sustainability efforts back on track, the report offers four guidelines to deliver lasting gains. Photo via KT on Flickr.

Reach Out during Crises: w/Recognition, Respect & Sensitivity

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How to Communicate in the Shadow of Disaster — Guidelines for Respectful but Effective Outreach. This is an extremely delicate challenge, whether the crisis is human-driven (as in the Baltimore police actions) or a natural disaster. They are dismaying (especially Baltimore, which could have been averted). Don’t pull the plug. Thank you.

Want To Improve Your Digital And Multi-Channel Fundraising?

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He recently wrote an excellent piece in The NonProfit Times , titled: 5 Guidelines For Improving Your Digital And Multi-Channel Marketing. Justin Perkins is senior director of brand engagement with Care2 and is founder of Care2’s digital marketing advice blog

Another 4-Page Annual Report Success Story

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I then created our annual report while keeping in mind all of your suggestions and guidelines. Still need convincing? ” - A Devoted Donor.

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A Sample Government Blogging Policy

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Due to the Treasury Board’s current focus on internal social media initiatives, I have recently received an influx of requests to help public servants develop external social media engagement guidelines, particularly ones to do with blogging. Know and follow GOC’s Communication Policy Guidelines and the Value & Ethics Code.

Social Media Takeovers: 6 Nonprofits That Gave It Up for Good (PLUS: 6 Tips for Getting it Right)

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Guide Them With Guidelines. Image Source: p/dzN6Vp. Find the Right Person. Thinking celebrity? Maybe. Prompt action.

Enter Now: Nonprofit Tagline Awards 2012

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Great Words Promoting Good Causes. ENTER NOW. I’m thrilled to launch the 2012 Nonprofit Tagline Awards (The Taggies) ! Enter one or all today!

Clean Up Your Language! Refining Organizational Rhetoric

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That session resulted in a “Rhetoric Guidelines” document that is now part of our marketing bank. Melinda McKee. Quick reality check! Great!