Book Review: How to Raise Money for Political Office

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Lately I’ve been researching how to do political fundraising for a friend of mine. Since in politics what you communicate doesn’t matter as much as how you communicate it, you’ve got to start fundraising early and never stop, even after you get elected.

5 Super Useful Digital Advocacy Tools & Resources for Nonprofits

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Phone2Action is a suite of advocacy tools that helps nonprofits and political campaigns connect supporters directly to decision makers. These two companies help nonprofits mobilize grassroots advocates by providing petition and pledge services to nonprofits.

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Broad and Transparent Giving

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A reader had a great comment in responds to my grassroots fundraising post. Politics & Motivation grassroots fundraising solicitation letter There seems to be a fear in the traditional non-profit world in telling donors too much, or in revealing too much about your organization. I think there was a time when donors asked fewer questions and demanded less accountability.

Is your nonprofit a “safe bet”? Let’s Get Dangerous!

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We can try grassroots fundraising, but the reason its’ not working so well anymore is because people have less and less money to give you. When we start to address income inequality within our own organizations, we are truly making a difference at the grassroots level.

Where are the Philanthropists?

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For many organizations, grassroots giving is their foundation, and they receive a large portion of their funding out of $50 and $100 monthly gifts. Politics of FundraisingThere are so many generous people in the world, and it is amazing how selflessly people will give. It is incredibly meaningful to see what people will do to make a difference. But, as often as I am surprised by generosity, I am surprised by how few people are invested in philanthropy.

Connecting Protests to Political Power

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But they couldn’t move it enough to match the power held by Republicans inside the political system. We progressives have a bad habit of assuming that large numbers of people supporting our positions is the same as gaining political power. When we lose statehouses in places like Florida and Texas, the key levers of political power like the ability to gerrymander districts into Rorsach tests of political affiliation, are lost with it, often times for a generation.

The Power of We the Nonprofits

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The nonprofit sector - from the local grassroots organization to international NGOs - is the primary organizing mechanism by which individuals, regardless of their position in society or their level of political and economic power, come together as We to solve the problems our communities face.

How Foundations Can Assist Grassroots Movements Even Better.

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I was asked by co-author, Fred Setterberg , to read and review Grassroots Philanthropy Field Notes of a Maverick Grantmaker by Bill Somerville with Fred Setterberg. For those of us working for nonprofits, the book is an interesting peek inside the typical grantmaking machine (bureaucracy, process, politics, and even mindset). It is not easy to do so, politically.

[Special Edition] Komen Crumbles: Busted Nonprofit Brand

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Komen has acted imperiously and (much worse) carelessly against the best interests of its core stakeholders —women who benefit from its support of breast cancer screening and research—to please its major donors and nurture its political connections. In jettisoning the cause of women’s health for the glory of political capital and dollars, Komen has lost my trust, and that of countless others throughout the country. Susan G. Komen for the Cure (Komen) has done it again.

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Grants for Independent Film Or Radio Projects Relating Critical Social or Political Issues

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Funding Exchange Announces New Guidelines for Paul Robeson Fund for Independent Media Deadline: May 15, 2008 The Funding Exchange's ( [link] ) Paul Robeson Fund for Independent Media supports media activism and grassroots organizing by funding the pre-production and distribution of social issue film and video projects as well as the production and distribution of radio projects made by local, state, national, or international organizations and individual media producers.

Party with your Host’s Friends

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You may have to find a couple of different polite ways to ask for potential guest names from your host. Tags: Grassroots and Events A house party is a great way to cultivate a group of donor prospects in an informal and intimate way. Each house party is different and will be unique to the hosts of the event and will change from house to house. At some parties, the host only expects to open up his or her home and the organization’s role is to invite the guests.

Your Website Doesn't Matter (If Know One Goes There!)

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in Political Science and Middle Eastern & North African Studies from the University of California, Los Angeles. Dionna has worked in grassroots advocacy for more than a decade, focusing primarily online fundraising and advocacy strategies for the past 6 years.

Should Nonprofits Say "Goodbye" to Government Funding?

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2) Build your base of grassroots support, if you decide to engage in political advocacy. The intense politicking and drama in Washington, DC over the past few weeks has left many seriously disturbed by the governing abilities of our Congress.

The 2016 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


Since 2004 Personal Democracy Forum in New York has been an exceptional opportunity for representatives of NGOs, public administration, activists and journalists to discuss how technology affects politics, government and civic life.

Finding a Fiscal Sponsor

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Here are three reccomended resources: Guide to Fiscal Sponsorship from the Foundation Center Fiscal Sponsorship Resources from the Tides Center Tips for finding Fiscal Sponsorship from Kim Klein of Grassroots Fundraising: Dear Kim: I belong to a small “Women in Black” group that has been considering doing minimal fundraising for our organization for banners and signs, buttons, fliers, etc. We are truly “grassroots.” Are we too political for anyone to take us on?

Leading the Resistance: 28 Organizations You Can (and Should) Support Today


Representative Politics. That’s why we empower local leaders to build a strong movement for equality that secures critical grassroots wins at every level. The Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund's mission is to change the face and voice of America's politics and achieve equality for LGBT Americans by increasing the number of openly LGBT officials at all levels of government. It acts politically to prevent climate disaster and promote prosperity for every American.

Top Nonprofit Twitter Accounts: 2016 Election Edition


That’s why, in our third installment of the best-of-Twitter blog series , we’re excited to highlight some of the nonprofit champions working tirelessly this election cycle to advocate for global and grassroots issues that directly impact us each day. Gun violence is sadly a huge issue in American politics, and there are numerous organizations mobilizing supporters and advocating for common-sense gun safety laws this year.

What Nonprofits Can Learn from the Obama Campaign – Lessons from FRDNY

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Back in 2008, Steve’s team mobilized millions of grassroots volunteers and raised more than $500 million in online donations. And, while we were all certainly interested to hear how this year’s presidential campaign’s use of social media and online strategies will likely differ from those of the 2008 election, what we most wanted to know was how – or if – political fundraising translates to nonprofit fundraising.

7 Nonprofits Fighting for Immigrant Rights


From legal work to advocacy to grassroots mobilization, these 7 organizations highlighted below are fighting to ensure that immigrant rights are human rights. With their robust grassroots networks, United We Dream leverages the power of youth to advocate for social and political change through allyships with advocacy organizations and toolkits for activist leaders. There are nearly 800,000 people protected under Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

Crowdfunding Roundup for Nonprofits

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Crowdfunding generally refers to grassroots efforts to raise money for a project or product that is in development, directly from the eventual purchasers. It seems that with the rise of Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, crowdfunding is on everybody''s minds these days, but what''s a nonprofit to do? First, let''s clear up what we mean by crowdfunding, and how it differs from traditional online fundraising.

Job Details: Dec 14, 2012

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Brandon & Associates, a small, progressive public affairs and strategic management firm specializing in communications, public interest and grassroots advocacy, and policy and organizational development, seeks an individual with experience in project management, communications, policy analysis and issue campaigns. Previous experience with a non-profit organization, media and/or legislative work, and/or political or grassroots campaigns preferred.

Tackle Systemic Failures … Or Meet Urgent Needs?

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Her points are well made on an important subject — should more energy and resources in the nonprofit/charity sector be devoted to fighting and fixing systemic failures in our political, economic, and social systems … as opposed to providing urgent needed relief at the ‘bottom of the cliff’? True systematic failures are being tackled by local grassroots organizations working to change the status quo and build political power from the ground up.

Susan G, Komen Organization's Experience Is the Devil In the Details (for Us and Not Just Komen)

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Politics aside, for the sake of our discussion about nonprofit best practices and the 'why' in 'why do nonprofits choose to practice them' is helpful, so we are taking a cursory look at the recent Susan G. As the world’s largest grassroots network of breast cancer survivors and activists, we’re working together to save lives, empower people, ensure quality care for all and energize science to find the cures.

Top bureaucrat gets it, the workers at the bottom get it, who’s left?

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A grassroots movement of proactive public servants has been brewing for years now trying to push this to the front of our government’s agenda. Political culture of centralized-control (enough said). Here’s the scoop: In the 17th annual report to the Prime Minister published a few weeks ago, Privy Council Clerk Wayne Wouters states “government departments have to embrace the Web 2.0

Is Your Nonprofit Facebook Page Worth It? Measurements and Analytics Techniques

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He also writes a weekly column at [link] Shayna Englin launched Englin Consulting, LLC with more than a decade of experience identifying and mobilizing supporters for nonprofits, causes and political candidates. Most online marketers are struggling with how to measure social media. They're asking themselves the following questions: How effective is the work I do on Facebook in producing bottom line results for the organization?

This is a tremendous opportunity-Interview with Andy Robinson

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–The desperate need right now-in this political climate. What’s happened post election is that a lot of people who were sitting on the sidelines – and I mean in all ends of the political spectrum. Really, I don’t mean this politically. I don’t know what your politics are.

Does the Internet Increase Civic Engagement?

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Just as in offline civic life, the well to-do and well-educated are more likely than those less well off to participate in online political activities such as emailing a government official, signing an online petition or making a political contribution (p.3). They also find that about 1 in 5 adult internet users have posted content about a political or social issue or in some other way used a social network site [pdf] for other forms of civic engagement.

Affordable New Tools and Strategies for Online Activism | Network for Good Learning Center - Learn how to raise money online for your nonprofit

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CitizenSpeak is another free grassroots advocacy tool that lets you easily create a campaign to send emails to any target for which you have an email address. He is a frequent lecturer and has published many articles on the impact of digital technologies on politics.


We’re Stoked!

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As reported by CBS News’ Political Hotsheet : “While there are different agendas within the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement, nearly all of the protesters say that wealth has become too concentrated among a relatively small group of Americans. You might enjoy this brief ‘case study’ — presented by Roger on SOFII with the original creative work — on how Common Cause’s then-unprecedented grassroots fundraising was launched.

$2.5 million and you didn't lift a finger


Leveraging real world social networks is an important part of activism, fundraising, and political campaigning. This is especially true of grassroots activism, local-chapter style nonprofit organizations, and the walks/runs used by many charities to raise money.

What Does the Obama Social Media Community Do Next?

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Helping Barack's administration pass legislation through grassroots efforts. Novel idea for politics ( not any more as people formerly known as the audience exercise their power ). The pundits ponder this question. The campaign does the right thing - ask them. Some of the questions from the transition team. The following relate to the future of this movement for change. We would like your input on what we should do next and how you would like to be involved.

Frame for Diversified Fundraising: Tool

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A profile in October's Fast Company—the print magazine—on Michael Sheehan, a $15,000 a day communications consultant to big companies and political Democrats offers this idea on messaging: frame it. For most organizations, the bottom side, the floor, has to be—or should be—grassroots gifts.

The Dream Defenders

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But in the end, the real lesson here is the importance of getting and holding grassroots political power by electing legislators who will overturn laws like Stand Your Ground.

Nonprofit Rules on Lobbying and Elections

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30 p.A4): "60 Tax-Exempt Groups under Investigation: At Issue Are IRS Regulations That Bar Political Activities.". This sort of thing worries me because most people don't know the difference between lobbying and political activity. But nonprofits, especially those working at the grassroots, know so much about how public policy plays out in real life. I worry that otherwise legitimate nonprofits are mucking around in electoral politics. The Washington Post (Sunday, Oct.

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Size Matters. (Especially in Email Marketing)

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According to the eNonprofit Benchmark Study by NTEN and M+R Strategic Services , “One of the key determinants of grassroots strength is the size of an organization’s deliverable email list. This cartoon is by Courtney Gibbons. I know. It’s crude. But at least I’ve got your attention.

Grist Envy

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If you really wanted to delve into money and politics, you joined Common Cause. These organizations provided inside, in-depth information to their trusting followers, and steered them into effective grassroots lobbying. Before the internet, many cause organizations represented the only trusted source of in-depth information available nationwide on issues that people cared passionately about. Into human rights, you joined Amnesty. Civil liberties, the ACLU.

Remembering Rob Stuart

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The interconnected community of techies, grassroots organizers, political operatives and non-profit groups that work for social change had fewer ways to stay connected then, so it was more difficult to see ourselves as a community, or to benefit from each other’s knowledge and encouragement.

Organize - Mobilize

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Because at our core, the arts organizations we run are no different then a church, or a grassroots political organization. So you have your Facebook friends with a few hundred (maybe a few thousand) friends. You got your tweeter feed and people look forward to the next tweet from #you. You're using the web, blogging, the whole nine yards. But there's another piece of the puzzle and without this piece. you got nothing. -.